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Need to Start Your EDT Driving Lessons?

It is a very crucial training if you want to become a professional driver because those who want to ace the driving test.

You must learn and complete the 12 EDT lessons to obtain a driving license. Let’s get started!

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Let’s get started

Start Your EDT Driving Lessons

It’s pretty simple to get started just follow these steps.

Start with us Start with us
We will see and assess your starting point and then start with your required EDT Driving lessons.
Find your instructor Find your instructor
Once you have made contact we will pair you with a local EDT driving instructor.
Pass the test Pass the test
You will have the same driving instructor all the way from EDT to passing your full driving test.

EDT Driving Lessons

Get started EDT driving lessons couldn’t be any easier with us.

EDT Driving Lessons

EDT Driving Lessons Dublin

The best aspect of this is that you can apply for your driving test online before you start your 12 EDT driving lessons but your driving test will not be scheduled before you take all the EDT lessons.

This allows you the advantage to make sure you complete the course before appearing for your final driving test. The EDT sessions need to be completed with an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor).

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Teaching Safer and Better Learners

Here at National Driving School we are committed to producing better, safer and law-abiding drivers. We emphasise the importance of driving and road safety to make our roads safer for everyone.

Still not sure if you need 12 EDT Driving lessons?

This is why you do:

  • To understand the rules and regulations of the road.
  • The EDT teaches fundamental driving skills to learners.
  • The 12 EDT lessons are part of RSA’s Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) which aims at road safety.
  • To be able to maintain road discipline and have respect towards other road users.
  • To avoid the common mistakes that motorists make while using the road.

Who needs to complete the 12 EDT lessons?

  • An individual who has attained the age of 16 years or above the age of 16 years.
  • Any individual who has issued a learner permit on or after 4th April 2011.
  • Any individual who wishes to acquire a driver’s license.
  • Young inexperienced drivers who have not undergone actual driving lessons from a well-established driving school that has been approved by the Road Safety Authority (RSA).
  • All motorists that are using the roads to ensure that road safety rules are observed.

When it comes to the cost, the prices of the 12 EDT lessons vary depending on the number of hours that you want to take and also the nature of the driving course as shown in our detailed pricing page here.

The 12 EDT lessons

The 12 EDT lessons are discussed below in accordance with the Road Safety Authority (RSA) syllabus.

EDT Lesson 1 - Car controls and safety checks
For one to achieve the desired results of the lesson he/she should familiarise with the rules and regulations of the road and the vehicle that you are going to use. Your sponsor or ADI should assist you on how to use the brakes and the steering wheel, which are considered to be the primary controls. The ADI and the sponsor should also aid in teaching the learner how to use the secondary controls such as the lights, windscreens, and wipers.

During the EDT Lesson 1, you in get to familiarise with the vehicle and understanding the controls of the car and how to use the controls correctly. One also gets to learn about vehicle safety and how they can evaluate vehicle roadworthiness.

EDT Lesson 2 - Correct positioning
To have a successful outcome in EDT lesson 2, one must have completed EDT lesson 1. In this lesson the ADI should ensure that the learner can correctly position the vehicle on the road especially when taking corners, changing lanes, negotiating bends, negotiating junctions, entering and exiting junctions, correct positioning within traffic lanes and the ADI should also ensure that the learner can correctly drive straight on a road. The learner is also taught how to take the roundabout and the rules that apply when taking a roundabout.
EDT Lesson 3 - Changing direction
To enroll in EDT lesson 3, you must have completed lesson 1 and lesson 2. These lesson majors in ensuring that you are able to correctly turn left and right, turning in roundabouts and when negotiating junctions. An individual should know how to use indicators in order to signal other road users. At the end of the lesson, the learner should be able to use mirrors appropriately and he/she should be able to use the mirror, signal, mirror, manoeuvre,(MSMM) routine correctly.
EDT Lesson 4 - progression management
Once an individual has successfully completed lesson 1, lesson 2 and lesson 3, they can enroll for the EDT lesson 4. This lesson helps the learner to learn how to control his/her speed, to know the speed limits, the safety of other road users and the environment.
EDT Lesson 5 - Correct positioning (more complex situations)
In this lesson, the learner should be able to consistently maintain a safe braking distance and safe positioning while on the road. The learner also gets to acquire skills on how to share the road and how to park, reverse and a turnabout in challenging situations.
EDT Lesson 6 - Anticipation and reaction
This lesson equips one with the knowledge of the possible outcomes of driving in areas that have snow, roads that are filled with fog, in rainy areas and driving at night. One also gets to know how to choose and use the correct speed, keep safe distances and how to break correctly. Ones an individual has successfully completed the EDT lesson 6 they can proceed to the next level of EDT lesson 7, this is after the ADI has signed and recorded the learner’s progress on the learners RSA logbook.
EDT Lesson 7 - Sharing the road
A learner should ensure that he/she drives in a variety of conditions in order so that your ADI can be able to evaluate how you join, cross and enter roads. You should also learn how to negotiate your way around slow-moving motorists and other road users. This lesson teaches on road courtesy.
EDT Lesson 8 - Driving safely through traffic
This lesson teaches drivers how to act appropriately and decisively while driving through traffic. It describes risks of other road users and how to manage them well. The lesson also demonstrates how to use defensive driving techniques which do not impede reasonable progress or cause hesitation. They demonstrate a high level of co-operation with the other road users.
EDT Lesson 9 - Changing direction (more complex situations)
In this lesson, the learner learns how to change route safely with due consideration of the traffic controls. One can also change course safely with the regard of other road users. They can yield to other road users and are able to progress appropriately. The driving students are taught how to safely change course using mirror, signal, mirror, manoeuvre, (MSMM). After the successful completion of EDT lesson 9, an individual progresses to EDT lesson 10.
EDT Lesson 10 - Speed management
This lesson helps learners, to know how to manoeuvre their way through fast-moving traffic, to know how to manage and control their speeds, to independently make appropriate decisions in challenging situations and how to drive safely in areas with relatively high speed and terrible weather conditions that could make it difficult for one to drive.
EDT Lesson 11 - Driving calmly
During this lesson, learners are taught how to remain calm while handling a vehicle in instances where they are frustrated, angry, feel threatened, or exasperated. They mainly lose their calm in areas where they are joining busy roads, entering junctions while driving alone, parking in areas that have a significant number of cars parked there. The EDT lesson 12 ensures that the drivers can comfortably drive under high pressure calmly.
EDT Lesson 12 - Night driving
To achieve the objectives in EDT lesson 12 one has to make sure that you have successfully completed the EDT lesson 11.This lesson majors in teaching drivers how to use the vehicles lighting while driving, and how to correctly respond to the lights of other motorists. The lesson also enables learners to drive safely in the dark, in areas with poor lighting systems, and how to deal with poor vision during at night.

After the completion of each lesson, one is encouraged to keep practicing, as practicing is the key to perfecting all the skills that one has acquired during the lessons.

Feeling nervous and want to switch to automatic cars?

If you think you want to get those benefits mentioned above, we have the best instructors for the learners. You can enrol for the driving lessons for automatic driving and get the 12 EDT automatic driving lessons after getting the learning permit.

Point to note here that the driving license for the automatic car drivers comes with some restrictions as the driving license and test for the manual and automatic drivers are different. If you want to drive manual cars, you need to give a separate trial.

EDT Automatic driving lessons Dublin

We deliver the complete EDT Programmes 1-12 in our Automatic driving lessons. We can act as your sponsor if you didn’t have one, so there is no need to worry about that.

After completing 12 Lessons, we will assist you in progressing forward to apply for your full driving test after going through the pretest, which will prepare you thoroughly and polish your skills.

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EDT Logbook

Why must you get a Road Safety Authority (RSA) logbook for your 12 EDT driving lesson?

Your logbook is highly essential since it’s needed whenever you’re going for each lesson, as it’s required to come with you on each RSA 12 EDT driving lesson.

The notebook contains all the comments from the ADI (assigned instructor) who have guided you through the previous lessons and the progress that you have made as an individual.

The RSA 12 EDT driving logbook is issued to the learner by the Approved Driving Instructor during the start of the first EDT lesson.

After the completion of the 12 EDT lessons, the ADI stamps the relevant section of the book to show completion and he/she records information in the logbook indicating if you met the objectives of each lesson and how competent you are.

The ADI can only sign and comment on lessons that he/she has instructed. Under any circumstances that you opt to change an ADI, he/she cannot sign on lessons that you previously took under the aid of another ADI.

This ensures that all ADI’s take responsibility for the lessons they teach and that they can be held accountable in case of any incident.

In an incident where your RSA logbook gets lost, you should report to the Gardai, before obtaining a duplicate logbook from your ADI.

The waiting period of obtaining the duplicate logbook can be long, thus one is required to ensure his/her logbook is safely kept as it also plays a major role when you are acquiring your driver’s license.

