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EDT Driving Lessons Dublin

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    What is EDT Driving Lessons?

    It is a very crucial training if you want to become a professional driver because those who want to ace the driving test. You must learn and complete the 12 EDT lessons to obtain a driving license.

    The favorable aspect of this is that you can apply for your driving test online before you start your 12 driving lessons but your driving test will not be scheduled before you take all the EDT lessons. This allows you the advantage to make sure you complete the course before appearing for your final driving test. The EDT sessions need to be completed with an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) 

    An edge you can get with NDS is that you don’t need to worry about getting the right trainer when you’re not sure of their RSA approval because we have the record of all our instructors and all of them are certified and approved by RSA. You can get one assigned to you on request.

    Also, you need to have an EDT logbook with each candidate before starting the sessions.

    EDT Driving Lessons Dublin

    Still not sure if you need 12 EDT Driving lessons? This is why you do:

    The EDT teaches fundamental driving skills to learners.
    The 12 EDT lessons are part of RSA’s Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) which aims at road safety.
    To be able to maintain road discipline and have respect towards other road users.
    To avoid the common mistakes that motorists make while using the road.

    Who needs to complete the 12 lessons?

    An individual who has attained the age of 16 years or above the age of 16 years.
    Any individual who has issued a learner permit on or after 4th April 2011.
    Any individual who wishes to acquire a driver’s license.
    Young inexperienced drivers who have not undergone actual driving lessons from a well-established driving school that has been approved by the Road Safety Authority (RSA).
    All motorists that are using the roads to ensure that road safety rules are observed.

    When it comes to the cost, the prices of the 12 EDT lessons vary depending on the number of hours that you want to take for the courses and also the nature of the driving course as shown in our Detailed Pricing Page Here

    The 12 EDT lessons

    The 12 EDT lessons are discussed below in accordance with the Road Safety Authority (RSA) syllabus.

    Why must you get a Road Safety Authority (RSA) logbook for your 12 EDT driving lesson?

    Your logbook is highly essential since it’s needed whenever you’re going for each lesson, as it’s required to come with you on each RSA 12 EDT driving lesson. The notebook contains all the comments from the ADI (assigned instructor) who have guided you through the previous lessons and the progress that you have made as an individual.

    The RSA 12 EDT driving logbook is issued to the learner by the Approved Driving Instructor during the start of the first EDT lesson.

    After the completion of the 12 EDT lessons, the ADI stamps the relevant section of the book to show completion and he/she records information in the logbook indicating if you met the objectives of each lesson and how competent you are.

    The ADI can only sign and comment on lessons that he/she has instructed. Under any circumstances that you opt to change an ADI, he/she cannot sign on lessons that you previously took under the aid of another ADI.

    This ensures that all ADI’s take responsibility for the lessons they teach and that they can be held accountable in case of any incident.

    In an incident where your RSA logbook gets lost, you should report to the Gardai, before obtaining a duplicate logbook from your ADI. The waiting period of obtaining the duplicate logbook can be long, thus one is required to ensure his/her logbook is safely kept as it also plays a major role when you are acquiring your driver’s license.

    Why should you Enroll for your EDT with National Driving School Dublin?

    We will provide you the best RSA approved instructor
    We offer the best 12 EDT training lessons and instructions in the most effective way
    We provide you easy booking services
    NDS gives the prerequisite training before starting EDT lessons whenever required
    We always consider your advice and specifications to meet your goal
    It's a priority for us to help you complete your online application for the learner permit
    We also provide online practices to help you pass the theory test
    We guide you whenever you need us
    We develop your driving skills to be so sharp it will work lifelong
    We help you to complete the EDT lessons before the expiry of 6 months of learning permit
    We ensure 100% that you pass the driving test 1st time
    Benefits of National Driving School Dublin

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

    Our Driving students in attempt to gain more clarity has frequently asked the following questions;


    What is EDT?


    EDT is a short abbreviation for Essential Driver Training which is now a mandatory training course for every Driving Student. The EDT teaches basic driving skills to learner car drivers and its importance cannot be overemphasized lately.


    Is the EDT lesson for every Driving Learner in Ireland?


    Yes, it is mandatory for everyone who has a learner’s permit.


    Does the National Driving School Provide ADI for students?


    Yes, our certified and RSA approved Driving Instructors are always available for you to choose one as your ADI


    Am I eligible for EDT?


    If you are 16 years and above and have been given a learner’s permit after enrolling for driving lessons in Dublin you are Eligible. Most especially if you wish to acquire a Driving Licence.


    Do I need all 12 EDT lessons?


    Even though the 12 EDT lessons are required by law to be completed for every Driver who was issued a Driving Learner Permit on or before April 2011, you need the 12 lessons to check your improvement as a Driver.


    Does my EDT lesson permit expire?


    No, once you’ve completed your EDT lessons there is no rule for anyone to repeat it.