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Common Mistakes

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    Common Driving Mistakes to Avoid

    So, you already have your driving test scheduled and you can’t help being apprehensive. It is normal for you to be a little agitated and off the edge but there are some blunders that most drivers make that may, unfortunately, cost them to fail the driving test.

    Please, have a quick look at the common mistakes most drivers make and ensure to avoid them as much as you can

    Not Stopping the car at the line

    Many people don’t actually stop their car when it is meant to. They generally just slow down their car and keep moving but do not stop the car properly at the demarcation line which is a very common mistake and it might lead to faults thus making you fail the test. To present yourself as a responsible and patient driver, make sure that you stop the car completely.

    While Changing Lanes

    When you have to change lane, sometimes the person on test forgets to make proper use of the mirrors, giving indicators and to check for the nearby vehicles. Inadequate or no use of the mirror will result in a grade 2 fault making your chances higher to fail the exam.

    So while turning, make sure that you give appropriate Mirrors, indicators, observe carefully for nearby vehicles and your blind spots side swipe, see through the wing mirror, then make the turn.

    Steering Control

    Sometimes the driver gets overconfident and to show his skills, starts using the steering wheel with one hand but that may go against your test results, so keep your both hands on the steering wheel properly.

    Not paying attention to Zebra crossings

    While coming near the traffic lines or taking a turn, make sure that you are taking care of the pedestrians walking by and remember to stop before the Zebra crossings and give way to the pedestrians.

    Getting distracted

    Throughout the time of your driving test, you need to keep your full concentration on the road and not to look around unnecessarily. Avoid using phones turn it off and also keep the stereo off as it may cause a negative impression on the tester.

    Taking turns on Complex Junctions
    When there is an intersection point of multiple lanes ahead then getting confused and not following the signs properly is a very common mistake. Make sure that you are aware of all the signs, move only when it’s your turn and only move after observing your surroundings.

    Improper Observation

    While turning at the junctions, moving through a roundabout and while merging with the other lane, people forget to stop if necessary, observe and then move which is the most common mistake and shows your lack of skills and inadequate practice.

    So, it is very crucial that you are observing properly while taking any turn and making sure there is no important sign left neglected.

    Slow Driving

    To concentrate so that the person does not commit any mistake, the driver drives very slowly which makes an impression that you are too scared to drive at an appropriate speed because you don’t have the enough skills. So, you must not drive too slowly, rather feel confident and stay relaxed to give your best. Progress on the straight would be the Grade 2 fault here for driving below the permitted speed limit.

    Is your driving test coming soon?

    Don’t wait for the test date to start practicing, you need to learn all the lessons properly prior and go through pretests and mock tests to practice and become adept in the driving skills.