Why Should You Book for your EDT with National Driving School Dublin?

  • We will provide you the best RSA approved instructor
  • We offer the best 12 EDT training lessons and instructions in the most effective way
  • We provide you easy booking services
  • NDS gives the prerequisite training before starting EDT lessons whenever required
  • We always consider your advice and specifications to meet your goal
  • It’s a priority for us to help you complete your online application for the learner permit
  • We also provide online practices to help you pass the theory test
  • We guide you whenever you need us
  • We develop your driving skills to be so sharp it will work lifelong
  • We help you to complete the EDT lessons before the expiry of 6 months of learning permit
  • We ensure 100% that you pass the driving test 1st time

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Passed Driving Test Tallaght
Passed Driving Test Finglas
Passed Driving Test Dun Laoghaire
Passed Driving Test Naas
First Lesson

Before your first driving lessons you must have the following in order

So your all geared up for your fist driving lesson with your National driving instructor!

To help get you on the road to passing your test and becoming a safe driver for life, we need to make sure you have everything in order. Find out below!

1. Learner Permit 1. Learner Permit
A learner permit allows you to learn to drive on public roads with your driving instructor.
2. Tax & Insurance 2. Tax & Insurance
If you want to learn to drive within your own vehicle you will need to make sure your tax & insurance is valid.
3. Good Attitude 3. Good Attitude
We love our learners and strive to give them the best learning experience there is.
What people say

Our Happy Pupils

We take great pride in our customer reviews across all platforms! Please take the time to read some if you are seriously considering been thought to drive!

