Does One Need To Give The Theory Test Before The Driving Lesson?

These days, driving is seen as a life skill which people must learn to master. This is because being able to drive means that you would no longer have to depend on any person or public transport to go from one place to another. This is why more and more people, especially young adults are enrolling themselves in driving lessons so that they can learn how to drive in a safe and professional environment. Driving schools like National Driving School in Dublin are so very popular because they have a team of well-trained and highly responsible driving instructors who are trained with the expectation of being able to deal with all types of students, no matter what age. At National Driving School, the driving lessons are well planned out and thought of, as they follow a very streamlined learning procedure which makes it very easy for students to follow and lets them grasp all the information in a very effective way.

I want to learn how to drive. How should I do so?

If you are looking forward to learning how to drive, then there are a few things you must be aware of. Firstly, you must get a provisional driving license. For getting the license in your hand, you must also give a road skills test so that the examiner can evaluate your driving skills. After these two major points, you can enroll yourself in a driving school where you will take multiple driving lessons until you find yourself ready to give a driving test, and later receive your driver’s license.

1. Apply for a provisional driving license

What is a provisional driving license? This is a type of license which gives the license holder the permission to drive while being accompanied by a driving instructor. This is also a license which should be presented by you when you are going to join any driving school. At National Driving School, all driving students must, without fail, present their provisional licenses at the time of the registration process. If someone is unable to produce their provisional license at that time, they cannot enroll with the school. This license is very important because it is one of the very first steps which needs to be taken so that someone can start their journey of learning how to drive.

2. Give a road skills test

So how can you get your provisional driver’s license? You will have to present certain documents like proof of identity, residential address proof, photographs and a medical certificate which announces you as fit to be able to drive a vehicle under supervision. Along with the documents, you are also required to give a very basic road skills test which assesses your basic knowledge of the road and the vehicle. You will need to pass this road skills test and once you do, you are eligible to receive your provisional driving license.

3. Enroll in driving lessons

Now that you have submitted all your documents and have passed the road skills test, and have your provisional driving license, you can now go to a reputed driving school like National Driving School and take regular professional driving lessons in order to prepare for your driving test as well as improve your skills as a driver.

Do I need to give a theory test before I take a driving lesson?

Before you start taking driving lessons, you are supposed to get your provisional driving license for which you are required to give a very simple and basic driving test which includes a practical as well as theory assessment. So to answer your question, yes you do have to give a theory test before your driving lessons

What does the road skills test assess?

The road skills test is a basic assessment test which aims at understanding how well adept you are with the road and your vehicle. You may have a question which may be in the minds of other people as well – why is the test simple and basic? It is easy and basic because once someone receives their provisional driving license, they can only drive a vehicle under the supervision of a trained driving instructor. So while the test is not very intensive, it only aims at understanding the capability of a driver. Once a person has their provisional driving license, they can enroll in driving lessons and move forward in the conquest of clearing their driving test and receiving their actual driver’s license.

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