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Pretest Driving Lessons

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    Pretest Driving Lessons Dublin

    Our Pretest lessons have proven to be the main reason our pupils pass their test first time at all Driving Test Centres. Why is that you think? Aren’t all instructors the same? Absolutely not. We are one of the most respected schools in this country and even the Testers understand the level we operate at. You see any school can talk about how magnificent they are but here at NDS we like to show these facts. We like you to see for yourself why everyone is talking about us. We don’t do the talking our pupils do.

    Pretest Driving Lessons Dublin

    Preparation is key

    You wouldn’t attend a job interview without doing your groundwork on speech and presentation would you? then why appear for the driving test without the pretest preparation? Pretest works the same for you as your final revision before the exam to memorize and practice the important aspects to give your best. Pretest is the most essential step before you appear for the final driving test to polish your skills and practice the techniques on road with one of our instructors who can help you with your finishing and make you practice with all the real parameters that you are going to face in the driving test.

    Prepare for Driving Test Ireland

    Preparation with your instructor on the Pretest

    You need to inform your Instructor of your driving test date and/or to the sponsor who is going to train you on the pretest training also.
    It is advisable to start your pretest after you complete the 12 EDT lessons with our driving instructor. This gives more time to test yourself and an enhanced evaluation from our instructor which will solve your shortcomings in a limited time and to work on the areas which need more practice.
    With the pretest, you will become familiar with the driving test course, the difficulties that you might face will be sorted in this session. With absolute practice, it will give you confidence to give your best and as you would have already gone through all those challenges, so it won’t seem difficult to you on the day of your driving test.

    Prepare with your Driving Instructor

    Tips to follow on your day of Driving Test

    You must be looking for some short tricks to make it to the test in one go but you must know that practice is the only key to crack it in your first attempt. Still there are many things you can keep in mind to perform better.

    You should be confident about your driving skills as you have passed all the 12 EDT lessons and if you have also attended the pretest session then you will be relaxed during the test.
    Do not think of skipping the pretest session as it might cost you a lot later. Pretest is very essential to polish your skills and to improve the weak points if any.
    Do not forget to revise the important road and traffic signs and to abide by them when you are driving during the test. Make sure to follow all the signs that will come in your way.
    Study the rules provided by the RSA as you will be asked some theory questions also.
    Get all your documents prepared a few days before the driving test.
    Come to the centre early to avoid any kind of delay in the process.
    Always remember the 2 second rule to maintain the distance between the two cars.
    Be careful near the roundabouts.
    Even if you think you have committed a mistake, do not dwell over it rather continue to drive with confidence as the mistake may not be too big as it may seem to you.

    If you are joining our program of pretest then you don’t need to worry about all these points as you will be provided with all these details and more and we will prepare you to face all the difficulties during the test and also how to handle it.

    You must practice well before the driving test with our pretest program to get the detailed information of what you will be facing on the day of the real driving test.

    We will prepare for you all the challenges so that nothing would seem difficult to you during that day.

    What will you get in a Pretest?

    Real time experience of the ground course
    Testing of your skills to find all the shortcomings and mistakes that you can make
    Practice lessons to revise the driving around the corners and traffic
    Practice through difficult routes and examining your speed and skills with it to improve
    Road and traffic signals to be followed and revised
    Giving you tips to perform better and discuss the area you need to take care of
    Pretest Driving Lessons Ireland


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