National Driving School
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Courtney SmithCourtney Smith
14:48 26 Feb 24
Passed my full test today first time🥳Can’t thank Clodagh enough she is an amazing teacher and I couldn’t of done it without her , thank you so much clodagh I’m absolutely over the moon 😀
Cormac NolanCormac Nolan
22:22 23 Feb 24
Simply the best! Can’t recommend Chris and NDS enough, mixed experiences with different instructors but Chris is leagues ahead of everyone else. Brilliant advice and guidance during the prestests and lessons I did. Great guy too! Thank you so much.
Okm MakoOkm Mako
14:33 23 Feb 24
Many thanks and excellent work to my mentor Łukasz Wnęk for passing my test for the first time today ! I Learned a lot with Łukasz during are sessions wich was always perfect and relaxed couldn’t ask for better instructor many thanks ! And will recommend Łukasz to anyone anytime !!
Joe CramptonJoe Crampton
12:39 23 Feb 24
I passed my driving test yesterday at the first attempt all thanks to the guidance and support of Julia and Chris (Krzys) from National Driving School. I did my 12 EDT lessons with Julia in October, who made the lessons a lot of fun and had so much patience with me. Julia really knew when to push me and had me looking forward to each lesson. Chris (Krzys) then helped me with some pretest lessons and a mock test, and really gave me all the confidence to know I was ready to pass the test before it began. He was there to settle any nerves before the test and was there to celebrate my passing after the test as well. Chris (Krzys) really went above and beyond to help me pass! I couldn’t recommend Julia and Chris (Krzys) enough if you want to learn how to drive!
Amina AbdullahAmina Abdullah
10:07 23 Feb 24
Mick is the best instructor. He is very knowledgeable and competent at his job. 100% recommended
Violet O'BrienViolet O'Brien
20:33 22 Feb 24
Did my manual pretest with Chris in Dun Laoghaire/ Deansgrange and passed first time because of it. His knowledge of the routes was spot on and helped massively to get my confidence up for the test. Can't recommend him highly enough
Arina SotchenkoArina Sotchenko
16:33 22 Feb 24
Passed my test today from first attempt! All thanks to Keith Evans. Amazing approach. Every driving lesson was at full of ease and calmness. It was such a pleasure to have Keith as an instructor. Eventually I was full of confidence during the test. Thanks, so happy to get my full license now!!
I just PASS my test,I realy want recomend this school and teacher Trevor who helped me to pass the driving test, he is a realy good teacher and will do everything that you will succeed!!! THANK you again !!!
Ronan HollandRonan Holland
14:20 22 Feb 24
I just passed my manual car driving test today, I would highly recommend Kamil from National Drivinging School, I did 2 pretest lessions with Kamil, he helped me get ready for my driving test and had lots of useful material on road sings, roundabouts, junctions. Kamil was very calm and showed me where I was going wrong and helped me improve my driving so I passed today first time, I would highly recommend Kamil and the National Driving School fordriving lessions or pretest lessions.I could not have made this achievement without Kamil's help and valueable guidance, thank you so much for the professional help.
Emma ConnollyEmma Connolly
12:40 22 Feb 24
Had my lessons and pre tests with Jay Hickey and he was absolutely brilliant! Such a great help and really helped make me confident to do my test! I went and done my test today and passed first time and I genuinely couldn’t have done it without him! Would recommend him to anyone I know starting to drive. Big thank you to Jay for all his help with getting me ready!
christopher Murtaghchristopher Murtagh
19:41 21 Feb 24
I passed my test today thanks to jay hickey and cèin O’Sullivan the lads are very good instructors are real professionals very good teachers. If it wasn’t for there good teaching techniques. And the way they learned me where I was going wrong I wouldn’t have pass. I highly recommend the lads. Very good 5 stars all day long. Thanks lads.
18:10 21 Feb 24
Thrilled to have passed my driving test with the support and guidance of Trevor at National Driving School. His pre-test lessons definitely helped me focus on areas needing of improvement and he gave me the confidence to take on the test. Thanks again for everything!
Kalaichezhiyan PandianKalaichezhiyan Pandian
16:27 21 Feb 24
Hi everyone, Today I passed my car driving test at the Tallaght RSA Driving Test Center. I want to thank my driving instructor, Jay Hickey, from National Driving School, who taught manual car driving from scratch. I highly recommend anyone to the National Driving School and Jay Hickey. Great 12 driving lessons and pre-test classes. I got a lot of advice about driving a manual car. Finally, I passed the test on the first attempt itself. Once again Thank you Jay.KC
Kate QuinnKate Quinn
11:11 21 Feb 24
I just want to thank Chris from the National Driving School as I passed my driving test today! I had done my EDT lessons pre-covid and had got stuck in the long waiting list for Dun Laoghaire. I applied for a cancellation test and Jackie in the National Driving School rearranged some lessons so they could squeeze me in for a refresher lesson. Chris was so helpful and encouraging and I do not think I would have passed the test without this lesson. He was very engaged and sent me links to videos to watch and had a genuine interest in me passing. I am extremely happy and grateful that I have passed. Thank you again.
Neetu SahotaNeetu Sahota
22:34 20 Feb 24
Steve is the best .I have tried many instructors during my course to full licence but none of them was on level of Steve.He is efficient ,patient and true to his profession. On top of everything at the day of test my car broke down but last minute he arranged me the car 🚗 and I was able to do the test and pass it .Can't recommend him enough.Thanks Steve 😊
patricia o callaghanpatricia o callaghan
19:02 20 Feb 24
Well my story is a little different, I have held a provisional licence way too long without ever sitting a test, Gary was excellent only short of doing the test for me there was nothing more he could have done, I passed the test today confidently & comfortably am so glad I made the random selection at the time to contact this driving school, additionally I feel if he had been my instructor when I started driving in the first place I would never of had a fear of the test!Thanks Gary
Vanessa GutierrezVanessa Gutierrez
16:36 20 Feb 24
I was very worried about my driving test in Tallagh, I booked 2 pre-test classes with Clodagh and they were very productive, she helped me a lot to correct my mistakes and made me feel confident, thanks to all that I PASSED my driving test in Tallagh by first time.I definitely recommend instructor Clodagh, she is very friendly and patient.
Ashna ParsonsAshna Parsons
14:58 20 Feb 24
Passed my test on the first attempt in Maple House today with only 3 mistakes. My instructor Kevin was brilliant and went above and beyond to prepare me for the test. I could not recommend him enough, he made the whole process easy and enjoyable, thank you for your help and patience Kevin.
Eve PhelanEve Phelan
20:26 19 Feb 24
I had my lessons with Aidan in Waterford city. From the get go, Aidan made me feel very comfortable and confident in my driving. I couldn’t recommend him enough !!
akash mehrotraakash mehrotra
17:33 19 Feb 24
Passed my driving test in an automatic car with Chris today !I had a reduced EDT + mock test, where Chris helped me practise driving as expected in Ireland and helped me get comfortable on the road, resulting in a successful test
Dinesh KanojiyaDinesh Kanojiya
16:30 19 Feb 24
Andy, A excellent instructor, right from the day one he notice my shortcomings and improve my driving skills. He always corrected my mistakes over and over again patiently and I really appreciate all his efforts put on me for improvisation as a result I cleared my driving test in my first attempt.Thanks man.
Leen SammaniLeen Sammani
13:13 19 Feb 24
Passed my exam today in Tallaght. I highly recommend taking classes with Damien, he is absolutely brilliant.I have changed few Instrucror and I can easily tell he is the best. He has all the exam keys you need for passing!! Big thank you!!
Ardy MalajArdy Malaj
13:11 19 Feb 24
Had Aidan in Waterford as my instructor. Great lad, easy to work with and genuine progress made in a short amount of time!
Caner TekdemirCaner Tekdemir
21:43 17 Feb 24
I passed my test in Finglas. My instructor was Barney and he is a great teacher. First attempt %100 successful thank you Barney
Handan AyazoğluHandan Ayazoğlu
15:00 17 Feb 24
i have done my EDTs with Chris from Dun Laoghaire..very good lecturer, prepared me very well for the test, great advises and practices we had..appreciate his teaching style, thank you Chris!
Vincent ByrneVincent Byrne
14:25 17 Feb 24
Hi , I could not recommend Clodagh Branagan from National Driving School any higher that is possible , Clodagh went above and beyond for our son Calum who went on and passed his driving test first time with the guidance from Clodagh. Calum felt so comfortable with Clodagh which makes all the difference when you’re nervous. Thanks Clodagh and National Driving School for all you have done for Calum 😊
Claire MoylanClaire Moylan
10:51 16 Feb 24
I can't recommend Mick at NDS enough, he made the whole process so easy and enjoyable. I passed my test first time and I know that's down to Mick. If you're looking for a reliable, friendly instructor that will give you everything you need go with NDS.
Kit ChengKit Cheng
19:50 15 Feb 24
Today I passed the driving test!!! My practice paid off! Almost couldn’t believe it! After failed three times, I finally found Mr Yang from National driving school. I can drive in other countries but can’t pass the driving test in Ireland cause I didn’t know what to prepare and practice. He knows what exactly the testers are looking for and corrected many of my bad habits ( which the previous instructor should have corrected me). Thank you so much Mr Yang and Good luck to you guys!
Adam AbuShababAdam AbuShabab
16:34 15 Feb 24
Seweryn did my lessons and I passed first time after just 12. He’s a sick instructor and taught me all the right rules and routes tailored towards the test
Liam ThompsonLiam Thompson
14:52 15 Feb 24
Passed my test first time in dun laoghaire today all thanks keith. Couldn’t have done it without him, top class did an excellent job making me feel confident with my driving and settle the nerves before my test. Left no stone unturned with the routes , went through absolutely everything. Absolute gent couldn’t recommend him enough.
John GallagherJohn Gallagher
08:53 15 Feb 24
