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    The best school for taking driving lessons in Tallaght

    While driving is an everyday day task that we often approach casually, it has got immense significance in terms of safety and well-being of everyone using the roads. Becoming a driver is rather easy, but becoming a socially responsible driver needs the right amount of effort and the correct guidance. So when you are out to pick the right school for driving lessons in Tallaght, you need to choose one that offers a high-quality, consistent and transparent service along with the right amount of accountability.

    When you walk into the National Driving School in Tallaght, and interact with us, you will realise the difference between us and any other driving school in terms of the service, focus and competence. These differentiating factors make us one of the most popular driving schools in Ireland and it is through our dedicated effort through the years that a majority of our students pass the driving test at the first time and in 17 fewer hours than the national average.

    Driving lessons tallaght

    The driving lessons we offer in Tallaght

    We offer a variety of driving lessons in Tallaght and no matter the type of driving knowledge you are seeking, we are ready to provide the right kind of lessons. We are confident that you will enjoy every moment with our dedicated trainers but in case you don’t, we will refund you in full after the first lesson. You can simply give us a call to discuss the details or book a driving lesson through our website and we will get back to you.

    General driving lessons in Tallaght

    The idea of appearing for a driving test can be intimidating but we have the best instructors in our school for whom driving is a passion. All our instructors are RSA certified and are check tested once every two years as per the regulations to ensure that their skills remain at the best levels.  They offer the best training sessions that allow you to develop your skills and build the right level of confidence within you. We have both male and female instructors in our school and offer our trainings in both manual and automatic vehicles. So no matter what your preferences are, we are here to offer the very best at all levels.

    EDT driving lessons in Tallaght

    Essential Driver Training (EDT) is mandatory for learner drivers and we ensure that you acquire the necessary critical driving knowledge along with the technical and behavioural skills from our certified instructors. The total course of EDT involves 12 one-hour long sessions and they cover the essential and practical driving skills needed for learners. You can take the trainings from Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) or a sponsor or both.

    After each lesson is completed as per the Road Safety Authority (RSA) syllabus, the ADI records your progress in a special EDT logbook. The ADI will use the logbook to record the details of your training and progress, as well as your performance in each session. As per RSA instructions, the entire EDT course needs to be spread over six months so that each student can get adequate practice and develop their skills. While the lessons are practical oriented, our instructors will make sure that the theories and reasoning behind each step is made clear to you.

    So anytime you are ready to start your EDT sessions, come over to the National Driving School in Tallaght for the best learning experience.

    Pre-test lessons in Tallaght

    The driving test is a test at the multiple levels of practical skills, technical knowledge and mental prowess. The testers will look for weakness in your capabilities in all these aspects and if you are not confident about any one aspect then it will affect your overall performance. So it is suggested that you spend some weeks with a qualified trainer before your test to hone your skills from every aspect so that you gain the right level of confidence. The experienced eyes of our trainers will pick your weaknesses and they will help you to turn them into your strengths. The high quality of our pre-test lessons is one reason that our students have a very high pass rate.

    Car hire for driving test in Tallaght

    You need to bring your own vehicle for the driving test and the vehicle should be insured. In addition, the RSA norms also require that the vehicle must display a current valid original insurance disc, current valid motor tax disc and NCT disc. To make things simple and effortless for you, we offer a wide range of well-maintained vehicles that have all the necessary certifications to meet the RSA requirements and also offer top class performance and reliability.

    Both the manual and automatic vehicles that we provide will clear the national car test and has a pre-paid insurance to take care of any unforeseen eventualities. The driving test can be given in either an automatic or a manually driven vehicle. While handling an automatic vehicle is easier, if you appear for your test in an automatic vehicle the driving licence will only allow you to drive a vehicle with automatic transmission. Whereas, if you use a manual vehicle for your test, you will be able to drive both types of vehicles. No matter which mode you choose for your test, you can pick from our range of quality vehicles at a very reasonable price.

    Mock Test arrangements in Tallaght

    We design mock tests for you in Tallaght that recreates the exact scenario of an actual driving test so that you can familiarise yourself with the setting. We know what the testers are looking for in a driver and ensure that you develop the right level of confidence in order to handle the actual test with ease. From observational skills to the technical aspects of handling the clutch and gear and further to the road safety aspects, we ensure that you have all the necessary knowledge to clear the test at the first chance. We also take you through the same routes that the actual driving test may follow to further boost your confidence. We can proudly say that 95% of the students who appear for the mock test clear the real one.

    Why Choose NDS in Tallaght for Driving Lessons?

    The National Driving School is not just about teaching the art of driving to the students but about delivering confidence, ability and expertise to them by using the right methods. The passion we have for driving expands into our vision of making the roads safer and ensuring that every student of our school turns out to be a socially responsible driver. In our school we ensure that we meet with all the standards set by the Road Safety Authority (RSA) and share their commitment about keeping our streets free from accidents and mishaps.

