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    Driving lessons Navan

    Introduction National Driving School In Navan

    Driving lessons Navan

    So here’s your dilemma, there are so many schools to pick from in Navan who all claim they are the best and gold trophies and ireland’s best and all that nonsense. So what should you be looking for when picking an instructor that suits what you need.?

    Driving is a practice that you will form a lifelong association with. So it is important that you acquire the right skillsets and get your fundamentals strong so that you can turn out as a proficient and socially responsible driver. For that reason picking the right driving school that will offer the best training through the most experienced instructors is very important. If you are confused about choosing the perfect driving school for getting the right driving lessons in Navan then all your dilemmas will end once you engage with the National Driving School.

    While not all driving schools are equal in terms of the service that they provide, our dedication through the years have allowed us to stay at the top of the list in every form of driver training.

    Driving lessons Navan

    The driving lessons we offer in Navan

    The NDS offers a whole range of driving services in Navan and you are welcome to call us up to ensure a smooth enrolment into the training that you need.

    Driving lessons in Navan

    If appearing for the driving test is making you nervous, we will make sure that you gain the right level of confidence and skill to pass the test in a single attempt. All our instructors are RSA approved and are check tested once every two years to maintain their skill levels to the maximum. We have both male and female instructors in our institute and no matter the type of instructor you choose, you will find their skills always at the best levels. We also offer training for both manual and automatic vehicles as per your requirement.

    EDT driving lessons in Navan

    The 12 Essential Driver Training (EDT) lessons allow a driver to know about the rules and regulations of road safety. A training on EDT is a must before you want to get hold of your driver’s licence. The training can be taken under an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) or a sponsor or both. The National Driving School can provide the best instructors who will impart the 12 trainings in 12 one-hour long sessions.

    EDT training is essential to understand the basics of road safety, maintain discipline on the road and to avoid the common mistakes that a driver can make. The 12 topics are as per the Road Safety Authority (RSA) syllabus and the learner needs to carry a RSA 12 EDT driving logbook. The ADI stamps the relevant section of the book to mark the completion of the lessons and your performance as a learner.

    In NDS, we provide you with the best EDT lessons that utilise the time in the best possible manner and ensure that you will easily pass your driving test.

    Pre-test lessons in Navan

    During a driving test, a tester will look for the weak points in your technical skills and hence we recommend that you practice with our experienced instructors for 2 to 3 weeks before your test, to perfect your skills. Matching your driving skills with the technical aspects of a vehicle            e as well as the safety factors need guidance that we are here to provide. There may be a few habits that have crept in your driving style which we will point out and help in eliminating. We will also ensure that you get to work upon your weaker sections and excel in the areas that you are already confident about.

    Car hire for driving test in Navan

    The RSA has a strict layer of guidelines for the cars that are used for licence tests and riding a vehicle that performs in a safe and predictable manner is very necessary during a driving test. To make things simple and affordable for you, we provide a whole range of test vehicles for hire that meet all the necessary standards and provides an optimised performance.

    We offer a hassle-free experience that provides you with a car that will always clear the national car test and has a pre-paid insurance to take care of any unwanted scenarios. We provide manual and automatic cars though we suggest the learners to use automatic vehicles as they are easier to drive. In addition, you can pick from a whole range of cars and will also find our price as extremely competitive.

    Automatic Driving Lessons Navan

    Driving an automatic vehicle is a stress-free experience as you do not have to take into account the complications due to a clutch. We are here to fully support you in your progression from manual to automatic and provide the best-in-class modern vehicles along with experienced and friendly instructors. So if you want your licence in a fully automatic car, you will have our full support and a whole range of superior quality of automatic vehicles.

    Mock Test Navan

    The mock tests that we arrange are the exact simulation of an actual driving test that you will face. This will provide you with the experience needed to handle the driving test in a more confident manner by knowing what the examiner is looking for in terms of knowledge and practical skills. We create the exact environment of the test and also help you to get familiarised with the same routes. We ensure that you take the right steps in front of the tester, be it the gear changing skills or the observation skills at a junction. We have a specially designed mock test that allows the learners to work on their weaknesses and 95% of the students who appear for the mock test clear the real one.

    Why Choose NDS for Driving Lessons

    The National Driving School is one of the highest rated schools in Ireland because of the thousands of learners that have passed the driving test with the help of our guidance. We provide the right range of knowledge through the top-rated trainers and vehicles that meet all the necessary standards of the RSA. With three decades of experience behind us, we are committed to keep our streets free from accidents and mishaps.

    We have a unique way of imparting knowledge and train each individual in a customized manner to suit his or her needs. Along with that we have the latest updates in terms of tools and technology that help us to keep our teaching process focussed and effective. We know what the driving tests look for in a learner and that is why our students have a first time pass-rate that is much higher than the national average.

    Driving Test

    Here are some reasons that make us the top choice for taking driving lessons in Navan.