I would highly recommend David Wilson from National Driving School, Very professional from the first day I meet him,very well organised, great patience, and well able to spot and correct any bad habits. he doesn't just go through the motions like other instructors, he has great knowledge of the test routes especially the Tallaght route,very reasonable priced, and I know for sure I wouldn't of passed first time without him.Thanks so much David.
Cyril Adolph CalahatCyril Adolph Calahat
21:25 14 Feb 24
I successfully passed my driving test today (first attempt) in Tallaght. Thank you to my driving instructor Damien who was equipped with knowledge and helped me a lot to improve my driving skills.Highly recommend his outstanding teaching skills to anyone seeking success on their driving journey! If you’re looking for a driving instructor, DAMIEN IS THE MAN 🫡 I recommend 100%.In addition, a massive thank you to the team at The National Driving School for helping me succeed with my test! 🚗🚧🚦
Shauna MorrisShauna Morris
21:01 14 Feb 24
I just passed my driving test today, I did all my EDT lessons with Chris he is an absolutely amazing instructor so patient and encouraging I couldn’t have done it without his help and support. I would highly recommend NDS & Chris if you are thinking of booking lessons and want to pass first time!
antonio pereiraantonio pereira
20:42 14 Feb 24
Christopher is absolutely professional and easy going with the lessons. Thank you so much for everything.
Mary MeaneyMary Meaney
18:34 14 Feb 24
Keith did an excellent job in teaching my son to drive and getting him through his test on the first attempt. Many thanks 🙏
Chaman ALiChaman ALi
15:32 14 Feb 24
Really happy and excited to share that I passed my Driving test in my first attempt. David from National Driving school was my instructor. David is Really good instructor. I didn’t have any driving experience when I first approached David. I went through very well structured lessons given by him and I learned all the important parts of safe driving including Road positioning, Observation, Progress.I would highly recommend David as instructor if anyone wants to pass their Driving test in their first attempt.Thanks David
Emma Lou WrightEmma Lou Wright
17:05 13 Feb 24
Finished my EDT lessons with Mick & pretest lessons, could not recommend him enough. I just passed my test first time today! He made me feel confident I could get out on the road again after a previous bad experience with another instructor from a different driving company.Delighted with the services and will highly recommend him and national driving school.10/10
Tara GormleyTara Gormley
15:03 13 Feb 24
I had pre test lessons with NDS and they did more for me as a driver in a few weeks than my whole EDT training did, simply and calmly explained and very kind as I was extremely nervous. I worked with Clodagh and she was amazing, super kind and patient and did so much for me in a few weeks. Have already and will continue to recommend NDS to all my mates and family members learning to drive x
Rie EndoRie Endo
10:50 13 Feb 24
I passed a manual car driving test yesterday. I highly recommend Chris to my friends and everyone. His pre test lesson helped me a lot to improve my driving skills and knowledge. He gave me a lot of tips and materials for driving rules, signs and that helped to pass the test. After his lesson, I was confident to take a test. Thanks so much for your support!! I am so happy to own a driving license.
Shahbaz ArshalShahbaz Arshal
22:47 12 Feb 24
Hi everyone ...... just finish my driving lesson from one of the best instructor JAY HICKEY ... the way of delivering skills and knowledge by JAY was really amazing and friendly, Jay help me in following catagoryDriving RulesReaction during the driving on main roadsRestoring the confidence level for drivingHow to get rid of being nervous while sitting on the driving seat ....Observation during the driving a carI definitly keep in touch for pre-test class from JAY and i gave him 5 star and recommend JAY HICKEY as a best driving instructor in National Driving School Tallaghat Dublin
simona sabeckissimona sabeckis
12:45 12 Feb 24
I completed my lessons with Clodagh and i cannot recommend her enough! Absolutely amazing at explaining any possible questions and really takes the time to ensure you feel confident! Even at late notices she would always be able to work me into her scheudle, and after completing my pretest with her I passed! ⭐️🚘
Alexander SuciuAlexander Suciu
12:43 11 Feb 24
I completed my EDT lessons with Aurelius. Patient and encouraging. He happilly answered every question I threw at him. Does not shy away from giving you the feedback you need to hear while also sprinkling in helpful tips. All of these made the whole learning process enjoyable. Highly recommend National Driving School!
ross doyleross doyle
17:04 10 Feb 24
I had been waiting over 3 years for my driving test and got a date last week for today and was able to get booked in with Chris I'm dun laoghaire and what can I say I absolutely would have failed only for him he cut out a lot of mistakes I was doing with just 1 hr session, u will not find a nicer and genuine guy , wonderful experience
22:43 09 Feb 24
I passed my driving test following 2 pretests with Jay, he was extremely helpful and encouraging. Thank you!
14:50 09 Feb 24
Good experience. 👍 I had Mick as my instructor and he is great!
Lauren LeeLauren Lee
14:13 09 Feb 24
I had a 2 hour lesson with Clodagh this week and I passed my test today. She was fantastic, she was very informative and gave tips which made everything easier. I learned so much from her in that small amount of time and would not have passed my test without the advice she gave.
Zara StockilZara Stockil
17:58 08 Feb 24
Just past my test today on my first try! Julia was a fantastic instructor and helped me so much. Would really recommend her if you are interested in automatic lesson.
Gorav GudwaniGorav Gudwani
15:30 08 Feb 24
I am very delighted to have passed my driving test on my first attempt at Mulhuddart (Maple House), all thanks to my amazing instructor Kevin. I was lucky enough to receive lessons from him, he was always calm, friendly, and available whenever I had doubts. He was the one who asked me to reschedule and select a better time and then made a plan to get this through, he was there on the test day as well and that helped a lot. I would highly recommend Kevin if you are looking for a good instructor and want to pass on your very first attempt.Thanks once again Kevin for all your support and helping me in getting this sooner!
Abhishek KhannaAbhishek Khanna
06:37 08 Feb 24
My instructor is linto, he helped me a lot in handling anxiety and nervousness.I finally passed, highly recommend him.He showed me all the test route and that also really helped me.
Dhivya MohanDhivya Mohan
13:05 07 Feb 24
I had done two pretests with Chris from National Driving School and I passed my driving test today. He’s very friendly and encouraging, puts you at ease from the first moment. Also very knowledgeable about the test routes and clearly points out your mistakes and helps you improvise them. He exactly knows what the testers are looking for!! Have already recommended it to one of my friends who has an upcoming test!!
Shannon MulvihillShannon Mulvihill
22:32 06 Feb 24
Passed my driving test, I would reallyrecommend Krzysztof, had some great tips and learned a lot!
Maitiu KinsellaMaitiu Kinsella
17:34 06 Feb 24
Aiden power got me through my test first time
Emma RyanEmma Ryan
17:11 06 Feb 24
Passed my test today all thanks to Mick at NDS . He is so kind , patient and encouraging with his funny stories to ease the nerves .
Ana NozadzeAna Nozadze
16:59 06 Feb 24
Couldn't recommend more!! I had done 12 lessons with another school in a manual car and decided to switch to an automatic. I did one lesson and one pretest with Stephen in his automatic and I passed!! Extremely friendly and helpful, really concise and clear advice that calmed my nerves, easy to get in touch with and book. If you're looking for your next driving instructor look no further, 10/10 💪💪
Sujay TarlekarSujay Tarlekar
15:10 06 Feb 24
Andy is a good instructor. He has good knowledge of all rules and helps you understand all lessons very well.Not only he tought in good way but also helped to boost my confidence for the test.
Roberto BorzaRoberto Borza
13:55 04 Feb 24
Steve is without a doubt the best driving instructor.
Ali IrtizaAli Irtiza
13:35 03 Feb 24
I passed my driving test today, all thanks to Aurelius. His guidance and encouragment during the mock tests played a huge role.I highly recommend him if you are looking for a kind and encouraging instructor.Thank you again Aurelius.Sadia
Lukas is a great instructor, and taught me very well! super funny, I’d strongly recommend him!
Courtney WhatleyCourtney Whatley
00:30 03 Feb 24
Just wanna say a big thanks to Chris done all my lessons and pretests with him I couldn’t have passed first time without him and all his help, he’s so patient and understanding.
Chelsea BrophyChelsea Brophy
21:06 02 Feb 24
Today, I successfully passed my driving test, and I owe it all to the incredible support of Chris (Krzysztof). His guidance significantly boosted my confidence, and his invaluable tips, especially on the challenging reverse around a corner, made a crucial difference. I wholeheartedly recommend Chris; without him, I doubt I would have succeeded.
Chelsey GlynnChelsey Glynn
17:41 02 Feb 24
I had the pleasure of being taught by Chris Kennedy from Dun Laoghaire. He was a fantastic instructor, with valuable advice which helped me to pass my test. He is incredible at putting people at ease and made the experience enjoyable. Thank you Chris!
Jailson SilvaJailson Silva
15:35 02 Feb 24
I passed the test today and thank you to Krzysztof who gave me a big help on this.I booked my test 2 days in advance and Krzysztof made it with me. After 3 months without driving, I had one lesson with Krzysztof before the test, which was essential for my success, increasing my confidence and giving me key tips that helped a lot.I highly recommend!!!
Rennis QuijadaRennis Quijada
14:58 02 Feb 24
Chris (Krzysztof) it is very good instructor, the tips and instruction given make me pass the exam straight away.
Ross McMahonRoss McMahon
20:27 01 Feb 24
Had Cein as my instructor for lessons in the Raheny area - couldn't recommend him enough! Well paced lessons, excellent instruction, and more than willing to answer any and all questions put to him, overall making the process very straightforward 🙂
Shauna BarryShauna Barry
19:02 01 Feb 24
Absolutely delighted to have passed my driving test on my first attempt with an automatic car at Mulhuddart (Maple Close) thanks to my amazing instructor Kevin. I highly recommend Kevin as a driving instructor; he has so much knowledge and is very calm in the car. I learnt so many great tips and tricks that were invaluable on the day of the test. Even if you know how to drive already, you can't go wrong in getting a leson as a refresher. Thanks again Kevin for all your support and opening up a world of freedom for me!