    Here are a few factors that makes us the best choice for driving lessons in Tallaght

    All our instructors are RSA approved and when training with them you can rest assured that you are in some of the most experienced and capable hands. While working with them you will not have a dull moment as all our lessons are delivered with the right dose of fun and a touch of good humour. If you have the idea that driving instructors are serious and gloomy individuals, our instructors will make you change your idea.
    All our course offer an affordable option for driving students and provide the right amount of value. While we offer some of the best prices in Tallaght that you will find, our track record puts us miles ahead of any other driving school which offers cheap rates just for the sake of gaining business.
    Our trainers can deliver the lessons to match your learning pace and explain a topic in simple terms to make you understand the technical aspects with the right level of clarity. They will allow you to develop at your own pace and ensure that your skills peak at the right moment.
    Last but not the least we understand the importance of time and remain punctual in every aspects of the training. All our trainers are also local residents and you can expect them to be on time, always.
    Why choose nds in tallaght

    How knowledge is delivered in the NDS Tallaghat

    We follow a flexible approach in delivering knowledge depending on your existing skill levels. On the first day, you will be given a learner’s pack and the instructor will learn about your existing driving skills from a casual discussion. We choose the right locations for each training session so that you can concentrate on the subject without facing distractions. Every lesson will start with a discussion on the objectives and end with the answering of the queries and confusions that you may have. Our goal is to make sure that you learn and grow at a comfortable pace to become a socially responsible driver in the end.

    Our success story

    Our trainers balance the technical knowledge with practical suggestions that will help you to steer away from your weaknesses while driving. In addition, we ensure that the lessons are delivered at the right pace that matches with your progress. Every lesson can be customized to suit your needs and our trainers are gifted with a patient and understanding approach. We are also updated with the latest tools and technology that makes our teaching process even more effective. The three decades of experience in the industry enables us to provide the right edge to our students and that is the reason that first time pass-rate from our driving school is much higher than the national average.

    What makes us the number one driving institute in Tallaght

    Our claim of being the best driving school in Tallaght is not an empty boast but rather a statement based on verifiable facts. With 28 years of past experience backing us to perfect our knowledge delivery methods we have the right set of techniques delivered by an enthusiastic, engaged and highly motivated team. We have set standards of excellence in our system of knowledge delivery and the success rate of your students speaks for our capability. Honesty and transparency are the foundations on which our reputation stands and we make sure that the highest levels of safety are maintained all through.

    Driving institute in Tallaght

    Facts about Essential Driver Training (EDT) in Tallaght

    The EDT training session is designed to enhance your knowledge and skill and prepare you for the driving test. It focuses on improving the particular aspects of driving that contribute most to collision and injuries. At the end of each of these lessons, there should be certain specific outcomes, which the instructors will be able to assess. The methods of learning converts a learner into a competent and responsible driver and we ensure that through our mode of training.

    Among the 12 EDT lessons, lessons 1 to 8 are to be taken serially and the remaining four can be taken in any order.

    Lesson 1 – Car control and safety checks: This lesson teaches about the primary and secondary controls of the vehicle along with the basic driving manoeuvres.

    Lesson 2 – Correct Positioning: This lesson allows you to position a car correctly on the road, involving actions like cornering, changing lanes, entering and exiting junctions and roundabouts etc.

    Lesson 3 – Changing Direction: This lesson involves the learning of key observational and scanning techniques along with the MSMM (Mirror, Signal, Mirror and Manoeuvre) routine.  

    Lesson 4 – Progression Management: This lesson is about having control over the speed of your vehicle in lower risk driving situations.

    Lesson 5 – Correct Positioning: Lesson five allows the learner to perform challenging positioning techniques along with actions like reversing, cornering, roundabouts, parking etc.

    Lesson 6 – Anticipation and Reaction: This lesson involves the scanning of the environment for potential risks and take appropriate actions as needed.

    Lesson 7 – Sharing the road: Here you learn to deal with various hazards in complex driving scenarios such as junctions and crowded streets.

    Lesson 8 – Driving safely through traffic: Lesson eight deals with driving safely while taking due notice of the other vehicles on the street and co-operating with other road users.

    Lesson 9 – Changing Direction: In this lesson the learner deals with scanning and negotiating while driving in complex traffic conditions.

    Lesson 10 – Speed Management: This lesson deals with speed management in fast-moving traffic or where speeds are highly variable.

    Lesson 11 – Driving Calmly: This session deals with remaining in control of the vehicle while under mental stress and also about the safe loading of vehicles.

    Lesson 12 – Night Driving: This lesson should take place after dark as it deals with night driving skills and driving in poor light conditions.

    Our trainers ensure that each lesson is delivered in the best possible manner to achieve the desired results.

    Passionate About You Passing Your Driving Test

    When you are passionate about driving and eager to pass the test, you should take your training seriously. The right training at the initial stage can make the difference between a competent and a poor driver. In our school we encourage passion as we are passionate about driving ourselves. We are dedicated to provide your passion with the right level of support through our training.

    Obtaining a learner permit

    A learner permit is issued to drivers who are learning to drive and is the first step towards becoming a driver. You need to be a resident of Ireland to apply for the permit and you will have to submit documentation to prove your identity, your address and your PPSN. Finally you will have to appear for a verification of your identity in a face to face application process in an NDLS centre. In addition, you will have to provide the driver’s theory test pass certificate and the application fee of €35.00.

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