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Why are more and more people considering Driving Instruction as a viable alternative to other career options? Is it the €60,000 salary Guarantee that we are offering you thats attractive?

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How to Become a Driving Instructor in Ireland

In this short video we explain how you can become a qualified driving instructor by passing all 3 stages

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1. Speak With Us 1. Speak With Us
Get in touch with our ADI training team to discuss your instructor options.
2. Begin Your Training 2. Begin Your Training
We will match you with your local NDS ADI training instructor.
3. Start Your Journey 3. Start Your Journey
Your on your way to becoming a fully qualified driving instructor.

Driving Instructor Training

Becoming a driving instructor is one of the most rewarding jobs in Ireland

Become a Driving Instructor with Kevin Horgan

Driving Instructor Training at its Best

When it comes to ADI training , Award winning and business All star Kevin Horgan is one of the most respected and trusted Trainers in Ireland where his proven track record is evidenced all over the internet and indeed on this very page.

With 30 years experience under his belt with National Driving School he has spearheaded many initiatives including masterminding the incredible Ladybird Driving School where he has trained over 65 self employed instructors and placed each one in employment all over Ireland.

Kevin’s impeccable attention to detail and incredible Passrate on stage 2 and 3 is the main reason Kevin’s training is the most sought after in the business with many pupils traveling from all over Ireland to attend his 121 training sessions.

Kevin is also responsible for the highest score in Ireland achievement on stage 3 where his pupil Lukasz Wnek received an unbelievable 98.5%

Along side Kevin is Chief ADI Instructor Clodagh Branagan who’s incredible Passrate and attention to detail have been noticed within the RSA circles and her proven track record gives further merit as to why our ADI Training is the best in the business.

Driving Instructor Training is not just about the Qualification itself but it’s the post qualification training is the more important aspect of the course where you will be guided and trained how to transition to becoming fully operational and making money much faster.

Pretest Preparation to Pass Your Driving Test

Becoming an instructor with National Driving School

By becoming part of our team of instructors, you not only join one of the best driving schools in Ireland, you get to work along side our founder and creative mind of Kevin Horgan.

Kevin is the most respected trainer of ADIs in this country and his award winning style contributes to a huge amount of successful ADI candidates all around Ireland whos lives have changed as a result of Kevin’s training and support.

You also contribute to the safety and the well-being of our citizens, teaching how to drive is not just giving people the opportunity to move quickly, but its to take care of all the road users who fill the roads every day with hazards.

At our school we want to give you the opportunity to help while generating income, offering you security and confidence so that you can carry out your work in the most effective way and without any worries.

Our more than 30 years of experience support the effectiveness of our systems and our teachings, we offer safety, comfort and efficiency for both our students and our instructors who need to make a decent and rewarding living

Pretest Preparation to Pass Your Driving Test

Pretest Preparation to Pass Your Driving Test

Be Your Own Boss & Take Control of Your Life

Because of the freedom and flexibility with which you can work, driving instructors are entitled to the status of self-employment with all the tax advantages that it confers.

Earn up to €60k per year

Better work life balance

Making a difference in your life

Set your own schedule to suit you

Free Pack 085 118 1111

Steps to Become a Driving Instructor

Why are more and more people considering Driving Instruction as a viable alternative to other career options? Below you will find why. Simply by following the steps below:

1 – Pass the Theory test

This RSA approved driving instructor theory test has 100 multiple choice questions of which you must get 75% to pass. Questions are based over 4 categories, driving documents, road safety, pedagogy, car maintenance plus the overall category B driving test. This is all theory.

2 – Pass the Driving Test

This step will remind you of the same test you had to do with your instructor when you first got your driver’s license, only that this time it will be longer and obviously more demanding, we want you to show us that you have the control and technical ability of an expert. By passing this test you will go to the final step!

3 – Instructional Ability Test

The final test, here your skills as an driving coach will be tested, an examiner will play the role of a beginner and advanced driver and you must act as the teacher, correct him when he makes mistakes, answer his questions, guide him in an understandable, coaching style and adaptable way. This test will be divided into two half-hour lessons, keep in mind that the examiner will ask questions and make mistakes on purpose expecting you to act and correct him in a quick and timely way.

Why Choose Us

We are not just your normal run of the mill driving school. We are a driving school of excellence. We ensure our pupils get the best value for money for the best driving instruction in the business. This is how:



Our level of experience in the driving school industry spans over 30 years. We have come to see it all.



You can be sure our fully qulaified driving instructors are some of the best trained driving instructors in Ireland.



Been approved training instructors with the RSA you can be sure your driving lessons are safe guarded.



We provide free WhatsApp, Text and Calls support during the entire process of learning how to drive.

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100% Stage 3 Passed – Sean, Dublin

82% Stage 3 Passed – Stephen, Dublin

95.5% Stage 3 Passed – Trevor, Dublin

82% Stage 3 Passed – Keith, Dublin

Passed ADI Instructor Mick, Dublin

88% Stage 3 Passed – Alan, Dublin

Passed ADI Instructor Cein, Dublin

Passed ADI Instructor Lukas, Dublin

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find our most popular frequently asked questions around driving lessons below

How long will it take me to become an instructor?
The process takes about 6/8 months, if you are consistent with the tests and the paperwork you can reduce that estimate, don’t worry, the test period is accessible so you can stay in your job and train part time while you do it.
How do I apply? what documents do I need?
We would have sent all you need in our response to your firm fill out so if you haven’t yet filled it out , do so now and you will receive full instructions. You need to fill our forms (it would be perfect if you program a hyperlink in the word that takes the user to the forms) copy of your tax clearance reference number, 2 signed passport photos and proof if identification.
How much are the earnings of the instructors?
Earnings depend on your work hours, but you can estimate earnings by multiplying the hours worked by €45.
I have a family or tight schedules, can I apply?
This job adapts to your circumstances, you tell us your availability and we take care of everything, giving you jobs in your available hours.
Do I have to pay my fees in advance or can I pay as I go?
You can make payments on the go with no problem.
Do I need my own car or does the school give it to me?
It is best to have your own car, but depending on the case we can offer our cars, as long as the instructor is in the process of getting one of his own eventually.
What are the steps to become an instructor?
A theory test, a practical test and an instruction ability test, all three must be approved to become an instructor.

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