National Driving School have successfully been training our pupils in our Automatic vehicles for over 25 years now and it has always been our school policy to provide the highest standard of informative driving instructions to our students. Automatic is a little different however and we take you through the EDT programme and pretest packages with ease.

There is no doubt when it comes to automatic driving lessons we are regarded as the leaders and the automatic choice. Our school is committed to molding better and safer, law abiding drivers. We place a huge emphasis on the importance of driver and road safety in order to make our roads safer for everyone..

Nervous and want to switch to an Automatic car?

We get nervous drivers contacting us every day who decide to make the transition from manual to Automatic. Its a step they wished they had taken years before as the freedom they now find as a result of driving an Automatic car is one they had never felt before. That calmness behind the wheel. When you take the clutch out of the equation then driving becomes painless and fearless. as there is only a brake and an accelerator in the Automatic.

We would like to bring you into our Automatic world to experience what hundreds before you have experienced, your full licence in an Automatic car.

EDT Automatic driving lessons Dublin

We deliver the full EDT Programmes 1-12 in our Automatic car. We can act as your sponsor aswell if you didnt have a sponsor so no need to worry about that. After the 12 Lessons are completed we will assist you in progressing forward to apply for your full driving test

Pretest Automatic driving lessons Dublin

If you have a driving test coming up in any of the RSA driving Test Centres we can assist you in preparing to the level you need to pass first time. Our experience and unmatched passrate is what you need to have beside you as you go forward to passing your test.

We can provide our car for you so you dont have to worry about engine management lights,or invalid NCT discs or bald tyres or any reason that the tester would not conduct the test. Our modern cars are easy to manouvre,easy to handle and spotless clean

Take the step today. Take our 1 hour assessment Automatic lesson and see for yourself how easy it really is.

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