Starting with Parents

Starting the journey to get your driver’s license on Irelands roads is an achievement for many people. When it comes to learning to drive , professional driving lessons are important but another crucial aspect that is overlooked by individuals is the guidance and support from parents and sponsors

Undoubtedly, parent-guided driving practice proves to be a convenient and flexible option to match your schedule as not many instructors will help you to learn to drive on weekends or during evening hours.

In this blog, let us explore how parental involvement on driving lessons for passing your driving test in Ireland is helpful.Certainly, you will be more comfortable while learning to drive with your parent or a person whom you feel is the right person to help you to learn to drive.

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1. Parents’ Contribution to Driver Education

Certainly, parents bring personal experience in abundance to the table and this promotes formal driving lessons smoothly. While RSA certified driving instructor in Ireland ensure that driving test preparation includes all practical and theoretical elements of driving, parents can help their children to get insights into different on-road challenges that come through their personal experience. So, this additional knowledge for learner drivers in Ireland can help them get ready to drive in diverse conditions on the road.

Parents can offer the needed emotional support to their children all through the tedious process of learning to drive.

  • Parents give the perfect foundation in the process of learning how to drive. When you sit at the wheel for the first time, your parents help you feel comfortable, introduce you to different scenarios, and road etiquette, and navigate smoothly through Irish traffic.
  • Parents can help their children learn a proactive approach through defensive techniques to safe driving which allows them to learn the importance of unusual situations they may face on the road.
  • Parents help you learn and follow traffic rules while driving, obey speed limits and their law-abiding behavio will inculcate the art of safe and careful driving in practice sessions.
  • Parent involvement in helping children learn driving is crucial as they help their children learn how to be calm and patient and take care of the safety of others on the road while driving on busy roads.
  • While learning how to drive with a parent you learn how to avoid distractions like talking on the phone, texting, or other activities that distract you from safe driving.
  • Parents should have clear communication with their children about driving scenarios and should answer all the questions that their children may come up with.

2. Practice for Perfection

  • As a parent make sure your child is comfortable to ask questions in areas where they are less confident.
  • Discuss weak areas like navigating roundabouts, parallel parking, or dealing with complex intersections, etc. Try to understand their doubts and encourage them to engage in additional practice to learn to deal with these challenges.
  • Children tend to make mistakes and it is part of the process. Ensure that you offer them a comfort zone where they can ask questions freely.
  • As a parent select a spacious area to practice better during the learning sessions.
  • Parents can introduce their children to different driving conditions where they need to be extra careful like highways, rural roads, and urban areas.
  • One of the essential driving skills that the children need to practice and master is night driving. Parents can help them learn to drive during night hours and help them to get used to low-light conditions to avoid possible hazards.
  • Driving in adverse weather conditions is another aspect of driving that children can learn from their parents. They can learn to drive in fog, rain, and other weather conditions. It helps the children navigate through different weather conditions.
  • Parents can allow their children to familiarize themselves with different routes in the city so that they can learn different traffic patterns, road layouts, signage, etc on various routes.
  • It is always better to help the learner practice driving with different vehicles to adapt to multiple driving dynamics. It will help them drive safely while coming across different vehicles on the road.

3. Understanding the test

  • Mock-up Conditions of Driving Test

To get ready for the driving test, replicate the test conditions while the children are undergoing practice sessions. Select practice driving routes in Ireland that are similar to the routes assigned for driving tests, stick to test time duration, and follow the test guidelines. It will help the children get used to similar conditions as the driving test much before the actual test.

  • Encourage Individual Decision Making

As a parent make sure you should start with guidance and slowly change it to individual decision-making for children. It will help your daughter or son to make informed decisions in different situations. It will result in safe and self-assured driving.

There are two test components involved in the Irish driving test

  1. Practical Driving Test
  2. Theory Test

A practical exam is about testing the driving ability of the learner in different traffic conditions. The parents and children focus on the following Ireland driving test criteria included in a practical exam

  • Vehicle control
  • Road positioning
  • Awareness & Observation
  • Use of Controls
  • Signaling

Theory Test

The learners are also expected to clear their theory test along with the practical test. The theory exam tests their knowledge of

  • Road rules
  • Road signs
  • General driving rules

Here, parents can assist their children by communicating about theoretical elements where learners can get some related study materials.

Attaining a license in Ireland after clearing your driving test is an achievement. It is important to understand the requirements and criteria of the test for the learner. Here, parental involvement in driving lessons is crucial. Parents can help their children get familiar with the criteria and requirements for the test and get ready for the test with confidence.

4. Safety First

  • When children observe their parents using seatbelts while driving they adapt the practice and fortify it as a crucial aspect of road safety for learner drivers while driving.
  • Certain aspects are overlooked by professional instructors and parents focus on aspects like respecting cyclists and pedestrians while driving.
  • Regular maintenance of vehicles is essential and parents imbibe this habit by leading by example. Children observe their parents sending their vehicles for routine checks for brake inspections, oil changes, tire pressure, etc.,

The above safety measures that children learn from their parents stay with them lifelong and help them engage in safe driving.


Essential driving skills and attitudes while learning. On the other hand, parents can also contribute to helping their children clear the driving test with confidence. The positive mindset, emotional support, and additional help from parents along with guidance from RSA driving instructor in Ireland can make the entire journey seamless and stress-free. The process is similar to how parents send their children to school for learning (academics, school curriculum), but they also help them with studies at home to do better.

So, learning with an instructor and then with a parent can be the perfect way to gain confidence and clear the driving test in Ireland.

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