Starting with Parents

Starting the journey to get your driver’s license on Irelands roads is an achievement for many people. When it comes to learning to drive , professional driving lessons are important but another crucial aspect that is overlooked by individuals is the guidance and support from parents and sponsors Undoubtedly, parent-guided driving practice proves to be … Read more

Importance of the Mock Driving Test

Before you appear for an actual driving test, you may think of taking a mock driving test. The mock test is quite similar to the actual test and you get the experience of appearing for the real test much before the real driving test itself. The test helps you identify the areas that need improvement … Read more

How do I move off in a car?

Moving off Goals: You should be easily able of getting the vehicle out from the parked position into moving traffic. You must be able to observe things around you smartly and apply the mirror-signal-manouvre routine. You should be trained enough to move the vehicle with confidence and position yourself safely on the road. Preparation Clutch … Read more

Introduction of New pop up Driving Test Centres to end Driving Test Backlogs

The lockdown and measures set to curb the pandemic come at it’s own price. Due to this, the number of fundamental driving activities has been delayed and even at some point halted and now has measurably heightened. One of the heavily affected sectors is in transportation. Driving schools introducing COVID-19 precautionary measures has brought not … Read more

The best tips for driving through the fog

Adverse weather conditions are always a challenge for the drivers and fog is probably the worst and one of the most dangerous ones that a driver can face. Even the most experienced drivers can find it challenging to drive through foggy streets. Fog is the reason behind quite a high number of road accidents and … Read more

National Driving School Dublin

The new Drunk Driving Laws in Ireland

Driving after alcohol consumption is a serious road safety issue in Ireland and the laws have been updated continuously to eliminate this offence. In an earlier report, it was published that alcohol was the contributory factor in 38 percent of all fatal road accidents in the country between 2008 and 2012. The mandatory alcohol testing … Read more

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