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    Can I Book For My Drivers Test Without An Instructor?

    Driving instructors are so popular for a reason. While there are many people out there who know how to drive, most people prefer to learn from an expert. This in no way means that people should not teach other people how to drive, but it simply means that driving instructors are trained to not only be excellent drivers and very alert and responsible but also in the skill of teaching. While it is possible for people to book for their driver’s test without a driving instructor, we would suggest that you definitely must invest in a great driving instructor as it increases your chances of passing the test substantially. Sure, it can be tempting to cut corners and save some of the cash you may have to spend on hiring a driving instructor, but trust us, this would count as money well spent.

    Why must I hire a driving instructor?

    Driving schools are huge today because they have an array of highly trained driving instructors in their organization. These driving instructors are trained specifically to teach novices and people who do not know anything about driving. Driving schools have all types of people signing up for their services – from people with absolutely no knowledge about driving to people who are comfortable behind the wheel but just want to improve their driving skills. Some schools like National Driving School in Dublin are well known for their comprehensive driving lessons, where equal importance is given to the theory as well as practical part of driving a car. National Driving School invests a lot of energy and resources into giving their students the best of driving knowledge in a manner which is easy to absorb and digest. Driving a vehicle, especially a four-wheeler can be tricky and daunting, but at National Driving School, this process has been made a lot simpler and more approachable.

    Advantages of hiring a driving instructor –

    1. Focused one-on-one interaction with the teacher

    It really helps driving with a professional driving instructor in the car as they have the skill to correct some habits which might not be the best when you are just learning to drive. Having someone guide you through your initial driving experiences makes a lot of difference and affects your driving in a very positive manner.

    2. In-depth theoretical knowledge

    It is the job of a professional ADI approved driving instructor to know everything there is to learn about driving and teaching how to drive. Students, especially the curious and super interested ones, will always question and ask a lot of doubts. As a driving instructor, they need to be prepared to answer all these in the best and the most tactful manner.

    3. Assured safety of the student when in the vehicle

    Having a driving instructor with a student who is just learning how to drive is also a very safe scenario as they can step in whenever they need to and take the reigns, making sure nothing goes wrong

    4. Assisted tutoring

    The student has the chance to learn with a professional driving expert, and can also pick up some tips and tricks to enhance their driving techniques.

    5. You get to learn from the best!

    Learning from a professional is a treat as you get the chance to learn from the best in the field. A driving instructor is trained to make skilled and responsible drivers. Having this professional exposure from the get-go is very beneficial for the student.

    How to find the right driving instructor for you?

    There are some qualities you must look out for if you want to pass your driving test with flying colors. Those qualities are –

    1. Patience

    As a driving instructor, they need to be very patient, as different people have different capabilities and learning abilities. A good driving instructor must be very patient and easy going and not lose their temper whenever the student ends up making a mistake or messing up.

    2. Alertness

    A driving instructor has to be alert at all times, especially on the road as they need to make sure that the student is safe no matter what situation they are in. This is one of the most important traits of a great driving instructor in our opinion. Being alert on the road is very important as even the slightest negligence can cause the worst case scenario.

    3. Reliable

    A driving instructor is one who is teaching one of the most desired and sought after skill to their student. If they are not reliable, then no one would like to learn from them.

    4. In-depth knowledge

    Like any other skill, a teacher should have complete knowledge of their subject. Then why should this be any different for driving?

    5. Good communication skills

    Being able to communicate with the student is essential as only when you can communicate well can you instruct the student in terms of what they need to do.

    6. Confident

    Only when a driving instructor is able to exude confidence, is when the student will feel completely comfortable and can give it their best shot. Confidence is so important and so necessary.

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