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Gain the confidence to Pass your test with a Mock Test Dublin.

A mock test is the practise session in which you will be entitled to go through all the steps which you will actually be facing on the day of your driving test.

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Start Your Mock Test Dublin

It’s pretty simple to get started just follow these steps.

Start with us Start with us
We will see and assess your starting point and then start with your required mock test lessons.
Find your instructor Find your instructor
Once you have made contact we will pair you with a local National driving instructor.
Pass the test Pass the test
You will have the same driving instructor right up to passing your full driving test.

Mock Test Driving Lessons

Passing your driving test couldn’t be any easier with our mock test lessons.

Mock Test Dublin

The difference between Pretest Lessons and Mock Test Lessons

A mock test is an exact demonstration of what will happen on the actual test itself. The theory questions beforehand, under the bonnet checks, secondary control demonstration and indeed the drive itself, all the points will be put before you.

We speak the commands exactly as you will be asked during the test and we will bring you on the same routes so you can get familiar with the manoeuvre points.

The silence and no talking is what makes people most nervous but you need to prepare for the situation so that you can get relaxed at that time and give your best.

If you want your driving test to be passed in the very first time, you have got to show the tester that your driving is in line with how they believe it should be and you are able to drive independently.

If you have been driving for years and you are planning to just take the mock test before the driving test then it might not work for you as you think because you need to learn about the specific areas which you have to practise to fine tune your skills and understand which wrong moves can count faults for you and the important observations to note while driving that you need to take care.

So, it is advised that you go through all the lessons and pretests to revise everything theoretically and practically and then appear for the mock test.

Pretest Preparation to Pass Your Driving Test

Timing of your lessons is the key

Our mock tests are designed 1 to 2 weeks prior to sitting the actual test so that we assess your skill level on time and advise you on what we evaluate. We will tell you what’s needed to be improved and then make you practise that harder.

Pupils who come to us for the first time, do a lot of things in the wrong way and don’t know how to drive as per test standards. It’s our job to ensure that you know exactly what it is the tester wants to see and all the skills are polished to the optimum level.

Pretest Preparation to Pass Your Driving Test
What Happens on Your Pretest Driving Lessons

What Happens with your Instructor on the Pretest

You need to inform your instructor of your driving test date and/or to the sponsor who is going to train you on the pretest training also.

It is advisable to start your pretest after you complete the 12 EDT lessons with our driving instructor.

This gives more time to test yourself and an enhanced evaluation from our instructor which will solve your shortcomings in a limited time and to work on the areas which need more practice.

Experience and Test Route Knowledge

We have been around the driving test routes for 30 years now so we know exactly where you will be taken for your manoeuvre points and to test you. The time period of your test will be 40 minutes and you have to drive approximately 8 kms through different routes and under various conditions. Skills on which your driving will be tested.

  • Knowledge of Rules of the Road by asking questions (including identifying road signs)
  • Demonstrating hand signals
  • Reversing around a corner
  • A turnabout in the road
  • A hill start
  • The list of situations under which you will be tested
  • Moving off
  • Driving in traffic
  • Stopping
  • Reversing round a corner
  • Starting on a hill
  • Road positioning
  • Anticipation and observation
  • Turning about to face in the opposite direction
  • Parking
  • Overtaking and passing
  • Use of mirrors and signals
  • Speed
  • Compliance with traffic lights, road signs and markings
  • Use of vehicle controls – accelerator, clutch, gears, breaks and steering
  • Use of secondary controls – wipers, demisters, lights etc.

Our testers during the mock test will give you a full assessment on the basis of the above points so that you are aware of all the standards that you need to maintain during the test.

Prepare your mock test with National Driving School that has the 97% pass rate, the highest in Dublin. So join our school and get the right guidance for your test, get the most trusted driving lessons in Dublin, prepare with our pretests and mock tests and pass your driving test in one go.

Our centres are dedicated to work relentlessly for your progress and to build the required skills aligned with the standards given by RSA. Our excellence and reputation says it all and you can get your experience too while getting the best programmed lessons and seamlessly going through all the difficulties.

