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How to Book Your NCT – Here is the Quickest Way to do it!

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Thinking about NCT done for your car? Well, it is better to get it done asap. It is a mandatory car inspection process for Irish vehicles and should be completed once your vehicle is 4 years old.

The main objective behind NCT is to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive on Ireland’s roads. The program also contributes to enhancing road safety and protecting the environment by reducing carbon emissions released by vehicles in Ireland.

Got the notification to attend the NCT test? Worried about how to book your NCT? Want to get the test done faster without hassles? Here, read on all about booking the test.

Which vehicle components are checked during the NCT test?

All the components of your vehicle that are visible and can be accessed are tested during NCT tests.
As the vehicle owner, ensure that the vehicle undergoes regular maintenance by expert mechanics. It will ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive at all times.

Are you worried about the NCT test? Do not worry! We will make it a hassle-free process for you. With a few clicks, you can book your NCT

What all do you need for the NCT test?

  • Vehicle registration number/Logbook.
  • Test fee

It is normal to postpone booking NCT in Ireland. But, doing it on time comes easy than delaying it. It is a mandatory test for vehicles used for more than four years. To keep your vehicle on the road, make sure you book NCT every two years.


    The Rules of The Road PDF, Mock theory test questions PDF

    How to Book NCT?

    If you are doing it for the first time, it may be a little cumbersome task for you. So, read the steps below to understand the whole procedure to make it an easy process.

    • Visit the link https://www.ncts.ie/ where you can book an appointment online.
    • To book an appointment, you can also call 1890 40 60 40
    • Keep your vehicle registration number handy (you can find the it in car logbook.)
    • After booking an appointment, you will get a message wherein you will find the location of the test center you need to visit for the test.
    • Carry your vehicle and documents along with your License or passport while going to the test center.
    • Make sure you reach the test center 10-15 minutes earlier than the allotted time.
    • Now, let the test results come out. In case of any problems with the vehicle, they will be saved on the advisory comments list.
    • Also, if there is serious issue with your vehicle that needs immediate action, you will get details about those issues.
    • For not-so-urgent vehicle problems, you will get an advisory slip later.

    How to Prepare for NCT test?

    After you select the location and date for your NCT test, it is time to prepare your car for the NCT test.

    The mechanic will inspect vehicle components like brakes, steering, lights, and tyres. For any issues or the vehicle needs a fix, you will be informed before re-test.
    Make sure you check water levels and oil before going for the test. You can check how often you need to change them by reading the car handbook. Make sure it’s not been more than six months that you checked the water levels and oil.

    Why NCT test is important for your car?

    As a vehicle owner, it is vital to get an NCT test for your car. You should get the vehicle tested every two years. It is made mandatory to ensure your safety during the drive.
    Well, with us you do not have to worry about passing the test on the first attempt. We will help you get the certificate immediately.

    Did not pass the NCT test for my car? What next?

    Do not worry we will help you!

    At National Driving School we help you throughout to pass the NCT test even after your car fails to pass the test.

    You will get the reasons why your vehicle couldn’t pass the test. You will have 28 days in hand after that to work on the repairs and then test the vehicle again without spending a single penny.

    We assist many people to book NCT quickly even after a failed attempt to pass the test. We help people book NCT tests before their current test certificates are about to expire or expired.

    For some people who miss out on the expiry dates of their certificates and need last-moment assistance to book NCT, we are always there to help them.

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