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Need to Start Your EDT Driving Lessons?

It is a very crucial training if you want to become a professional driver because those who want to ace the driving test.

You must learn and complete the 12 EDT lessons to obtain a driving license. Let’s get started!

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Let’s get started

Start Your EDT Driving Lessons

It’s pretty simple to get started just follow these steps.

Start with us Start with us
We will see and assess your starting point and then start with your required EDT Driving lessons.
Find your instructor Find your instructor
Once you have made contact we will pair you with a local EDT driving instructor.
Pass the test Pass the test
You will have the same driving instructor all the way from EDT to passing your full driving test.

EDT Driving Lessons

Get started EDT driving lessons couldn’t be any easier with us.

EDT Driving Lessons

EDT Driving Lessons Dublin

The best aspect of this is that you can apply for your driving test online before you start your 12 EDT driving lessons but your driving test will not be scheduled before you take all the EDT lessons.

This allows you the advantage to make sure you complete the course before appearing for your final driving test. The EDT sessions need to be completed with an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor).

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Teaching Safer and Better Learners

Here at National Driving School we are committed to producing better, safer and law-abiding drivers. We emphasise the importance of driving and road safety to make our roads safer for everyone.

Still not sure if you need 12 EDT Driving lessons?

This is why you do:

  • To understand the rules and regulations of the road.
  • The EDT teaches fundamental driving skills to learners.
  • The 12 EDT lessons are part of RSA’s Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) which aims at road safety.
  • To be able to maintain road discipline and have respect towards other road users.
  • To avoid the common mistakes that motorists make while using the road.

Who needs to complete the 12 EDT lessons?

  • An individual who has attained the age of 16 years or above the age of 16 years.
  • Any individual who has issued a learner permit on or after 4th April 2011.
  • Any individual who wishes to acquire a driver’s license.
  • Young inexperienced drivers who have not undergone actual driving lessons from a well-established driving school that has been approved by the Road Safety Authority (RSA).
  • All motorists that are using the roads to ensure that road safety rules are observed.

When it comes to the cost, the prices of the 12 EDT lessons vary depending on the number of hours that you want to take and also the nature of the driving course as shown in our detailed pricing page here.

The 12 EDT lessons

The 12 EDT lessons are discussed below in accordance with the Road Safety Authority (RSA) syllabus.

EDT Lesson 1 - Car controls and safety checks
For one to achieve the desired results of the lesson he/she should familiarise with the rules and regulations of the road and the vehicle that you are going to use. Your sponsor or ADI should assist you on how to use the brakes and the steering wheel, which are considered to be the primary controls. The ADI and the sponsor should also aid in teaching the learner how to use the secondary controls such as the lights, windscreens, and wipers.

During the EDT Lesson 1, you in get to familiarise with the vehicle and understanding the controls of the car and how to use the controls correctly. One also gets to learn about vehicle safety and how they can evaluate vehicle roadworthiness.

