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How to Plan For The Driving Test

How to plan for the driving test - Tips you need for the complete guide to be followed to help you pass the driving test.

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National Driving School has provided the complete guide to be followed for the driving test. You can note the following steps to observe while preparing your driving lessons.

Ensure the things below before giving your driving test –

  • Have the learner’s permit
  • Cleared all the 12 EDT lessons
  • Prepared yourself through the pretests
  • Your car is ready with all the necessary documents of insurance and tax
  • Applying for driving test before 6 months (wherever applicable)

Other than the given specifications above, there is a set of other information that should be taken care.

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Why do you need to apply before 6 months?

Generally, the time period of the learner’s permit is 6 months, after that the permit gets expired, however this is not applicable in all cases.

What are the 12 EDT lessons?

These are the essential lessons to be completed by a person holding the learner’s permit to appear for the driving test. This is the perquisite condition for the person to complete all the 12 EDT lessons.

These lessons have to be completed in the presence of an RSA certified ADI instructor and an experienced sponsor who will help you to clear all the lessons. As you keep learning the lessons, these are marked on your logbook showing that you have completed a particular lesson.

After all the lessons are marked, you can appear for your test.

When will the test dates be allotted?

You will be informed about the test date 5 weeks prior to the test.

Also, if you want to mention some dates or a time period when you will be unavailable, you can mention that in your application and you will be allotted the test on that particular day.

Reschedule Driving Test

Cancellation and Reschedule of test

If a person can appear on the test day of the notice and want to postpone it then the person can cancel the test and apply for another date.

But if you cancel the test more than twice and give RSA the 10 day notice to reschedule the test, then your test application might get cancelled and you will have to reapply for the test and even pay for the amount of the application.

Driving Test for Automatic Vehicles

The form of application for both the manual and automatic cars is the same. You just need to fill the form and wait for the test date while preparing for the test in your automatic car.

On the day of driving test, you just need to go with your automatic car and give the test, after clearing the test, you will be given the license to drive automatic cars only whereas if you pass the driving test for the manual cars, the license holds for both manual and automatic cars.

Vehicle for Driving Test

Vehicle for Driving Test

For the driving test, the person giving the test has to take the vehicle along. RSA does not give vehicles for your test.

The things to check before taking a vehicle is that the documentation is complete and the tax details are updated along with the active insurance.

If your car is found to lack any of the given standards then your driving test will be cancelled.

National Driving School provides the car booking services to you for both driving lessons and driving tests. We have highly maintained cars up to the RSA standards for use.

Weather Disruptions

There might be a change in schedule for the tests on particular days due to weather disruptions. So, you should keep checking the notifications and see timely updates.

Importance of Pretests

After clearing all the 12 EDT lessons, it’s time to practice the skills that you have learnt. It is the revision session where you practice your strengths to fine-tune them and evaluate your weaknesses to make them better.

Pretests give you the experience of the real driving test course in which you will be made to practice through difficult routes and turns so that the nervousness disappears and your confidence level increases so that you don’t panic while facing a new challenge.

You will be prepared both practically and mentally to stay calm and give your best during the test.

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