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    Introduction National Driving School In Drogheda

    Driving in a well-structured society is taken with the highest order of seriousness. Drogheda is not an exception in this light. While there are quite a number of driving schools within Drogheda who claim to be on top of their game, it is crucial that you look out for some essential things whenever you want to choose your driving lesson instructor.

    1.    Does your instructor know about the area?

    2.    How experienced is your instructor?

    3.    Is the instructor understanding, patient and polite?

    4.    Does the instructor take his time to clarify things?

    5.    What preferences do you have for an instructor?

    National driving school in drogheda

    Driving lessons Services we offer in Drogheda

    Best Driving Lessons Drogheda

    At the national driving school in Drogheda, you can be sure to get the best driving test cars, guaranteeing that you won’t have to contend with malfunctioning car during your driving test session. This is because the vehicles are consistently serviced regularily.

    EDT Driving Lessons Drogheda

    The national driving school in Drogheda presents students with a relaxed and respectful approach to basic and advanced driving drills. The flexible nature of their driving drills is a major factor that contributes to their outstanding reputation.

    Pre-test Lessons Drogheda

    In the course of a driving pre-test, it is very important to know what you are being tested on. The tester has a list of qualities on which your test is going to be based as an assessment scheme has been prepared based on this.

    It is what you show the tester from your driving that informs him if you are good enough to stay behind the wheels on your own or the other way round. To this end, it is important that you know what the tester’s assessment is based on.  This is a part of what you get at the national driving school in Drogheda. You would have full access to details of what the testers marking scheme would look like.

    Car Hire For Driving Test Drogheda

    We have recognized over the years that the quality of the cars used in the training process has a direct bearing on the performance of students during the testing process. The good condition of cars used for testing passes a positive vibe to the tester. Also, it gives the student a boost of confidence in the course of the test. This will surely contribute to the success of our students.

    Automatic Driving Lessons Drogheda

    We are well aware of the fact that we live in an ever-evolving world. Hence, the need to keep up with new trends in our field. For example, people now seek to purchase cars with automatic gear.

    Therefore, there has been a noticeable increase in demand for an automatic driving lesson, and we pay much more attention to this aspect of our driving lesson.

    Mock Test Drogheda

    Before taking the actual driving test, students need not be good with basic driving drills alone, but they also need a tangible measure of confidence to show the tester that they have got what it takes to go behind the wheels without supervision.

    To do this, a prototype of the actual driving test is given to the students. This gives them to make all their mistakes and work on them to perfection before they set out for the big stage where it counts.

    What all does National Driving School offer for Learner Drivers

    Professional and proficient expert instruction
    Pre-test specialist instructor.
    Dual-control car
    Same registered driver for every lesson
    Professional calming advice, designed to encourage good driving practice. Advice that emphasizes safety and addresses habits that lead to driving test fails.
    Lessons tailored for all levels, from absolute beginners to more experienced drivers about to sit their driving test
    A high driving test pass rate
    Car hires for driving test
    Registered with the RSA and the IAM
    Extremely competitive rates on individual driving lessons and on block bookings
    National driving school offer for learner drivers

    Why would you choose us as your driving school?

    We understand that there are different reasons why people apply to drive schools.  So; we strive hard to ensure that all essential training needs of potential drivers are met. Whatever reason you decided to go to a driving school, you can be certain to find answers in our services.

    Highest Driving Test Pass Rate in Drogheda

    The great level of success of past trainees is a testimonial to the quality of the driving drills offered here. You can’t afford to settle for less.

    Specially Devised Pre Tests That Work

    Pre-tests are designed to help trainees pass the main test with ease. The pre-tests to be taken by trainees are carefully crafted to mimic the main test as much as possible, thereby instilling trainees with a high level of confidence.

    Highest driving test pass rate

    EDT Automatic Driving Lessons Drogheda

    Essential driver training lessons are mandatory lessons drivers must take to improve their driving. To make this effective. A driver is assigned to an individual for an hour session. It is vital that the training matches the same level from the beginning.

    What do the lessons cover?

    Lesson 1: Car control and safety checks
    Lesson 2: Correct Positioning
    Lesson 3: Changing Direction
    Lesson 4: Progression Management
    Lesson 5: Correct Positioning (Continued)
    Lesson 6: Anticipation and Reaction
    Lesson 7: Sharing the road
    Lesson 8: Driving safely through traffic
    Lesson 9: Changing Direction (more complex situations)
    Lesson 10: Speed Management
    Lesson 11: Driving Calmly
    Lesson 12: Night Driving

    Pre-Test Automatic Driving Lessons Drogheda

    It is not uncommon to have drivers who have been behind the wheels for years but have never taken a driving test. While they may seem good for everyday driving, the little things that matter, such as the proper use of mirrors, gears, and other components can be checked and corrected to improve driving.

    Automatic Driving Test Car Hire Drogheda

    There are a high number of automatic vehicles in the streets of Drogheda. No thanks to the ever-increasing demand for automatic cars. This is obviously due to the ease of usage it offers. A good number of people prefer automatic driving lessons in Drogheda.

    How to obtain a learner permit

    You can acquire a learner permit after passing a driver theory test.

    No1 for driving lessons

    No.1 for Driving Lessons in Drogheda

    All Our Instructors Are RSA Approved

    You can be certain to be in the hands of instructors that have been approved by the road safety authority when you train to drive with us. Trainers are checked after every two years to ensure that they still meet up with the current standard to be attained by instructors.

    We Can Provide Both Automatic And Manual Driving Lessons

    While there is a steady rise in the use of automatic automobiles, there is still a vast amount of manual users on the road. We recognize this fact, and as a result, we take both types of users seriously. Hence we offer both automatic and manual driving lessons.

    We Have Both Male And Female ADI Approved Driving Instructors

    Some are gender specific in choosing their driving instructors for personal reasons that vary from person to person. Hence we leave trainees with a choice of what the gender of their instructor would be.

    We Have Been Teaching In Drogheda Over The Last 12 Years

    You would definitely agree that 12 years is a long time. In fact, it is long enough to know what all that is required to pass a driving test. This has helped in giving us a steady growth over the years.

    Our Success Rate Is One Of The Highest In Drogheda

    Like they always say, numbers don’t lie. Our success rate over the years has been acclaimed to be steady both by internal and external observers in Drogheda. This has given a boost of confidence to subsequent students and has pushed this trend further in a positive direction.

    FAQ: Our Services

    About drogheda

    About Drogheda

    Drogheda Info

    Drogheda is a great base to explore an area which has the highest concentration of internationally important archaeology sites in Ireland. The Neolithic complex at Brú na Bóinne, the seat of the high kings at Tara, and the important Christian sites of Kells and Monasterboice are all just a short distance away. That doesn’t mean that Drogheda itself doesn’t have a lot to offer. The town’s buildings, museum, and gallery are great. Almost more importantly than these, however, are its atmospheric old pubs and great dining choices.

    A brief history of Drogheda

    Located at the mouth of the River Boyne, Drogheda’s name derives from the Irish ‘Droichead Átha’, meaning the bridge of the ford. The Anglo-Normans founded Drogheda originally as two separate towns on either side of the river in the late 12th century. Drogheda in Meath was founded by Hugh De Lacy. On the northern bank, Drogheda in Louth was established by Bertram De Verdon. Although they immediately bordered one another, the two towns were in different church dioceses, had separate corporations, taxes, tariffs, and landing charges. This last difference, in particular, was to lead to intense rivalry and even bloodshed as each town sought to undercut the other in order to gain a greater share of maritime trade.


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