EDT Lesson 2 - Correct positioning
To have a successful outcome in EDT lesson 2, one must have completed EDT lesson 1. In this lesson the ADI should ensure that the learner can correctly position the vehicle on the road especially when taking corners, changing lanes, negotiating bends, negotiating junctions, entering and exiting junctions, correct positioning within traffic lanes and the ADI should also ensure that the learner can correctly drive straight on a road. The learner is also taught how to take the roundabout and the rules that apply when taking a roundabout.
EDT Lesson 3 - Changing direction
To enroll in EDT lesson 3, you must have completed lesson 1 and lesson 2. These lesson majors in ensuring that you are able to correctly turn left and right, turning in roundabouts and when negotiating junctions. An individual should know how to use indicators in order to signal other road users. At the end of the lesson, the learner should be able to use mirrors appropriately and he/she should be able to use the mirror, signal, mirror, manoeuvre,(MSMM) routine correctly.
EDT Lesson 4 - progression management
Once an individual has successfully completed lesson 1, lesson 2 and lesson 3, they can enroll for the EDT lesson 4. This lesson helps the learner to learn how to control his/her speed, to know the speed limits, the safety of other road users and the environment.
EDT Lesson 5 - Correct positioning (more complex situations)
In this lesson, the learner should be able to consistently maintain a safe braking distance and safe positioning while on the road. The learner also gets to acquire skills on how to share the road and how to park, reverse and a turnabout in challenging situations.
EDT Lesson 6 - Anticipation and reaction
This lesson equips one with the knowledge of the possible outcomes of driving in areas that have snow, roads that are filled with fog, in rainy areas and driving at night. One also gets to know how to choose and use the correct speed, keep safe distances and how to break correctly. Ones an individual has successfully completed the EDT lesson 6 they can proceed to the next level of EDT lesson 7, this is after the ADI has signed and recorded the learner’s progress on the learners RSA logbook.
EDT Lesson 7 - Sharing the road
A learner should ensure that he/she drives in a variety of conditions in order so that your ADI can be able to evaluate how you join, cross and enter roads. You should also learn how to negotiate your way around slow-moving motorists and other road users. This lesson teaches on road courtesy.
EDT Lesson 8 - Driving safely through traffic
This lesson teaches drivers how to act appropriately and decisively while driving through traffic. It describes risks of other road users and how to manage them well. The lesson also demonstrates how to use defensive driving techniques which do not impede reasonable progress or cause hesitation. They demonstrate a high level of co-operation with the other road users.
EDT Lesson 9 - Changing direction (more complex situations)
In this lesson, the learner learns how to change route safely with due consideration of the traffic controls. One can also change course safely with the regard of other road users. They can yield to other road users and are able to progress appropriately. The driving students are taught how to safely change course using mirror, signal, mirror, manoeuvre, (MSMM). After the successful completion of EDT lesson 9, an individual progresses to EDT lesson 10.
EDT Lesson 10 - Speed management
This lesson helps learners, to know how to manoeuvre their way through fast-moving traffic, to know how to manage and control their speeds, to independently make appropriate decisions in challenging situations and how to drive safely in areas with relatively high speed and terrible weather conditions that could make it difficult for one to drive.
EDT Lesson 11 - Driving calmly
During this lesson, learners are taught how to remain calm while handling a vehicle in instances where they are frustrated, angry, feel threatened, or exasperated. They mainly lose their calm in areas where they are joining busy roads, entering junctions while driving alone, parking in areas that have a significant number of cars parked there. The EDT lesson 12 ensures that the drivers can comfortably drive under high pressure calmly.
EDT Lesson 12 - Night driving
To achieve the objectives in EDT lesson 12 one has to make sure that you have successfully completed the EDT lesson 11.This lesson majors in teaching drivers how to use the vehicles lighting while driving, and how to correctly respond to the lights of other motorists. The lesson also enables learners to drive safely in the dark, in areas with poor lighting systems, and how to deal with poor vision during at night.

After the completion of each lesson, one is encouraged to keep practicing, as practicing is the key to perfecting all the skills that one has acquired during the lessons.

Feeling nervous and want to switch to automatic cars?

If you think you want to get those benefits mentioned above, we have the best instructors for the learners. You can enrol for the driving lessons for automatic driving and get the 12 EDT automatic driving lessons after getting the learning permit.

Point to note here that the driving license for the automatic car drivers comes with some restrictions as the driving license and test for the manual and automatic drivers are different. If you want to drive manual cars, you need to give a separate trial.

EDT Automatic driving lessons Dublin

We deliver the complete EDT Programmes 1-12 in our Automatic driving lessons. We can act as your sponsor if you didn’t have one, so there is no need to worry about that.

After completing 12 Lessons, we will assist you in progressing forward to apply for your full driving test after going through the pretest, which will prepare you thoroughly and polish your skills.

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EDT Logbook

Why must you get a Road Safety Authority (RSA) logbook for your 12 EDT driving lesson?

Your logbook is highly essential since it’s needed whenever you’re going for each lesson, as it’s required to come with you on each RSA 12 EDT driving lesson.

The notebook contains all the comments from the ADI (assigned instructor) who have guided you through the previous lessons and the progress that you have made as an individual.

The RSA 12 EDT driving logbook is issued to the learner by the Approved Driving Instructor during the start of the first EDT lesson.

After the completion of the 12 EDT lessons, the ADI stamps the relevant section of the book to show completion and he/she records information in the logbook indicating if you met the objectives of each lesson and how competent you are.

The ADI can only sign and comment on lessons that he/she has instructed. Under any circumstances that you opt to change an ADI, he/she cannot sign on lessons that you previously took under the aid of another ADI.

This ensures that all ADI’s take responsibility for the lessons they teach and that they can be held accountable in case of any incident.

In an incident where your RSA logbook gets lost, you should report to the Gardai, before obtaining a duplicate logbook from your ADI.

The waiting period of obtaining the duplicate logbook can be long, thus one is required to ensure his/her logbook is safely kept as it also plays a major role when you are acquiring your driver’s license.

Why Should You Book for your EDT with National Driving School Dublin?

  • We will provide you the best RSA approved instructor
  • We offer the best 12 EDT training lessons and instructions in the most effective way
  • We provide you easy booking services
  • NDS gives the prerequisite training before starting EDT lessons whenever required
  • We always consider your advice and specifications to meet your goal
  • It’s a priority for us to help you complete your online application for the learner permit
  • We also provide online practices to help you pass the theory test
  • We guide you whenever you need us
  • We develop your driving skills to be so sharp it will work lifelong
  • We help you to complete the EDT lessons before the expiry of 6 months of learning permit
  • We ensure 100% that you pass the driving test 1st time

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First Lesson

Before your first driving lessons you must have the following in order

So your all geared up for your fist driving lesson with your National driving instructor!

