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    Out Pass rate is unmatched and proven throughout our online 5 star reputation and Reviews on the web

    Driving Lessons Dublin

    You are here researching where you can find quality Driving Lessons in Dublin but how do you know if what you read is true or accurate? That’s the problem, how do you really know how good a driving school is just from what they write down themselves on their own website?

    At National  Driving School Dublin we have endeavoured to show you our 5 star reputation by letting our passed pupils be our marketing soldiers so you can see their opinions and reviews not what we say ourselves.That way, you can be sure before you commit to booking  that you have made the right decision based on hundreds of video and written testimonials for you to see from satisfied customers who all have passed their test with us or completed their EDT Driving Lessons as well.

    Driving Lesson In Dublin

    Quality over Price always

    At National Driving School Dublin we don’t have hundreds of Instructors doing an average job.

    We have a handful of some of the best and most diligent Instructors who have only been trained by our ADI training team in house.We don’t want or need hundreds of Instructors with claims we are the most successful in Ireland and all that rubbish marketing talk because we let our results do the talking and as you can see from our site that’s what’s happening.Others are doing  the talking.

    People are prepared to pay for quality and we know this so our time and energy goes into the training and quality  of what is the essential ingredient of our business.Our Instructors.

    What you need to know to

    What is the company's online reputation like?
    How active is their Social Media?
    Is the Instructor newly qualified or experienced?
    Is the instructor calm and respectful?
    Is the instructor too busy to rebook you and take months to complete your lessons?
    Does the Instructor know the quieter areas for initial training ?
    How long is the company in business? (27 years)

    Having established these key components of a successful and popular driving school you can now feel happy you will be well looked after with us and with the best chance of receiving the best Driving Lessons Dublin has to offer and of passing your test first time.


    Why we are your best bet

    After 27 years in this business and having spearheaded some of the most impressive  Road Safety Initiatives we are well positioned to guide you literally from passing your theory test all the way to you passing your test. Our Mock Theory Test partner provides the best online platform to get you through the study necessary with full and timed mock test facilities with progress reporting built in. After that we move onto your EDT Driving Lessons Dublin where you will be partnered with one of our Instructors who will assess and build a plan for your route forward within the EDT programme.

    After that it’s Driving Test time and that’s where our Pretest formulas kick in.Take a look at our Pretest tab here. So now you know what you need to look for in a quality driving school who deliver Elite and quality and the best Driving lessons Dublin has to offer. Call us and get your name down with National Driving School Dublin.


    We all know the advice by now ,wash your hands, practice good  respiratory hygiene when coughing and sneezing.

    Maintain social distancing and avoid touching eyes,mouth etc.

    We follow strict in car hygiene policy cleaning our cars before,during and after lessons,

    Masks are always worn by both parties and hand gel is provided before and after the lesson

    You can find out more on http://www.hse.ie

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