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The Grading Process

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    Grading System for Driving Test

    A driving test candidate must be able to sufficiently prove that they have the requisite knowledge, skills and appropriate disposition to use the public motorway safely and responsibly. In demonstrating the above skills, the applicant must conduct himself in the best possible way while ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations. The RSA determines these standards by conducting the Driver Theory Test and grading it accordingly to reflect the expertise of the candidate.

    To grade the applicant’s test, driving testers will use guidance from their supervisor, together with their professional training experience to assist them in deciding, first, what importance to attach to an applicant’s fault and after that, whether or not it should be recorded under any of the following standard headings:

    Grade 1 fault: – Minor fault
    Grade 2 fault: – More serious fault
    Grade 3 fault: – Dangerous or potentially dangerous fault

    Sometimes, a tester will only consider a candidate’s fault to be of such nature that doesn’t warrant a record.

    A candidate will be deemed to have the test when he incurs any of the following:

    One or more Grade 3 faults
    Four of the same Grade 2 faults for a single aspect
    6 or more Grade 2 faults under the same heading
    9 or more Grade 2 faults overall

    In any case, a fault in the Grade 1 does not bear any effect.

    Rules or Checks

    Not answering 3 questions or 3 incorrectly answered questions might result in a grade 2 fault.

    ‘Checks’ faults are applied in relations to the Seatbelt, Doors, Mirrors, Seat or Head restraint adjustments and might affect your final records.

    Other faults

    Here is a list of other factors that will result in faults for any in appropriation or ignorance during the test.

    Position on the straight/on bends
    Position at cross-junctions
    Position in traffic lanes
    Position at roundabouts
    Position turning right or left at junction
    Position stopping
    Position following
    Observation faults

    At National Driving School Dublin we will make sure that you are trained in all aspects and fine-tune your skills so that you don’t forget every single detail and give your best during the test.

    Local Driving Lessons

    If you are at the beginning of your learning to drive journey we have a team of driving instructors in some of the most popular locations in Dublin to kick start your driving.