To help get you on the road to passing your test and becoming a safe driver for life, we need to make sure you have everything in order. Find out below!

1. Learner Permit 1. Learner Permit
A learner permit allows you to learn to drive on public roads with your driving instructor.
2. Tax & Insurance 2. Tax & Insurance
If you want to learn to drive within your own vehicle you will need to make sure your tax & insurance is valid.
3. Good Attitude 3. Good Attitude
We love our learners and strive to give them the best learning experience there is.
What people say

Our Happy Pupils

We take great pride in our customer reviews across all platforms! Please take the time to read some if you are seriously considering been thought to drive!

Sophie ByrneSophie Byrne
18:04 24 Nov 22
I passed my driving test this morning with the help of instructor Chris O’Dowd. I can’t recommend Chris enough! He was very patient and helpful with my driving since the very beginning even in times I didn’t feel confident enough. He encouraged me and constantly reassured me throughout my lessons and pretests. He walked me through the whole driving test process to calm my nerves, he really is the best instructor I could’ve asked for. His advice and unbelievable teaching will stick with me for life. Thank you Chris for everything, you are the best at what you do.
Liliana CarutoLiliana Caruto
15:48 11 Nov 22
After getting my test date confirmed and having completed EDT with a different instructor I was lucky to find NDS online, Jackie did a great job at booking me in their busy schedule and was booked a pre test with Chris Kennedy in Dun Laoghaire, what can I say!!! ….Whatever I write here will be short of praise to what this man deserves!!! In my very first few minutes of meeting him he made me feel at ease and in just one session I was clear on what I needed to work on while also being encouraged on what I was doing well. He built my confidence and after two more sessions I went on to pass my Test within my very first go at it, and with only two marks!!! ???????? I had only been driving for a year but he was exactly what I needed to polish my skills and give me the confidence necessary to pass my test, first time around!! I couldn’t recommend Chris anymore, if you want to pass your test he is your Man!! ???? thank you so much Chris, you are amazing at what you do!!
muhammad Shakeelmuhammad Shakeel
13:19 30 Sep 22
Can not recommend Mick from NDS enough!! Passed my test on 24/9/22, Mick gave the best advice and helped me improve my driving so much , Also the difference in my confidence to pass was all due to Mick’s help! Definitely would not have passed without his help, highly recommend! Thanks so much mick you are the best
jimmy turnerjimmy turner
09:53 19 Aug 22
After Being with 2 other instructors before chris Kennedy from dun laoghaire, I can't put into words how amazing he is as someone who gets anxious very easily he was amazing and made me so comfortable along with helping with my confidence. I will be getting my girlfriend to do them with him for sure as I wouldn't go back to anyone else, his knowledge and ability to teach is unbelievable. Thanks so much Chris you're amazing I couldn't have passed without you.
Carla WhelanCarla Whelan
20:38 15 Aug 22
Had a brilliant experience learning to drive with Mick. I had been learning with another instructor previously and gave up as I was getting nowhere. I restarted automatic lessons with Mick and flew through my test first time! He is a brilliant teacher, very calm and so friendly which is absolutely what you need from your instructor! Can't thank him enough for all his help, I couldn't have done it without him and would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for lessons!
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Why Choose Us

We are not just your normal run of the mill driving school. We are a driving school of excellence. We ensure our pupils get the best value for money for the best driving instruction in the business. This is how:



Our level of experience in the driving school industry spans over 30 years. We have come to see it all.



You can be sure our fully qulaified driving instructors are some of the best trained driving instructors in Ireland.



Been approved training instructors with the RSA you can be sure your driving lessons are safe guarded.



We provide free WhatsApp, Text and Calls support during the entire process of learning how to drive.

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Frequently Asked EDT Questions

You can find our most popular frequently asked questions around EDT driving lessons below

What is EDT?
EDT is a short abbreviation for Essential Driver Training which is now a mandatory training course for every Driving Student. The EDT teaches basic driving skills to learner car drivers and its importance cannot be overemphasised lately.
Is the EDT lesson for every Driving Learner in Ireland?
Yes, it is mandatory for everyone who has a learner’s permit.
Does the National Driving School Provide ADI for students?
Yes, our certified and RSA approved Driving Instructors are always available for you to choose one as your ADI.
Am I eligible for EDT?
If you are 16 years and above and have been given a learner’s permit after enrolling for driving lessons in Dublin you are Eligible. Most especially if you wish to acquire a Driving Licence.
Do I need all 12 EDT lessons?
Even though the 12 EDT lessons are required by law to be completed for every Driver who was issued a Driving Learner Permit on or before April 2011, you need the 12 lessons to check your improvement as a Driver.
Does my EDT lesson permit expire?
No, once you’ve completed your EDT lessons there is no rule for anyone to repeat it.

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