How to change the address in your driving licence in Ireland

Licenses a legal document that holds you accountable for the traffic norms and regulations. It states approval of you being a skilled driver.

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When applying for the licence one of the important attributes is your residential address, you provide the address of the residence you live in at the time of application. So, your license holds the information of your permanent address.

Disregarding the possibility of relocating does not change the chances of its happening.

If it does so, it is a responsibility to update the new address on the licence. The ramification of not doing so is having a licence with invalid information on it.

Not everybody understands the gravity of holding a licence with invalid information. Let us put it like this, the previous occupant of the house you currently live in has not updated the address in the licence.

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On one fine day during the first hours of the morning, you have to involve in the line of question by the Gardaí regarding the involvement in criminal activities or related to reckless driving.

This is the last thing anybody would want – an address erratum.

To avoid a situation like this you have to follow these steps to successfully update the address on your driving license.

Update your address online on the NDLS website

Unlike the traditional ways of updating the address through a tiring process involving form filling, making an appointment and visit the centre, NDLS has made it possible to update the address from the comfort of your home.

Prerequisites when applying online is your Public Service Card, your verified MyGovId. If the address in your PSC is different from what you are intending to change on the driving license that you would need proof of address, and your Ireland residency proof, if your birth and nationality are not that of Europe or the European Economic Area.

Not to worry if you have not got MyGovId verified yet, you can do it online.

The NDLS website has streamlined the process of updating the address, after having all the required document handy.

Click on the “Apply Now” button and the website will guide you further.

It is as simple as that. No hassle of forms, to the headache of getting the appointments on date of convivence and not an effort of visiting the nearest NDLS centre.

Update the address at the nearest NDLS centre

When visiting the centre on the day of the appointment carry a filled and signed application form with you which you can download the form online – form D401. driving license, valid photo ID if the license is lost or stolen. Proof of PPSN that is personal public service number, Proof of current address, proof of residence if your birth or nationality is not that of Europe or European Economic Area. If required you also need to carry your latest medical certificate dated mot more than last month.

You can book the appointment for up to 6 weeks to visit the centre and complete the procedure to update the address.

In both, cases giving proof of residence is crucial to make sure to justify the authenticity of the document you present. Either by highly regarded insurance company document to convey your seriousness or official correspondence from any of the Irish State agencies namely CAO, HSE, third-level College, SUSI, Garda Síochána, Register of Electors or polling, government department, Residential Tenancies Board, NCT reports or reminders, and many more.

All of these are reliable and trustworthy source as the information linked with the licenses could be of much use in case of road accidents and crimes.

In either of the applications, the proof of address must not be more than six months old. The manual process of updating the address is a bit knackering compare to that of online.

The process is free of cost. You are only liable to charges if you have a license up for renewal, stolen, lost or damaged. The persons with age seventy and more are exempted from paying any sort of fees.


Updating the address on the license may seem arduous but it is not. The website will guide you through the whole process just make sure you have all the necessary documents.

It would not only keep the document updated but surely will save from the ruckus due to address.

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