Mateusz KikmunterMateusz Kikmunter
16:59 01 Feb 24
Passed my test today! Thanks to Chris and NDLS! The best driving school and the best instructor, highly recommended!
Sam Mc GovernSam Mc Govern
15:14 01 Feb 24
I was lucky enough to recieve lessons from Jay Hickey, he is a calm and clear instructor who was always happy to do whatever he could to accommodate my busy schedule and helped me improve massively each lesson, I will be going back to him before I sit my test whenever it may come.
Umar AslamUmar Aslam
14:36 01 Feb 24
I had test today and got emergency appointment with Steve McGrane for pre test. He helped me to reverse everything and I've passed. Satisfied. Thanks
Anushka O'LochlainnAnushka O'Lochlainn
18:16 31 Jan 24
Thanks to the amazing Clodagh at the National Driving School, I passed the test in Tallaght - something which I didn’t think was possible only a few months ago. Clodagh is a professional; her teaching style is consistent, up-to-date, patient, and encouraging. She is very knowledgeable and flexible in adapting lessons to focus on areas that needed improvement, and her clear explanations and constructive feedback have been invaluable in helping me improve my techniques and overcome my anxiety. Her commitment to safety and emphasis on responsible driving is second to none, and she is very friendly and approachable. I highly recommend Clodagh as a driving instructor and I’m very grateful for the positive learning experience.
Lauren CoffeyLauren Coffey
17:58 31 Jan 24
I had an amazing experience, dave was so calm and informative and u was a ball of nerves, but he took me through everything step by step and with only two session I passed my driving test! Couldn't be happier ☺️
Deacon PurcellDeacon Purcell
17:00 31 Jan 24
I passed my driving test first time with Aidan Power in Waterford, Aidan is a great driving instructor and helped me a lot, every lesson was always positive and and helpful. Aidan really helped me work on the mistakes I was making and I wouldn’t have passed my test without his help. I would definitely recommend Aidan to anyone who is nervous about driving as he’s an always very relaxed and helpful and every lesson was always positive. 10/10 driving instructor 😎
Genevieve SeagerGenevieve Seager
16:56 31 Jan 24
Great experience with Chris at the national driving school. Did all my EDTS and pretests with him and he simplified the test down so much. He’s the sole reason I passed first time !! Thanks so much couldn’t be better👍🏼
16:50 31 Jan 24
Lucky enough to have Kevin straight for the YT videos. Experience shows as i got my test first time in Tallaght! Lessons helped show me exactly what testers are looking for in good drivers.
Qurrat -Ul-Ain KhanQurrat -Ul-Ain Khan
20:59 30 Jan 24
Alhamdolillah!( Thanks To The Almighty)I passed my driving test today at Naas.My road to success was made easy by training from an experianced and highly professional Instructor "Stuart Coulter".He is,for sure, a highly recommended Instructor & Mentor.Thankyou very much Stuart Coulter.
KM SebastianKM Sebastian
13:36 30 Jan 24
I recently passed my driving test on first attempt with proper guidance and training of Mick. He is professional, very patient and helped me improve areas of weakness in driving. I worked on a shifting schedule but he always finds time to meet me on my free days. He also has a good sense of humour to calm my nerves during the practice. His constant reminder during our practice ( I can still hear his voice in my head to look at the mirrors lol ) paved the way to pass with flying colors. I highly recommend him as an instructor. Thank you for everything Mick.
Sakalya HettiarachchySakalya Hettiarachchy
11:03 30 Jan 24
Passed today from Tallaght Test Centre. Peter was my instructor. He is an awesome driving instructor! I breezed through all 12 EDT lessons and pre-test sessions with him. He's not just friendly and pleasant, but he shared some super handy tips that totally saved me on test day – passed on the first try, thanks to him! He didn't just tell me what I was doing wrong, he actually showed me with documents, photos, and videos. It made fixing mistakes very easy. Peter took me through all the routes so I would be familiar with them for test day. If you're looking for a friendly, calm and effective instructor, Peter's your guy. Highly recommend!Thanks again Peter and National Driving School for assigning him to me. Good luck!! ☺️
Lizzy BellewLizzy Bellew
19:06 29 Jan 24
I passed my test today, it was my first time sitting the driving test and I know I wouldn't have been able to do it without Paul's help. I am an extremely nervous driver but Paul was so kind and patience with me throughout each lesson and gave me feedback on each lesson. I truly couldn't have achieved the result today without his help. I would highly recommend him.
18:59 29 Jan 24
Passed my test today after lessons with Barney! He tidied up all my mistakes so quickly. Very professional service and so knowledgeable of what the tester will look out for. Would definitely recommend to anyone!
Leah ByrneLeah Byrne
18:57 29 Jan 24
Michael was a great instructor, very patient and I felt at ease in the car throughout my 12 lessons. I really enjoyed them and Michael is very knowledgeable about the rules of the road. After completing 12 lessons I now am confident in my driving.
Luljete XheladiniLuljete Xheladini
13:48 29 Jan 24
thank you National Driving School for the support and lessons, thank you my instructor,, The Best driving school
Md Maksud HossainMd Maksud Hossain
12:00 29 Jan 24
Me and my wife both got extra classes from Stephen Kavanagh of National Driving School just before our driving test and we got passed in our first attempt. He is a great instructor with his good sense of humor. I will definitely recommend NDS to everyone.
Michelle WilliamsMichelle Williams
13:21 27 Jan 24
Keith Evans is an excellent instructor and has taught me so much, after a bad experience with a different driving school left me with zero confidence. I’m a very nervous driver and he has really taken that into account in his teaching style which has helped me tremendously. Would absolutely recommend Keith for anyone struggling with nerves or lack of confidence in their driving.
Muhammad MushtaqMuhammad Mushtaq
17:50 26 Jan 24
A great driving school and very nice instructors, I go throught with Damien King for few pre tests and just passed in 2nd try. I grabed a cancel slot 4 hours before and test Damien help me and given me his Car Hire for test he is very nice instructor and I really recomand him, I also taken EDT lessons with AURELIUS and 1 pre Test with Muhammad Sahifiq they both are nice guys and very helping. at the end I never forgot the Damien King he boost my confidence and I cracked my test.
Margaret ConsidineMargaret Considine
15:48 26 Jan 24
Kalicious CollectionsKalicious Collections
15:46 26 Jan 24
Eugene HainesEugene Haines
15:45 26 Jan 24
Luke DeasyLuke Deasy
15:44 26 Jan 24
Sathya NanSathya Nan
17:38 25 Jan 24
Mick! You are a rockstar. Thanks for helping me with the pre test.
Samiksha DhurveySamiksha Dhurvey
16:11 25 Jan 24
I did my lessons by Damien King, he is extremely kind and patient with his students. He makes sure we are following the rules while he cracks some funny jokes 😂. I have already recommended him to many of my friends. Thank you Damien
Paula MoraesPaula Moraes
13:38 25 Jan 24
National Driving School, was completely essential for my licence here in Ireland. Even driving for 15 years in Brazil, the cleared all my bad habits and I have passed the first time test.
Méabh QuinnMéabh Quinn
12:40 25 Jan 24
I passed first time this morning (9:15am) in Tallaght (Automatic), with all thanks to my amazing instructors one being the amazing Clodagh. I couldn’t recommend Clodagh enough ! She made me super comfortable and a confident driver. She answered all my questions big and small ensuring me there was no silly questions. I did my full 12 EDT lessons (Manual) with another instructor which I also loved but I ended up switching to automatic as that was the only car available for me to practice in. I ended up doing two lessons with Clodagh (Automatic) once in her car and then in mine and she had me up to speed. I passed my theory side of things with flying colours and just a few marks in my moving off (look behind the shoulder).I would 100% recommend Clodagh to my friends and any learner that would feel a bit nervous cause once you’re in the car with her you’re nerves will disappear. Thank you again Clodagh you’re a star 🌟
Amanda RyanAmanda Ryan
19:39 24 Jan 24
My daughter Aine passed her driving test today, 1st time, thanks to her instructor Keith from National Driving School. She did all her EDT lessons with Keith and her pre test too. Keith was excellent. He is very knowledgeable, patient and kind. Keith was always on time and put Aine at ease from the start. Thanks again Keith
Iklim OzkeskinIklim Ozkeskin
19:32 24 Jan 24
I passed my test in Tallaght today. I was quite nervous in my first lessons but Damien was always patient and ensured to improve my areas of weaknesses which helped me to build my confidence. Huge thanks to Damien and National Driving School once again. Would recommend to anyone!
I passed my test in Dundulk , thanks to Thomas for putting me through the right things to do when driving . He was so patient and very professional. I’m super excited👏👏👏👏
Prateek AgarwalPrateek Agarwal
17:56 24 Jan 24
I did my EDTs with Micheal. Great learning experience, started as a complete fresher and did a lovely journey. Nice guy with amole of experience and great knowledge. Highly recommended.
Niamh RedmondNiamh Redmond
17:36 24 Jan 24
i done all my lessons with Seweryn, he was a great instructor , very patient and helpful and i progressed well and i’ve just went and passed my test first time all thanks to Seweryn! Could not recommend him highly enough.
Bhagya JayawickramaBhagya Jayawickrama
23:32 23 Jan 24
Passed it at my first attempt.!!Chris (Krzysztof) is an amazing instructor who understood exactly what areas that I needed to improve. He knew the types of bad habits that I had when driving and what tips to give me to correct myself. Can't believe that you got me up skilled within a very short period for the Maple House roads that I had never driven. Thank you for marking very strictly at the mock tests 🙏 it really benefitted me..Thank you very much National Driving School for organising an amazing instructor even over the weekend to suit my work schedule, much appreciated your support. Best of Luck 🍀
Brandon HeaveyBrandon Heavey
17:05 23 Jan 24
Just did my driving test today after doing some sessions with Jay and I’m happy to say it was a pass.Jay was really helpful when it came to what I struggled with when driving and was able to help me improve.I highly recommend these if you are thinking of doing any lessons or pre tests ⭐️
15:23 23 Jan 24
