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    Driving Lessons Finglas

    Driving Lessons Finglas

    Introduction National Driving School In Finglas

    So here’s your dilemma, there are so many schools to pick from in Finglas who all claim they are the best and gold trophies and ireland’s best and all that nonsense. So what should you be looking for when picking an instructor that suits what you need.?

    Firstly type into Google ” National Driving School Reviews”. Online reputation these days is crucial. Having a 5 star reputation online is a great way to find out who you are about to spend your money with and place your trust in.

    Does the instructor know the area?
    Is the instructor newly qualified and inexperienced?
    Does the Instructor know quiet areas for EDT training?
    Is the instructor calm and respectful?
    Is the instructor too busy and can’t get you rebooked quick enough?
    Would you prefer non smoking
    Would you prefer a female instructor?
    Finglas test center

    Driving lessons services we offer in Finglas

    Best Driving Lessons Finglas.

    We offer a driving test car hire that ensures that your vehicle does not disappoint you while you take the driving test. The vehicles are well serviced to meet the standards of the RSA.


    EDT Driving Lessons Finglas.

    Whether you are in St Michael’s Secondary School, St Mary’s secondary  school or indeed Beneavin or New Cross College, all of our students who have started their EDT lessons with us all love the relaxed and respectful approach our Instructors adopt. We sometimes start the lessons at the school and finish at the pupils house so we are always trying to facilitate wherever we can.

    Pretest Lessons Finglas

    Knowing what the tester wants to see on the test is crucial if you want to pass first time.
    The tester has a way of profiling your driving habits and establishes if this pupil is good enough to drive alone or not. What you show the tester from your driving is enough to tell the tester that yes this person is good enough and competent in the sections as per the driving test marking guidelines. Our job is to ensure that we leave no information out and give you the full details as to how that tester breaks down the marking sheet.

    Car Hire For Driving Test Finglas

    A very important reason our pupils pass with very few Marks is because the ease at which our new fiestas can be driven. The school car shows the tester that you have bothered to take the test seriously, our cars are fully guaranteed to have no problems or faults ensuring all tests go out. The compact fiestas are very easy to maneuver on the reverse around the corner and the turnabout giving pupils confidence and ease whilst demonstrating to the tester these skills.

    Automatic Driving Lessons Finglas

    We possess the highest amount of Automatic cars throughout north and south Dublin. We live in an ever growing green world and eco driving and fuel efficiency is big news these days. Demand for Automatic cars is higher than it’s ever been as people seem to be shifting their minds to the easier alternative of seeking Automatic driving lessons Finglas more and more.

    Mock Test Finglas

    Many people get confused and indeed don’t know the difference between a pretest lesson , a mock test driving lesson , a refresher general lesson and an assessment lesson.
    A mock test mimics the actual test itself. We use these as they are a great way for us to see how the pupil copes under the stress of an actual live test.
    On our mock test we roleplay the tester and we mark the marking sheet the same way.
    After the mock test we are able to work on the areas where the pupil got marked and ensure they do not get marked on the real test. 95% of our pupils who sit our mock test pass the real test.

    Why Choose NDS for Driving Lessons

    Why Does National Driving School Have Such A Success Rate?

    We have been in the business for 3 generations now and we know everything there is to know about our industry. Over the years we have been committed to expert driving tuition and making sure that in our own small way that we contribute to saving lives daily on our dangerous roads.
    Our success is partly due to knowing exactly what the testers want to see you do on the day of your test and partly due to having the most up to date tools and teaching techniques in the business.
    We treat every pupil the same and have a unique training approach to teach at the learners pace not the pace that’s suggested you should make as everyone learns at different places.

    What will I learn?

    On the very first lesson you will be presented with your learner pack. We will have some chat to establish the base level that you are at and we will have already picked a very quiet location so you can calmly absorb information rather than being stressed and anxious in a busier area.
    Depending on whether you are a beginner or have some experience our lessons will always have aims and objectives on what’s being learned on this lesson, you will be briefed as to how we will achieve this and a demonstration will provide you with a visual component .

    Finglas driving test centre

    Why We Say We Are the Best Driving School in Finglas.

    Not all driving schools are equal. Its fair to say that for all professions and trades. Some are better than others and then some are Miles ahead. We have spent the last 28 years perfecting our craft and streamlining a system that offers pupils driver training at it’s best. Quality beginner lessons ensures a first time pass rate like ours.

    NDS Offers Safe and Friendly Driving Lessons

    Our Instructors while getting the job done still can have some humour as it’s not all serious.
    A balance of technical,practical and blended training with moments of humour is important.