Test Day Necessary Details

Other things you should keep in your mind before the test are:

Do your diligent study

There is probably no better way to gain confidence for the test other than taking your time to study adequately. Even before you make arrangements to schedule your rest, you should have obtained the official revision for detailed study. The Official Driver Theory Test Revision Material is readily available in print and electronic formats.

Have your ID

You don’t want to get disqualified on the test day for not having the appropriate ID so make it ready prior only. The only ID that is accepted to write a Driver Theory Test is the Public Services Card (PSC). Thus, it is only wise that you get this sorted before you even book an appointment to do the test.

Schedule your appointment

You have revised the study materials and gotten your ID sorted, and you feel confident enough to take the test, the next step on your ladder is to give your test. During the application process, it is important that you make a clear indication of the category of vehicle you intend making use of.

First Lesson

Before your first driving lessons you must have the following in order

So your all geared up for your fist driving lesson with your National driving instructor!

To help get you on the road to passing your test and becoming a safe driver for life, we need to make sure you have everything in order. Find out below!

1. Learner Permit 1. Learner Permit
A learner permit allows you to learn to drive on public roads with your driving instructor.
2. Tax & Insurance 2. Tax & Insurance
If you want to learn to drive within your own vehicle you will need to make sure your tax & insurance is valid.
3. Good Attitude 3. Good Attitude
We love our learners and strive to give them the best learning experience there is.
What people say

Our Happy Pupils

We take great pride in our customer reviews across all platforms! Please take the time to read some if you are seriously considering been thought to drive!

Sophie ByrneSophie Byrne
18:04 24 Nov 22
I passed my driving test this morning with the help of instructor Chris O’Dowd. I can’t recommend Chris enough! He was very patient and helpful with my driving since the very beginning even in times I didn’t feel confident enough. He encouraged me and constantly reassured me throughout my lessons and pretests. He walked me through the whole driving test process to calm my nerves, he really is the best instructor I could’ve asked for. His advice and unbelievable teaching will stick with me for life. Thank you Chris for everything, you are the best at what you do.
Liliana CarutoLiliana Caruto
15:48 11 Nov 22
After getting my test date confirmed and having completed EDT with a different instructor I was lucky to find NDS online, Jackie did a great job at booking me in their busy schedule and was booked a pre test with Chris Kennedy in Dun Laoghaire, what can I say!!! ….Whatever I write here will be short of praise to what this man deserves!!! In my very first few minutes of meeting him he made me feel at ease and in just one session I was clear on what I needed to work on while also being encouraged on what I was doing well. He built my confidence and after two more sessions I went on to pass my Test within my very first go at it, and with only two marks!!! ???????? I had only been driving for a year but he was exactly what I needed to polish my skills and give me the confidence necessary to pass my test, first time around!! I couldn’t recommend Chris anymore, if you want to pass your test he is your Man!! ???? thank you so much Chris, you are amazing at what you do!!
muhammad Shakeelmuhammad Shakeel
13:19 30 Sep 22
Can not recommend Mick from NDS enough!! Passed my test on 24/9/22, Mick gave the best advice and helped me improve my driving so much , Also the difference in my confidence to pass was all due to Mick’s help! Definitely would not have passed without his help, highly recommend! Thanks so much mick you are the best
jimmy turnerjimmy turner
09:53 19 Aug 22
After Being with 2 other instructors before chris Kennedy from dun laoghaire, I can't put into words how amazing he is as someone who gets anxious very easily he was amazing and made me so comfortable along with helping with my confidence. I will be getting my girlfriend to do them with him for sure as I wouldn't go back to anyone else, his knowledge and ability to teach is unbelievable. Thanks so much Chris you're amazing I couldn't have passed without you.
Carla WhelanCarla Whelan
20:38 15 Aug 22
Had a brilliant experience learning to drive with Mick. I had been learning with another instructor previously and gave up as I was getting nowhere. I restarted automatic lessons with Mick and flew through my test first time! He is a brilliant teacher, very calm and so friendly which is absolutely what you need from your instructor! Can't thank him enough for all his help, I couldn't have done it without him and would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for lessons!
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Why Choose Us

We are not just your normal run of the mill driving school. We are a driving school of excellence. We ensure our pupils get the best value for money for the best driving instruction in the business. This is how:



Our level of experience in the driving school industry spans over 30 years. We have come to see it all.



