Can One Take Driving Lessons At The Age Of Sixteen?

Being able to drive a car is seen as a very huge rite of passage in almost all countries. Once a teenager reaches the age of 14 or 15, they start pestering their parents about wanting to learn how to drive. This is why most parents at this age prefer to enroll their children in driving lessons where they can get focused and personalised one on one attention.

It has been observed that teens who learn how to drive through driving schools are way more professional and responsible as drivers, compared to those who pick up the skill of driving from random people.

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The majority of driving students who enroll for lessons fall between the age group of 15-18-year-olds, but the rule for driving lessons shifts from one country to another.

This age group is tricky to deal with, so it makes the most sense to leave it to the professionals when it comes to teaching the basics as well as the important stuff.

I want to start to learn how to drive – what do I need to do first?

Before you start to get into the car and turning the steering wheel, hold up! Before you do so, you must be sure to get your provisional driving license. To apply for this type of license, you need to be 17 years or older. Once you apply for this and receive this license, you can start learning how to drive.

You must also stick a big L on your car so that everyone who is on the road is aware that you are a new learner. This not only safeguards you but also others who are on the road with you. Once you have the license you need to start driving, you can drive at any time of the day, daytime or nighttime.

If you decide to drive on motorways, you must be accompanied by a professional driving instructor. The car you are using to practice your driving must possess dual controls as well. These are the certain specifications you must keep in mind before you start learning how to drive.

A quick recap –

  • You need to be 17 years or older
  • Get your provisional driving license
  • Get an “L” mark on your vehicle
  • Always be accompanied by a driving instructor when driving on the motorways
  • Make sure your practice vehicle has dual controls.

I am sixteen – do I qualify for driving lessons?

No, you do not. In Ireland, you cannot apply for driving lessons until you are 17 years old. At National Driving School people can apply for their provisional driving license and take as many lessons as they please until they are comfortable and confident of the fact that they will be able to pass their driving test and get their driver’s license.

A lot of emphases is given on the small details which separate a good driver from a great one. All the drivers at National Driving School are Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) approved, which gives the required credibility and also makes their students feel more comfortable. It also helps to know that if a student loses control in the worst case scenario, a trained professional would be able to control the situation and make sure that no mishap takes place.

Reasons why a new driver must enroll in driving lessons –

Learning from a professional makes a world of difference

It is very evident in the driving style whether you have learned how to drive from a family member/friend or a professional driving instructor. Learning from a professional driving teacher gives you a more comprehensive and streamlined driving style.

You get assistance with all the permits and licenses

This is one of the best parts of enrolling with a driving school – less paperwork! Schools like National Driving School are really great about taking off the stress of bureaucracy so that you can give your time and energy to the actual learning process.

It increases your chances of passing the actual driving test

Learning from a professional driving instructor makes the process of getting the drivers’ license simpler and quicker as you have higher chances of passing the test.

You can be assured of your safety in the car when you are on the road

Since you will be constantly accompanied by a professional in the car, you can give it your best shot without being super paranoid all the time.

You can customize your driving lesson plan

Depending on the speed of how quickly you learn how to drive, you can choose how many driving lessons you wish to take before the big driving test.

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