    Practical Driving Lessons With NDS

    Our lessons will always be at the pupils pace. Inexperienced Instructors tend to bring pupils to areas that are too advanced too soon and the pupil can’t cope. We always go with the pupils pace until their car control reaches the level to go to next phase.

    Driving Instructors in Finglas

    We have a team of gifted and patient instructors living locally so that ensures punctuality of our lessons. We don’t have south side Instructors racing to finglas and end up 15 mins late. Test route knowledge in our game is essential so as to familiarise our pupils with some of the more tricky junctions and cover complex areas that can be difficult even for more experienced drivers.

    Pre test lessons in Finglas

    Ideally about 2 to 3 weeks preparation should be needed in order to get your driving level to the required standard depending on you base standard. At our school we get pupils who have never had a lesson before but driving 10 years. Thats fine for everyday driving but technically the driving will not satisfy the tester from proper mirror work to blind spot checks and gear work must be timed correctly as well as not coasting in neutral. Our pretest driving lessons in finglas are designed to correct your habits,work on your weaker areas and develop the good parts to your driving.

    Essential Driver Training (EDT) in Finglas.

    The EDT lessons were introduced by the Road Safety Authority on April 4th 2011
    12 mandatory lessons were deemed to be areas where learner drivers would most benefit and improve their driving by targeted individual 1 hour sessions together with sponsor training with a designated driver. It is highly recommended that training be carried out in between the EDT sessions. There is no point in us offering the best driving lessons finglas has to offer if the training from the beginning doesn’t match the same level.

    12 EDT Lesson Breakdown Structure

    Lesson 1 – Car control and safety checks
    Lesson 2 – Correct Positioning
    Lesson 3 – Changing Direction
    Lesson 4 – Progression Management
    Lesson 5 – Correct Positioning (Continued)
    Lesson 6 – Anticipation and Reaction
    Lesson 7 – Sharing the road
    Lesson 8 – Driving safely through traffic
    Lesson 9 – Changing Direction (more complex situations)
    Lesson 10 – Speed Management
    Lesson 11 – Driving Calmly
    Lesson 12 – Night Driving

    No.1 for Driving Lessons in Finglas

    All Our Instructors Are RSA Approved
    Our Finglas driving Instructors have all been approved by the Road Safety Authority and are check tested every 2 years to ensure the highest of standards. Any instructor who does not meet the standards set down by the road Safety Authority need retraining before the next check test.
    We Can Provide Both Automatic And Manual Driving Lessons
    40 % of our work is now Automatic and we expect this trend to rise yearly. There is an eco revolution going on and green seems the way forward. Hybrid and electric car searching is up 250% over the last 2 years. People are choosing the quick option and are now happy to go the Automatic route due to the speed at which the EDT programme can be completed. The world is about speed now from technology to cars it’s no different. Everyone is programmed now for convenience.
    We Have Both Male And Female ADI Approved Driving Instructors.
    A very important part of our business is our sister company who has all female instructors.
    The demand for our female Instructors is huge. Some people prefer female driving instructors to Male and vica versa. It doesn’t really matter as all of our instructors are highly trained and on a continuous basis.
    We Have Been Teaching In Finglas Over The Last 25Years and Our Success Rate Is One Of The Highest In Finglas.

    Best Prices in Finglas

    Cheap lessons don’t work. Buy cheap then buy twice. Of course you will get bargain basement schools trying cheap offers to attract you in but remember if they are trying to lowball you in with gimmicks and silly offers it’s because they are not busy. Why are they not busy? You don’t need to think much about that.

    Passionate About You Passing Your Driving Test.

    We are the leaders around Finglas for our Pass Rate success and we go through every exact detail that is needed to ensure you know fully what is required to pass the test easily.
    We go through how the tester speaks to you, the routes they could take you on, the exact way they want you to carry out the manoeuvres. Every thing is covered that’s why our pupils pass and our pass rate is so high.

    How to obtain a Learner Permit

    Attaining your learner permit is not a difficult process. You must study the official theory test disc and answer 35 out of 40 questions correctly. Having passed this you will be given a pass certificate which you will bring to the ndls centre. You will need the application form fee, pass certificate, identification, and photographs will be taken in the centre for verification purposes.

    Driving Test Pass Success Stories

    We have one of the highest reputations in this industry. Our success has been built on a passion to deliver quality driver education and training and the byproducts is pupils passing their test and the roads being a safer place to be for us all.



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