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Automatic Driving Lessons

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    Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin

    Automatic cars are the way to drive conveniently without any gears and clutches using steering and two peddles only. It is easy to learn and implement without much difficulty.

    Need Automatic Driving Lessons in Dublin?

    National Driving School has successfully been training pupils in our Automatic vehicles for many years now. It has always been our school policy to provide the highest standards of informative driving instructions to our students. Automatic driving is a little different; however, we take you through the EDT programme and pretest packages with ease.
    There is no doubt that we are rewarded as the leading training centre with the obvious choice when it comes to automatic driving lessons in Dublin. Our school is committed to producing better, safer and law-abiding drivers proficient in their respective skills. We emphasise the importance of driving and road safety to make our roads safer for everyone.

    Automatic Gears VS Manual Gears

    There can be several reasons to shift from a manual car to the automatic one. But we want to clear the aspects and differences that you will observe in both the types to choose when to shift to the automated cars after comparing both.

    Starting a car, steering it on turns and stopping it is very easy, making it comfortable for everyone to drive. Along with this, the break has to be applied every time you want to slow down and stop the car as there is no clutch. It only has two paddles, one for the accelerator and another to apply the brake. So, you can drive on one foot only. In manual cars, a clutch is necessary to operate the vehicle and to control its speed.
    We offer the best 12 EDT training lessons and instructions in the most effective way.
    If you want to keep your hands on the steering wheel only all the time, then automatic cars are the obvious choice because it is not possible in manual cars due to the frequent use of clutches.
    If you don’t have much experience on trips like in hilly areas or the bumpy ones, then automatic cars will help you navigate the site.
    In the traffic areas, starting the car, continuously accelerating and decelerating and stopping is a hectic process in manual cars, but automatic cars make it smooth.
    Also, it is convenient for old and disabled people to drive independently and without any sponsor all the time.

    Feeling nervous and want to switch to automatic cars?

    If you think you want to get those benefits mentioned above, we have the best instructors for the learners. You can enrol for the driving lessons for automatic driving and get the 12 EDT automatic driving lessons after getting the learning permit.
    Point to note here that the driving license for the automatic car drivers comes with some restrictions as the driving license and test for the manual and automatic drivers are different. If you want to drive manual cars, you need to give a separate trial.

    EDT Automatic driving lessons Dublin

    We deliver the complete EDT Programmes 1-12 in our Automatic driving lessons. We can act as your sponsor if you didn’t have one, so there is no need to worry about that. After completing 12 Lessons, we will assist you in progressing forward to apply for your full driving test after going through the pretest, which will prepare you thoroughly and polish your skills.

    Pretest Automatic driving lessons Dublin

    A pretest is an essential part of the journey of passing the driving test and clearing it in the first attempt because it helps you to work on your weak points and practise the driving course with tricky turns.

    If you have a driving test coming up near any of the RSA driving Test Centres, then we can assist you in preparing up to the level that you require to pass the very first test. Our experience and unmatched pass rates are what you need to have beside you as you go forward to pass your test.

    You can also hire our car, so you don’t have to worry about engine management lights or invalid NCT discs or bald tyres or any other reason that would hinder the test. Our modern cars are safe for manoeuvres, easy to handle and spotlessly clean.

    Pretest automatic driving lessons dublin


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