You can be sure our fully qulaified driving instructors are some of the best trained driving instructors in Ireland.



Been approved training instructors with the RSA you can be sure your driving lessons are safe guarded.



We provide free WhatsApp, Text and Calls support during the entire process of learning how to drive.

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How to do the Turnabout

How to do the Hill Start

How to reverse around the corner

How to check under the bonnet

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find our most popular frequently asked questions around driving lessons below

Why choose National Driving School?
National Driving school has gained a reputation and excelled way beyond industry standards. From day one of attending your first lesson in our National driving school car to passing your driving test, we are more professional than most others in this industry. Pass your driving test after you learn to drive with us and you will find that we work constantly to offer higher passing rates at National Driving School. We work closely with you to match your pace at a budget that suits you.
How soon can I take my driving lessons?
At National Driving School, we aim to connect you with a qualified National Driving School instructor within an hour of your enquiry. Once we assign you a National Driving School instructor, he/she will coordinate with you to schedule a particular date and this way your lesson is booked with us. From then on all communication will be carried out between you and your driving instructor. If you are Looking at loads of bookings for our National driving instructors, we would recommend you to pre-book your lessons a couple of weeks beforehand.
Can I pick the car I want to learn in?
Our driving instructors are free to decide, but we maintain a stringent policy regarding their vehicles. Almost 99% percent of our driving instructor cars are Ford Fiestas from 171 to the latest year. We make this mandatory so that the instructors teach in updated and dual-controlled cars. The cars used by instructors are clean, maintained, and ready to go! We also help you avail car hire facility for your driving test with your preferred instructor.
Can I check the reviews for the driving instructors?
For sure! We have over 600 hundred 5 star reviews that we are proud of all over the internet. You can view a lot of reviews we have shown with our particular National driving instructors’ names to help you locate the individual ones closest to your location. You can also find our latest reviews on our Facebook and Google.
How many driving lessons do I need?
It is a common question raised by most learners. Well, it depends. Our students take 30 hours of driving lessons on average before passing their practical exam – 17 hours fewer than the national average! If you are a newbie, we would suggest you book our 30-hour package. If you pass the exam faster, we will refund the number of hours unused (provided you have used a minimum of 20 hours). On the other hand, if you need some extra hours of learning, you can top up on an hourly basis to train until you appear for your driving test. If you book a smaller learning package to begin with, no worries- you can top by on an hourly basis once you are done with your 1st package to be test-ready.
What are the prices for driving lessons?
To know about the driving lesson prices, simply click here and enter your details and raise an enquiry. We will send you an email with the price details. You can rest assured and leave everything else to our crew here at National Driving school. We will ensure that we connect you with the most suitable driving instructor. After connecting with an instructor, you can schedule and begin your journey towards being a fully licensed, safe driver.
How can I pay for my driving lessons?
You can pay your allocated National driving instructor directly. We do not manage any payments except gift vouchers for driving lessons through our website. You can discuss the payment structure with your driving instructor. Our driving instructors offer discounts, easy payment plans, and special offers for bulk bookings.
Where would be my pick-up & drop point?
We connect you with a National driving instructor from your nearby locations, so your pick up and drop off point will be at your house or agreed central location. If you want to change your pick up & drop off location, for example, work and school, our instructors will make the necessary arrangements provided these locations are within their driving lessons’ vicinity.
What documents do I need to bring along to the driving lessons?
You should bring your learner permit for every driving lesson you attend. When you get the EDT logbook after the very first EDT lesson, do not forget to carry it with you during every driving lesson.
Do you offer booking schedules that suit my schedule?
Do not worry as we offer flexible booking schedules at National Driving school. Our driving lessons are available during weekdays, weekends, and on days that are convenient for you.

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