How do I move off in a car?

Moving off

Goals: You should be easily able of getting the vehicle out from the parked position into moving traffic. You must be able to observe things around you smartly and apply the mirror-signal-manouvre routine. You should be trained enough to move the vehicle with confidence and position yourself safely on the road.


Clutch down completely to get the vehicle into first gear and if required in 2nd gear while going downwards the hill on a slope.

Use the gas, Press the accelerator about as thick as a €1 coin, so that the engine starts accelerating to around 1500rpm. If there is a rev counter available, utilize it for help. The gas pedal should be pressed enough so that it comes above 1 to 1 and ½ on the rev counter for most vehicles.

Now clutch up slowly to bring to the biting point, it is the point where you experience a nudge or a slight pull being at the front end of your car bonnet.

Now, keep your left foot unmoved and let the right foot be placed on the gas.

You are now set for the car to move away and the car is ready to move, but you need to release the handbrake now.

Observe and move

Once you have signalled right and check over your right shoulder and found it to be safe to proceed, you can release the handbrake.

After releasing the handbrake, increase the gas slowly while slowly letting the clutch up. You should synchronize these two pedals at the same time.

Once the car starts moving forward, you should pull your steering wheel a bit to get away from the kerb. Consult your driving instructor while driving for a center point which helps you place your vehicle at a proper distance from the kerb. Also, look into both wing mirrors and check the gap on either side of your car and it should be equal.

Do not forget to cancel the signal, if it is ON it can mislead other users on the road.


Stalling: It is the problem with clutch control. Are you driving a diesel car or a petrol car? If you are driving a petrol car, you need sufficient gas to hear the vehicle revving before you find the biting point. In case you try to search the biting point instead of setting the gas first, there are chances of the engine stops running and you stall.

So, set the gas first, though, in a diesel car, it is much easier and placable to move off if you forget to set the gas.

As soon as the car starts moving, students tend to free the clutch up fully and much faster. It can be a reason why your engine stalls and conks out.

Try this: As the car starts moving, release the clutch in a 5 second count off. You can count up to 5 in your mind to do this. While you get the clutch up slowly, do not miss out on increasing the gas slowly. Make sure you keep better coordination between the two pedals.

Best tips

On test, your examiner can ask you to stop on the left. When you move out again away from the side of the road, make sure you connect with the traffic seamlessly and quickly and ensure that you do not slow down the vehicles behind you. If you make other vehicles slow down, your marks will be deducted during the test. In many cases, it can be a serious and risky fault.

To move out faster make use of 1st and 2nd gear for longer duration than you would. Opting for a driving lesson in National Driving School will need this in most areas. You may have to overlook the green gear shift symbol asking up a gear to save fuel.

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