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    How to change the address in your driving licence in Ireland

    A driving licence is issued with the particular address that you provided at the time of the application. In case you have changed your address in between the years, it is possible to update your licence in a few simple steps. While it is not mandatory to update your licence when you change your address but for the reasons of safety and security, it is advised that you do so. You need to keep in mind that even if you get an updated licence with the new address, the expiry date will remain the same.

    As with all other driving licence related issues, you will need to visit a National Driver Licence Service or NDLS centre for a face to face interaction with a Customer Service Agent to get the details changed. With its 34 nationwide centres, NDLS offers a dedicated and customer-friendly service that makes security and safety the top priorities. There are at least one centre in each county of Ireland and they offer the right working hours to make it more convenient for the customers. The working hours for these centres are from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 2pm on Saturdays. In addition, you can choose any one of the centres depending on your preferences of time and place.

    The NDLS offers various services pertaining to the change of personal details in a driving licence. These includes change of address, name and even medical details. In this article, we will list down the basic guidelines that will help you in updating your licence with a new address. To get detailed knowledge contact driving instructors Dublin here.

    Steps to follow for driving licence change of address in Ireland

    Before stepping into your nearest NDLS centre, here are the necessary points that you need to be aware of and documents that you need to collect.

    • Download the driving licence D401 form from the NDLS website and fill it up for submission.
    • Carry the current driving licence with you.
    • If your licence is lost or stolen, you need to declare it in the form and then get it witnessed by a member of An Garda Síochána. An alternative photographic ID card will be needed to complete the submission process in this case.
    • The proof of your personal public services number (PPSN) is needed.
    • Evidence of residency entitlement is also required for the submission process.
    • Evidence of current address which needs to be within a period of six months, is needed in case your current address is different from the one provided to the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.
    • In case you have a medical issue that is relevant, then fill up the NDLS medical report form with the help of your doctor.
    • The process of updating your licence details is free of cost. In case you want to renew or replace the licence, you need to pay additional fees.
    • You need not to bring a photo as your photograph as well as signature will be captured electronically at the NDLS centre during the interaction.

    Apart from these documents, you need to submit a proof of your present address. For this purpose, you can produce any one of the following documents while applying for a driving licence change of address in Ireland.

    • Utility bills arising from service providers of electricity, phone, gas, cable television or broadband.
    • A statement from your bank, building society or credit union.
    • A piece of correspondence from any Insurance company regarding some active policy.
    • Official correspondence from a range of Irish State agencies which include the following: A government department, HSE, CAO, SUSI, An Garda Síochána, public hospital, Residential Tenancies Board, third-level college, training agency, An Post or from the National Cervical and breast screening programmes. NCT reports or reminders, TV Licence, Register of Electors or polling cards are also considered valid.
    • Note that mobile phone bills and statements from store cards/catalogue companies are not accepted by NDLS as address proofs.

    No matter which document you choose to provide, it should not be more than six months old from the date of your application for licence update.

    Where to apply for the driving licence change of address in Ireland

    To submit the application, you need to visit any one of the NDLS centres in person. Our suggestion will be to book an appointment online through the NDLS website so that you can avoid long queues. The booking can be done is a few simple steps where you can not only choose any centre of your choice but also fix the date and time for appointment.

    Once the appointment is fixed, you will be provided with a unique number through a text message or mail that will have to be produced during the session. Even if you do not make an appointment, be assured that all the centres offer walk-in service for the citizens.

    Final words

    Since the days when the paper licence was converted to plastic cards, the entire process has been set up to make the licences more secure, long-lasting and convenient. The face to face interaction in an NDLS centre has been designed to add additional layers of security to your driving licence for making sure that it is not misused in any way.

    Even though the process may seem complicated at a first glance with a lot many forms and documents involved, it is not so in reality. Once you make sure about some of the finer details and fix an appointment, you can walk out with your new licence in hand within a short period of time.

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