    While we know the importance of road safety, no training can be effectively enjoyed without the right touch of fun. So all the technical aspects and the necessary practice sessions will be balanced by the right touch of humour. Our driving instructors are some of the friendliest that you will find in Navan.
    We do not believe in delivering the lessons at a fast pace which is difficult for the pupil to pick up. Once we have assessed your skill levels, every lesson will be delivered in the manner that will allow you to develop at your own pace.
    Our trainers are gifted with knowledge as well as patience, allowing them to discuss complex topics in a simple manner. They are also local residents, which makes sure that they remain punctual during every aspect of the training.

    The method of learning

    Every learner comes with different skill levels and we have specially designed methods to help each one of them. You will be given a learner’s pack on the very first day and we will have a brief discussion to learn about your level of experience in driving. Each lesson will start with a discussion about the basic objectives and we will choose a calm location, free from distractions, which will allow you to concentrate on the subject in the best possible manner. Our target is to help you reach a particular level of skill that allows you to be a responsible and capable driver.

    The advantages of eco-driving in the present day scenario

    What makes us the number one driving institute in Navan

    When we say that we are the best driving school in Navan, we are not boasting but just stating the fact. With 28 years of experience boosting our knowledge delivery techniques, we have an established method of training that streamlines the best aspects of driving training. Our training provide results that can be easily judged by the success rate of our students. We are honest and transparent in our objectives and our reputation was built on our capability and passion to provide the best driving education to a student.

    Facts about Essential Driver Training (EDT) in Navan

    EDT is one of the several measures taken by the RSA to help improve critical driving knowledge, skills and behaviours of the new drivers. To appear in the driving test, any learner has to complete all the EDT lessons. While we offer the best courses for EDT, let us take a brief look at the EDT syllabus in order to get a clear idea about the 12 sessions of the course.

    Lesson 1 – Car control and safety checks: This lesson allows the learner to check the necessary controls of the vehicle, perform the pre-start safety checks and establish the roadworthiness of the vehicle.
    Lesson 2 – Correct Positioning: This lesson allows you to position a car correctly on the road, which involves manoeuvres like cornering, changing lanes, entering and exiting junctions and others.
    Lesson 3 – Changing Direction: This lesson involves the learning of key observational techniques in low-risk driving situations which involves scanning techniques, safety glances and the use of mirrors.
    Lesson 4 – Progression Management: This lesson is to make sure that a learner can regulate and maintain good control over the speed of the vehicle in lower risk driving situations with emphasis on speed control, safe distances, speed limits etc.
    Lesson 5 – Correct Positioning (Continued): Lesson five allows the leaner to perform challenging manoeuvres along with maintaining the right safety distances and making the safe use of road sharing techniques.
    Lesson 6 – Anticipation and Reaction: This lesson involves the scanning of the environment for potential risks and identifying hazards for a quick and effective response.
    Lesson 7 – Sharing the road: This lesson deals with the details of road conditions, including those in the junctions and streets with parked car, along with giving way to emergency vehicles.
    Lesson 8 – Driving safely through traffic:Lesson eight deals with driving in congested environments by recognising risks towards the safety of others and co-operating with other road users. It also involves learning about the correct defensive driving techniques.
    Lesson 9 – Changing Direction (more complex situations): In this lesson, the learner deals with changing directions safely in busy road conditions and carrying out observational tasks while turning.
    Lesson 10 – Speed Management: The learner has to drive with the ADI in fast moving traffic that has vehicles changing speed while managing the speed effectively without compromising safety. This stage also deals with effectively making decisions in challenging driving situations.
    Lesson 11 – Driving Calmly:This session deals with driving under conditions when an individual is frustrated, agitated or feeling threatened. It also involves dealing with distractions and recovering from unforeseen conditions.
    Lesson 12 – Night Driving: This lesson involves studying the methods of driving in the dark or under poor road light conditions. It also teaches about using the vehicle’s lighting in an appropriate manner and responding to the light from other vehicles in the correct way.

    We ensure that each of these sessions are conducted under the guidance of an expert ADI in a safe environment and you get ample time to practice the lessons to perfect your skills.

    We offer the best prices in Navan

    There are many schools that may lure you through gimmicks and cheap offers which ultimately does not translate to good driving lessons. We offer fair and reasonable prices that will ensure that you learn the most from the best. Keep in mind that taking cheap driving lessons can not only be a waste of time but can also lead to serious deficiencies in your driving skills.

    Our success story

    The students whom we have trained through the years are our true success stories. Our commitment is to make the roads safe with capable drivers and our reputation is only surpassed by our passion the deliver the best driving education.

    Passionate About You Passing Your Driving Test

    When you are passionate about passing your driving test, you need to choose the best driving school in Navan. We know what the testers are looking for in a learner, the points they observe and the routes that they prefer to take. We train our students in the best manner to ensure that they make the right moves during the driving test. It is not without reason that our students have the highest first time success rate in driving tests after going through our driving lessons in Navan.

    Obtaining a learner permit

    A learner permit is the first step that you need to take on your way to become a full-fledged driver. You need to clear the theory test where you have to answer at least 35 of the 40 questions correctly. Then you need to visit any one centre of the NDLS to submit a form along with the necessary documents required. The details of the documents and the fees required are listed in the NDLS website. Your photograph and signature will be digitally captured in the face to face interaction.



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