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    Failed Your Driving Test?

    What are you going to do now?
    Why did you Fail?
    Did you prepare your way?
    Did you prepare as we advised you?
    Are you baffled by the Testers feedback?
    What are your options now?

    Daily we get many calls from pupils who have just failed their driving test in one of the Dublin Test Centres.Of course they mainly blame everything else bar themselves.From the Tester being horrible to not seeing an amber light,waiting for the green arrow at the filter lights or driving too fast in the housing estates. When we ask did they take any pretest lessons they generally say “Yes i did an hour before because i’m driving 10 years” or “I was meant to but just couldn’t get the time off work” The excuse list is endless.Then you have the pupils who do bother to take the time but end up getting an instructor who has no idea what he is doing and gives incorrect information adding to the problems of that pupil.

    Failed your driving test

    Driving Test structured layout.

    You see the driving test has a structured layout that when you know what it is then its simple to pass.This cannot be achieved watching online videos or a 1 hour lesson the day of the test.

    The tester has got a certain amount of time allocated for your driving test.Therefore they need to get you out onto the road and onto a predesignated route or location and assess your competency and profiles how you drive based on what you show them. They assess your ability to react to the situations as they arise.They need to see your observational ability is going to be enough and keep you safe,They need to be confident that your position is at all times correct on the straight and when turning left and right.

    Do you obey road markings and traffic controls,do you use your mirrors sufficiently and before sugnalling.How do you overtake safely,how is your roundabout work and on and on.

    It’s your jib to show the tester that you know exactly how to drive by showing them that you are at the standard to drive alone based on what type of driving you present on the day.If you have prepared sufficiently with National driving school then passing is straight forward,If you have had poor instruction or no lessons at all then you are just wasting your time and money even presenting in the first place,

    Contact us on notification

    The way to properly prepare for your driving test is as soon as you get notification of the driving test which will be 4 to 5 weeks you should contact your instructor advising them that you have received the date.Book an assessment lesson so we can establish your overall driving level and advise what way to proceed with lessons.

    What our system gives you is a planned and structured approach to remembering what’s needed now and why,In other words when you are asked to move off on the hill start what is the drill that’s needed? Its Gear,Mirrors,Signal,right shoulder check,Biting point,Mirrors and drive..Not Right shoulder check first then all of the others.That part of the test is not about good or bad driving that’s just about remembering what sequence is needed.

    Junction prioritisation is where you get the 4 parts of the junction correct. M.S.P.O Mirror,Signal,Position and Observation.Getting this right is crucial to getting 0 marks at a junction.

    Roundabouts we give you the best gear and speed to approach the roundabout so the tester see your are totally in control.

    We will give you a demonstration drive on how to the tester will speak to you,how the tester would expect you to reverse around the corner.Basically we guide you through until you are perfect and ready to pass…That folks is not 1 hour .It could be 2 to 5 hours depending.One thing for sure if you prepare using our pass packages as can be seen from our facebook page then you will not fail.

    Failed in a different driving school?

    We receive multiple messages from people who have failed elsewhere. Unfortunately for them they didn’t do their research and got a below par service and paid the price.However one lessons with us and they see why we have the reputation we have,they go on and inevitably pass with National.Don’t waste your hard earned money.Spend it wisely and place your trust in us to get you passed that test first time.


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