They have the best instructors. Mr. Stuart and Mr. Damien taught me really well.. They were really patient with me. 10/10 would recommend to any one.
Igoe AnnaIgoe Anna
21:21 22 Jan 24
Chris and the National Driving School are brilliant and helped me to pass my test. Would 100% recommend for pretests and lessons. Thanks Chris!
anita osamedeanita osamede
21:16 22 Jan 24
Hi failed my first test. Did a pre test with lukasz Wnek for an hour before my test today and I passed it. Thanks lukasz
Evan PhelanEvan Phelan
12:50 22 Jan 24
I recently passed my driving test thanks to Paul Fleming at National Driving School. I learnt a lot with him being able to explain everything as simply as possible. If a question ever arose I was able to receive an answer in great and understandable detail.With Paul’s guidance I am now able to drive. I would highly Recommend Paul Fleming at NDS.
Excellent and affordable service with instructor Vamshi
Rachel CoughlanRachel Coughlan
10:46 20 Jan 24
I did my EDT lessons with Mick and he really helped to make me a confident driver. I would highly recommend him for your EDT lessons. He was so patient throughout which taught me how to become a patient and controlled driver throughout our lessons also.
David JoyceDavid Joyce
13:11 19 Jan 24
Just finished my last driving lesson and what I have learned from my driving instructor Jay Hickey has gave me the confidence to pass my full test. The knowledge that Jay has provided me has been extensive and in depth on the rules of the road, knowledge of how to react when driving on public roads and overcome when nervous behind the wheel. I would highly recommend NDS and Jay Hickey when starting your driving lessons!
Laeticia FokchakLaeticia Fokchak
14:49 17 Jan 24
Passed first time in finglas ! Massive thanks to my instructor Kevin , super supportive patient and knowledgeable. Great instructor, no complaints 🙏🏼
achutha narahariachutha narahari
14:31 16 Jan 24
I passed my driving test with guidance of Aurelius from National driving school. He was very friendly and explained everything very clearly. I am happy to recommend Aurelius for anyone who is looking for driving classes.
Joel KudiaJoel Kudia
12:51 16 Jan 24
Just passed my test today with the help of Seweryn. He was a very good teacher . 😁
Qin MayQin May
22:15 15 Jan 24
I passed my test at Tallaght test centre in first attempt. I did few pre test with Kevin, he was very helpful and informative. Highly recommend to do some pre test with him before your test!
Tara FarrellTara Farrell
19:33 15 Jan 24
So grateful for Darren's exceptional guidance in helping me pass my driving test today. His expertise and supportive approach made me so feel comfortable and confident right from the start. His unwavering support and confidence in my abilities made all the difference. Highly recommend his excellent teaching skills to anyone seeking success on their driving journey! Thank you Darren so much, for being an outstanding driving instructor!
fatia ndizeyefatia ndizeye
16:08 15 Jan 24
A massive thanks to you for helping me… you’re a great instructor and I will surely recommend my husband to you.#clodagh
samanta sileikaitesamanta sileikaite
11:44 15 Jan 24
Fernanda MartinsFernanda Martins
08:24 15 Jan 24
I took my pre-test class with Krzysztof (Chris) right before the test and finally passed! Chris had a good experience. Your clear way of pointing out my mistakes and positive feedback boosted my confidence. He was very assertive. I was well prepared for my driving test. I recommend.
Nadia AbdullahNadia Abdullah
20:02 13 Jan 24
I passed my driving test at Tallaght. Great thanks to Clodagh's help and expertise. She explained everything in details, helped me to correct the bad habbits, and showed me all the test routes at Tallaght. I was very comfortable and confident during the test, as i had practiced to drive on all those roads.The NDS videos were also very helpful.Thank you so much Clodagh and NDS.Keep up the great work.
14:59 13 Jan 24
I cleared my test last week and it was the first time.Clodagh helped me do much and I'm forever greaful to her and all at national Driving School.Thank You
Rakesh SutharRakesh Suthar
09:44 13 Jan 24
Overall my experience with NDS has been positive, I needed lessons for reduced EDT and the instructor Damien was able to bring me in the Dunlaoighre routes .. Lovely guy and friendly
My husband and I just finished our EDT lessons (on the waiting list for the practical test) with National Driving School and our driving instructor is Mr.Aureliusz. He is very patient, calm and brilliant. He explained things in the simplest and coherent way to make sure that you will be a confident and safe driver in the future. We'll definitely recommend him to our friends. Kudos to your team.
Shane EllisShane Ellis
22:31 12 Jan 24
The NDS is of valuable resource for anyone whos looking to drive. Clodagh was my instructor, I had struggled for months with pre tests and lessons and in 3 sessions I was able to accomplish more then thought possible. The patience, understanding and knowledge of information held by these instructors is next to none of their professionalism and ensuring you go into the test with confidence and understanding of what to expect. The instruction was greatly appreciated and I would recommend them to anyone.
Cecília FerreiraCecília Ferreira
17:33 12 Jan 24
Huge shoutout to Steve and National Driving School! His dedication and experience were instrumental in helping me pass my driving test. From day one, Steve's calm and patient approach made the learning process enjoyable. He tailored lessons to my needs, providing constructive feedback that helped me all the way until I passed my test. Thanks a million, Steve!
elise mcevoyelise mcevoy
14:26 12 Jan 24
I got a very last-minute cancellation driving test, and desperately needed a pre-test lesson beforehand to clear up a few things. I reached out and Jay Hickey from the national driving school was able to meet me on the morning of my test, corrected any mistakes I was making and helped with all my questions and concerns. I ended up passing the test first time, and couldn’t have done it without his help! Thank you Jay and National driving school!
Dave LeeDave Lee
20:59 11 Jan 24
I did my pre tests with Krzysztof (Chris), I couldn't recommend him highly enough.I had many bad habits and really struggled with the left reverse. Chris explained everything to me and knew all the test routes perfectly. I wouldn't have passed my test without his help.
claudine nigenaclaudine nigena
15:57 11 Jan 24
Passed for the first time, I couldn't be happier with the service I received. My instructor Kevin was amazing. Kevin was helpful as well as he answered all of the questions I had. I would highly recommend National Driving school.
jim bobjim bob
13:33 11 Jan 24
My son Daniel passed his test on the first attempt thanks to Steve Mcgrane from National Driving School. We would highly recommend him to anyone considering attempting their Driving Test. Lessons were excellent and also passed on other valuable information to get Daniel over the line. Can't thank him enough for his valuable help. You can see how much it ment to Daniel in the photo.
Grace CorriganGrace Corrigan
11:51 11 Jan 24
Passed my test after doing pre-test lessons with Seweryn, he was very encouraging and helped to improve my confidence and pass my test! Thanks
Danielle GonçalvesDanielle Gonçalves
11:00 11 Jan 24
I can't be grateful enough! We did 1 hour class pre test and thankfully for Aurelius advices I passed! Thank you Aurelius for your positivity!!!!!
Dhanya NairDhanya Nair
21:40 10 Jan 24
Recently passed my driving test after I did my driving lessons with Chris Kennedy. I had procured my driving theory test and completed EDT with another instructor few years ago, however was very nervous to take the road test.I had got Chris as my instructor last August and I would highly recommend him and he is the best teacher I've ever worked with. He is very professional, very detail oriented and put me at ease from the very first moment behind the wheels. This had boosted my confidence and courage to take the dreaded test! He has excellent knowledge about cars, gives clear & constructive feedback and knows the test routes very well.I had practiced with dedication last 3 months the tips and tricks that he gave me and could clear the test with ease yesterday. I would definitely recommend Chris to my family and friends!Special thanks to Jackie to accommodate all my schedule request from NDS school and to provide with Chris as my instructor!
I was able to pass on my driving test because of the lessons and the pre test I did with Chris, very happy with all the instructions and tips that helped me a lot. I strong recomend this school, very reliable.
Rilwan KadiriRilwan Kadiri
15:05 10 Jan 24
Just had my driving test today @ Mulhudart and my instructor Kevin from national driving school, was best have worked with, from my pre-test to the official test, advises and motivation … I can say I passed with flying Colors so I would recommend him to upcoming driving learning or going to do their full license test.Thanks Kev 🍾🥳
Ferhat TurkmenogluFerhat Turkmenoglu
12:45 10 Jan 24
I passed my test with zero marks thanks to great instruction from Steve McGrane. His friendly approach, to the point feedback, and effective tips before my test made a huge difference. I’d recommend working with Steve for everyone in order to have a great learning experience and a fast pass!
archit goelarchit goel
22:10 09 Jan 24
As someone who passed his driving test today, I can confidently say that National Driving Learning School sets the gold standard for driving schools. There is a deep sense of professionalism, expertise, and genuine commitment to ensuring each student's success. The instructor, Dave at National Driving Learning School is nothing short of exceptional. Patient, knowledgeable, and highly skilled, he created an environment conducive to learning and instilled confidence in me. The personalized attention I received for my practical sessions was instrumental in building my understanding of road safety and mastering the art of driving.Kudos to National Learning Driving School and a special thanks to Dave for helping me in clearing the driving test.Cheers!!
Louise DevlinLouise Devlin
21:45 09 Jan 24
Thank you to Mark for bringing my son out for a 2 hour pre test in Wicklow. He passed first time and has only been driving a few months! My son found the pre test excellent
Lauren CumminsLauren Cummins
18:28 09 Jan 24
I done 2 pretests with Kevin and he made me so confident with my driving and told me what was needed in order for me to pass my test. I done my test today and passed it first time.
21:41 08 Jan 24
I got Steve’s number from a friend’s recommendation. He is a really nice person, friendly, a great professional and very focused.I got 6 lessons as I applied for reduced EDT and with Steve’s help I passed my driving test the first time.I will recommend him to all my friends.Thank you very much.
