Driving Lessons Saggart


Whether you’re from Saggart, Millrace, or Slade castle, Crossforge, or the village itself we have been in the business of driver training and instructing pupils on their driving skills for 25 years now. Every pupil we ever had all passed their driving test in Saggart. This is the reason we are one of the best driving schools to choose from when looking for Saggart driving lessons.

Driving Lessons Saggart
Driving Lessons in Saggart


We are local..Our Instructor lives in Saggart so everyone knows Kevin already.

Firstly, We are experts in EDT driving lessons Saggart.

Taking and passing your driving test is the major reason most people get in touch with us. We are specialised in the area of Essential Driver Training Syllabus (EDT). We also know that for a pupil to pass his or her driving test, such people must understand exactly what the tester wants to see whilst out on test.

We target your weak points while improving your strong points

Each person undertakes special pretest training with our instructors. Our training is unique to everyone because we first of all get to discover your weak and strong points when out on the initial lesson. Once we have established that, we get to work on addressing your weak point so that we bring you up to speed. We do that patiently until it is no longer a challenge for you. During your pre-test driving lesson, we don’t get to rest on our oars until you have satisfactorily passed the pre-test tailored programme and passed the real driving test.

We offer manual and automatic driving lessons lessons in Saggart

We understand that everyone is unique and so is their taste in driving lessons. For this reason, we provide lessons both in manual and automatic cars so that you can have the full licence in either transmission.

Saggart Driving Lessons

We offer flexible driving lessons in Saggart

You can start your driving lessons from home, college, the workplace, etc without restrictions.There are many quiet areas to train around Saggart and Rathcoole so No need of waiting until after school or when you are living on your own to start learning how to drive.

We are passionate about our Saggart pupils passing their driving test

Because we value the positive reputation we have built over the years in Saggart, we do whatever it takes to keep it at that level. We do this by being passionate about your desire to pass your driving test. We know that if we keep turning out successful pupils, our reputation will continue to soar. How do we go about this?

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