Declan DoyleDeclan Doyle
21:22 08 Jan 24
I passed my driving test at the first attempt thanks to the wonderful Clodagh and Pat. The lessons were much better than a previous driving school I used and the pre=test lesson covered all aspects of the test and was a huge confidence booster. I can't recommend these guys highly enough.
16:57 08 Jan 24
I did two pre tests with Chris Kennedy and I had a fantastic experience. He was very patient and thorough with his instructions and helped me gain a lot of confidence before my test. Chris is a top notch instructor and I highly recommend him for lessons or pre test lessons if you want to pass your driving test!
S WalkerS Walker
16:02 08 Jan 24
I had a few lessons with Clodagh before my test and passed on the first try thanks to the advice I got during these lessons
Idris OmotayoIdris Omotayo
15:59 08 Jan 24
I PASSED!!! Without Kevin's motivations, I would've given up but he was really supportive and he taught me how to correct my mistakes. He spent a lot of time increasing my knowledge of the road too. Thanks again Kevin, you are easily my best tutor. Expect a lot of recommendations 😉.
Vineeth V KurupVineeth V Kurup
14:14 06 Jan 24
Johns ManayathJohns Manayath
14:04 06 Jan 24
I Highly recommend Chris, NDS for the practice lessons and pretests. I did my EDT lessons with Chris and waiting for almost a year to get my test appointment and I’m lucky enough to pass the first time with very few faults. Chris was very familiar with the test routes and he made through all the routes to get me familiar with. His instructions were simple and clear always and very patient enough with me.Again thanks a lot NDS Team
Kudos to my wonderful instructor Kamila who helped me to pass my driving test the very first time in Tallaght. Earlier I finished my EDT with different instructor. But had few pre driving lessons with Kamila, I should say she is extremely knowledgeable, calm, patient and provided me with lot of suggestions that helped me to be a better driver. Her classes were spot on in correcting my mistakes through which I learned a lot and gained more confidence to appear for the test.Also I took one class with Kevin right before the test and his way of teaching and tips helped me a lot. I just used all their inputs which helped me to clear the test the very first time.Thanks Kamila and Kevin, you guys are just awesome!! Highly recommend!!
isaac mcgreevyisaac mcgreevy
17:43 05 Jan 24
Had Aidan Power, in Waterford. Completed my EDT with him and three other pre tests and passed my test first time!!Couldn’t recommend a nicer driving instructor. Top class all round
Ally BakerAlly Baker
12:57 05 Jan 24
I passed my driving test this week on my first try, all thanks to the wonderful Chris Kennedy. Chris an excellent teacher and puts you at ease straight away. He is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive throughout. I couldn't recommend him and National Driving School enough. Including Jackie who manages all the scheduling, she was so helpful and accommodating and makes everything very easy!
Vijay SharmaVijay Sharma
11:46 05 Jan 24
Currently going through the reduced EDT in Automatic.I like the car, instructor is punctual and covering the test routes.Great service so far .
Ankit Kumar HuddaAnkit Kumar Hudda
11:42 05 Jan 24
Can't thank Kevin at National Driving School enough.Brilliant instructor, funny, reassuring and thorough..5 stars .
shravan hanagodimathshravan hanagodimath
20:26 04 Jan 24
Kudos to my amazing and extremely helpful trainer Krzysztof ( Chris ) who made me ace the test at maple house in first attempt. His lessons and tips to tackle tricky situations truly helped me get over the line! Highly recommend him any day ✌️💯. Thanks a Million Chris 🙂
Nika NadNika Nad
14:08 04 Jan 24
I previously completed my 12 lessons with a different instructor. When I finally got the date for my test I decided to contact Alan in order to prepare for my test and brush up on my driving in order to make sure I'm 100% ready to sit the test. Alan was brilliant when answering any of my questions and was very patient with me when correcting bad habits. He made me feel very confident and talked me through every segment of the test as well as took me to the actual test centre beforehand to explain how it's gonna go down. I cannot recommend him enough!!
Megan DalyMegan Daly
12:01 04 Jan 24
As a first time driver with no experience and who was very nervous, Steve McGrane was fantastic. He was kind and patient and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
Sabahuddin AleemSabahuddin Aleem
19:54 03 Jan 24
Had a wonderful experience with Seweryn as my instructor. I had tried a few different instructors before but Seweryn is the one who got me over the line. Very calm and understanding and has great knowledge of the driving test and routes. Could not recommend him enough!
Moiz AfghanMoiz Afghan
19:49 03 Jan 24
I just passed my test today. Thanks to all who support me. SpeciallyDamien King, Who helped me a lot. Really appreciate your support.Thanks a Million.
17:53 03 Jan 24
I had a pretest lesson with Clodagh, and she was extremely helpful with pointing out things to know and what I needed to work on for the actual test. Wouldn't have passed without her!
Eimear MaughanEimear Maughan
14:46 03 Jan 24
Andy was an amazing teacher, if he can teach me to drive he can teach anybody very friendly and patient defo recommend 👌
Aoife BradshawAoife Bradshaw
11:17 03 Jan 24
Passed first time thanks to Chris
Daniel MurrayDaniel Murray
23:38 02 Jan 24
Did 12 lessons and a pre-test with Keith, could not of asked for a better instructor. Passing first time wouldn’t of been possible without his aid. I strongly recommend Keith because of his friendly approach to teaching.
Nahuel LofeudoNahuel Lofeudo
22:49 29 Dec 23
I recently moved from a right-hand traffic country to Ireland, and thanks to Mike I passed my test on the first go. He is very professional and an excellent instructor. Absolutely recommended!
shivam gargshivam garg
16:57 29 Dec 23
I took pre-test with Clodagh before my actual test at RSA Tallaght, I passed my test with only 1 observation of 1 pointer, She has been really helpful during the pre-tests, thorough professional like an actual tester but with the goodness of an awesome mentor on guiding and correcting the mistakes with genuine & logical reasons, I highly recommend Clodagh, thanks a mill.
V. M.V. M.
15:30 29 Dec 23
I passed my driving test first time thanks to my instructor Clodagh!After not having driven for 7 months waiting for the driving test, I took a couple of additional lessons with her.She was really patient, explained everything and share a lot of tips and trick on how to avoid mistakes.My driving definitely improved after 2 additional lessons with her.On the day of the test,she gave me the confidence I need to pass the test.Very friendly lady and great sense of humour. If you are looking for a driving instructor, I would definitely recommend Clodagh from Tallaght!
Vasile DirzuVasile Dirzu
12:31 28 Dec 23
I had the pleasure of having Seweryn as my instructor at the Tallaght Driving Center, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the experience. Seweryn went above and beyond to ensure that I not only gained the necessary knowledge but also built the confidence needed to pass my driving exam on the first attempt.Seweryn's teaching style is exceptional. He patiently guided me through every aspect of driving, from the basics to the more complex maneuvers, always taking the time to address any questions or concerns I had. His extensive knowledge of driving rules and regulations was evident, and he made the learning process both enjoyable and educational.What sets Seweryn apart is his dedication to his students. He tailored the lessons to my individual needs, providing constructive feedback and encouragement at every step. His positive and calm demeanor created a comfortable learning environment, making me feel at ease behind the wheel.Thanks to Seweryn's expert guidance, I not only passed my driving exam on the first try but also developed a strong foundation for safe and confident driving. I highly recommend Seweryn to anyone seeking a skilled and supportive driving instructor. Keep up the fantastic work, and thanks again for helping me achieve this milestone!
18:10 27 Dec 23
Passed my test today at Mulhuddart centre. Very challenging route but thanks to an in-depth Pretest with Krzys (Chris), I was able to sit the test feeling confident. Brilliant driving instructor.
I met my instructor David for the first time on the 23rd of August with very little experience & passed on the 27th of December 1st time!I would definitely recommend the National Driving School!
Sean KennedySean Kennedy
04:08 27 Dec 23
Vladislavs TiščenkoVladislavs Tiščenko
20:10 24 Dec 23
Took lessons with Jun Yang to learn driving for the first time and successfully pass the test. Scrupulous, pleasant and competent. This is the instructor to book lessons with if you want to pass.
Aman BishnoiAman Bishnoi
05:27 24 Dec 23
Had the test few weeks ago with Mick in the Automatic in Tallaght.Breezed through and Mick was full of information and their videos and Tictoc brilliant.. Highly recommend
Mock Theory TestMock Theory Test
15:18 22 Dec 23
Richard WarburtonRichard Warburton
13:33 22 Dec 23
Mick a great instructor very patient good knowledge always on time would recommend him and national driving school to my friends
Sophia ColeSophia Cole
04:13 22 Dec 23
nadia enachenadia enache
20:47 21 Dec 23
Amazing 6 months gone since I change my career as a driving instructor at Ladybird Driving SchoolHuge thanks to Kevin Horgan at National Driving School who changed my life.Getting the information how to become a driver instructor, passing the stage 1 on my own, I put my details down online to Ladybird Driving School for more information. Kevin contact me back explaining all the procces that I need to go through in getting my ADI licence. Was very helpful, patient and reliable as he was helping me with the next stages during the weekend as I was working durring the week. He is the one that offer me lots of confidence to give up my 2 jobs that I was doing for the last 6 years-office administration durring the week and taxi driver at night time.This new career offer me a better quality of life, less working hours, being my own boss and lots of happiness.Once again , huge thanks to Kevin and i am very happy to meet a gentleman like him.😊
Salwa zahidSalwa zahid
20:12 21 Dec 23
Had the best lessons with Aurelius. Better than apprehended. Was always scared of driving manual cars till i got to learn from Aurelius, he is super calm, patient, and fun as a teacher. 100% recommend
leah timonleah timon
15:37 21 Dec 23
Really recommend Kevin from national driving school he was an amazing teacher and helped me to pass the test within two weeks. Thank you for all your help
Shameless McFlyShameless McFly
12:10 20 Dec 23
Just passed my driving test. Kevin was my instructor and I couldn't say nicer things about him. Very patient, very fair, an all round jive person. Always felt comfortable and I good hands with him. Delighted. Fully recommended!
Betul CetinBetul Cetin
10:36 20 Dec 23
If you want to pass your test, I highly recommend Kevin! I passed my test yesterday morning in Raheny! Massive thank to Kevin!
Andrea ZambraAndrea Zambra
13:06 19 Dec 23
I had previously failed my driving test. But after 1 pretest with Clodagh i passed! with only 4 Grade 2 marks. She was amazing and extremely helpful. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks again!!
Danielle BattDanielle Batt
13:03 19 Dec 23
Passed my test this morning and passed first time! Had a lesson with Chris a week before my test, learnt more than I did with my instructor before hand. Felt very confident going into the test because of Chris. Made me feel very comfortable as a driver and highly doubt I wouldn’t have passed if I didn’t go to him before hand!
Mustapha OttunMustapha Ottun
12:18 19 Dec 23
The best instructors in Ireland. Best Christmas gift ever. Most especially thanks to Damien for his amazing instructions, I did a pre test with him a day before my test, which gave me enough confidence going into the test.
Waqar AhmedWaqar Ahmed
11:53 19 Dec 23
Highly Recommend, Instructor kavin is very helpful.Thanks
Sophia MurraySophia Murray
17:20 18 Dec 23
First time pass thanks to Chris. Very knowledgeable and gave me the confidence I needed to sit my test. Would highly recommend NDS to anyone looking for driving lessons 10/10 service, thanks guys! 😊
Graham DuffyGraham Duffy
13:08 18 Dec 23
Fantastic school with some of the best instructors around. I did lessons with Julia and Darren and they were both excellent, patient, knowledgeable and professional at all times. I did a pretest with Kevin and it got rid of last minute nerves and gave me the final pointers to get across the finish line. Strongly recommended NDS for anyone learning.
Emma HEmma H
10:29 17 Dec 23
If you want to pass your test, this is where you need to get lessons! I had completed over 12 lessons with two different driving schools and was losing hope of ever driving. I reached out to NDS and was lucky enough to get Joseph as my instructor, he is so calm, informative and reassuring which made a huge difference as I am quite an anxious driver! He made sure I understood everything - because of him I passed my test first time which I never thought would happen! Thank you Joseph 😇
Richard WhelanRichard Whelan
18:30 16 Dec 23
Passed my driving test last week on the first attempt. Big thanks to Seweryn who gave me my EDT lessons. Seweryn was very professional throughout, I found his feed back very helpful and his ability spot and correct my many mistakes was excellent. I did a pretest with Seweryn a week before the test which was the difference between a pass and a fail as so much time between my last EDT lesson and my test. Again thanks for all your help Seweryn.
Rae WnukRae Wnuk
16:34 16 Dec 23
Big thank you to Clodagh! A wonderful and patient instructor. Her knowledge, resources, and bubbly personality are amazing! She took the stress and hassle out of the lessons and gave me the skills and ability to pass my driving test on the first try. A wonderful instructor for both first time drivers and experienced drivers from foreign countries. I can’t recommend her and the National Driving School more!
Rebecca WallaceRebecca Wallace
12:23 16 Dec 23
Very helpful before taking my test, I passed the next day!
Eoin KennedyEoin Kennedy
21:41 15 Dec 23
Had a fantastic experience with Chris. Had two pretests with him after a 7 month wait for a test since my final lesson. Lead me to passing first time and with only one grade 2. Couldn’t recommend more!!
17:07 15 Dec 23
Couldn’t recommend National Driving School and Chris highly enough! I was very nervous never having even attempted to drive a car, but Chris was a brilliant instructor and helped me not only pass my tests on the first go with nearly a clean sheet but also feel safe driving!
Angelina GevorgyanAngelina Gevorgyan
14:18 15 Dec 23
Just did my edt automatic car with mick great instructor very patient great knowledge highly recommend NDS and mick
Alberto SolorzanoAlberto Solorzano
13:37 15 Dec 23
Instructor DamienGreat instructor, i passed with few minor mistakes, really patient, good condition car and always kind and respectful!! 5 stars!!
Asha KawalAsha Kawal
12:52 15 Dec 23
A huge thank you for my best instructor Kevin 👍💪for giving me the knowledge , skills and confidence to successfully pass my first driving test👏🥳. I am extremely grateful for your patience and support, but most of all for your easy to remember techniques that will see me drive safely well into the future.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED...thanks again
Thandeka MahlanguThandeka Mahlangu
17:57 14 Dec 23
I did my edt in automatic car with mick great knowledge very patient very good instructor would highly recommend anyone to do there lesson with NDS and mick
aoibheann mcgrathaoibheann mcgrath
01:02 14 Dec 23
Fabulous driving instructor! Thought me loads. Would definitely recommend to anyone, super friendly guy 🙂 hope you enjoy your lessons 💋
Abdallah OsamaAbdallah Osama
18:39 13 Dec 23
Massive Thank you to Stephen for all the support! I had pre-test lessons with Stephen around Tallaght, he was really helpful guiding me through my previous test results and highlighted to me what do I need to work on for my test and the result was brilliant!!!I’d recommend Stephen for anyone who wants to get through their driving test with flying colours!!
Pierce WoodcockPierce Woodcock
15:49 13 Dec 23
Aidan- Great instructor passed in Waterford, very helpful and was great with everything
Aditya PrakashAditya Prakash
13:08 13 Dec 23
Clare CullenClare Cullen
08:49 13 Dec 23
I passed my test last week in Tallaght after my 12 lessons and pre-tests with Damien and Stuart. Both of them were really great and put me at ease, while building up my confidence and skills. I actually enjoyed the process! I’ve already recommended them to friends looking for a new instructor! Thanks again!
Passed my test today in Tallaght! Many thanks to my instructor Steve McGrane. He was very helpful and made sure I was well prepared to take the test!!
Hana RbHana Rb
00:02 12 Dec 23
Passed my test in tallaght today! Thanks to stephen he gave me a pretest and it was brilliant!
Ashlen NaikoAshlen Naiko
17:04 11 Dec 23
Instructor Kevin Veeren is the best! Very professional, on-point instructions and maintained a calm demeanor.I failed twice with 2 other instructors as they never touched base on some important points (And in the test, they trick you to fail tbh and we need to counter them. It’s on the news if u didn’t know abt the passing rates…).But Kevin covered every little things and removed all confusions with constructive feedback. No room for errors!I defo recommend him! Thank you! 🙌
15:54 11 Dec 23
Did pre- test lessons with Steve and passed with only 1 grade 2 mark. Brought me on all possible tallaght routes and made me very familiar with them. Couldn’t recommend him enough. Wouldn’t have passed without him!
Muhammed SaheemMuhammed Saheem
13:35 10 Dec 23
Thanks to National Driving School and Instructor Seweryn, I passed my driving test on the first attempt. Seweryn's expert guidance and personalized lessons made the process efficient and enjoyable. I highly recommend National Driving School for their professionalism and commitment to student success. Grateful for the positive experience!
19:30 08 Dec 23
Passed my test today in Tallaght! Thanks to Michael Slattery for all the help without him I would'nt have the road experience I would have today!
Albina MyrhorodskaAlbina Myrhorodska
11:04 08 Dec 23
Two days ago I passed a driving test in Tallaght at first attempt. I had 3 pre-tests and a mock test with Elaine who is a star. She spots your every move without making a big deal out of it so you won't be intimidated while having lessons. She isn't my original instructor, but I'm glad I had to have pre-tests with her. Elaine is highly professional and will make sure you get ready of almost all your bad habits after the first hour. She will both get along with you and keep it professional so you won't forget that you're in the process of learning without making you nervous. She'll make sure to correct as much bad behavior as possible so when you are doing your practical test, even if you're nervous, you'll get as few marks as you could.
Islam EmaraIslam Emara
22:41 07 Dec 23
Passed my test today in Navan.Special thanks to my instructor Paul Fleming.He is so calm,patient,informative,corrected my bad habits and helped me to gain confidence on the road.
Eoin FitzEoin Fitz
21:28 07 Dec 23
Had both Emmet and Ross as my instructors, both were very helpful and made sure I was well prepared to pass on my first attempt.
Bosola Ojewale (Fay'd)Bosola Ojewale (Fay'd)
15:12 07 Dec 23
Lukas: great ADI, very experienced and trustworthy. Really helped me relax before my test.
Karl SalingerKarl Salinger
14:25 07 Dec 23
I had Thiago for lessons and Chris for a pretest, best instructors around. Highly, highly recommend.
Maja KitaMaja Kita
14:07 07 Dec 23
Today I’ve passed my first ever driving exam in TALLAGHT with my amazing instructor Łukasz! He is the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever met. He showed me that even a person with driving anxiety can pass the exam and feel confident behind the wheel. He is very patient and very helpful, answering even the most basic questions I had. Couldn’t recommend him enough! Thank you Łukasz!
Leah CoxLeah Cox
18:09 06 Dec 23
I did a few lessons with Elaine and she was so helpful. I got my test date with short notice and Elaine made time for me to do a few lessons before it. If I hadn’t had her help I wouldn’t have passed first time. She was very patient and explained everything so I had no questions going into the test. She is a great instructor and I’m delighted to have passed my test. 10 stars 🤩
christy mensechristy mense
16:29 06 Dec 23
I Passed my driving test today on my first attempt, all credit goes to my instructor Seweryn From National Driving School. He helped throughout this process, he helped me with my theory test, how to apply my Reduced EDT (as i have my international license with me), My pretest lessons, Even Seweryn choses two routes today for my pre test session and told me one of this route will be selected as your final driving test and guess what? the first one was my driving test route. for all the Irish and non Irish residents(mainly) I would recommend him as we can clearly understand the basic rules and he will force you to repeatedly do the maneuver's to make you perfect for the final test.
Mechell FayMechell Fay
21:53 05 Dec 23