Can You Drive A Manual Car With An Automatic License?

It is a cliché that 90% of the people in Ireland drive manual cars but this fact could not suppress the cumulative love for automatic cars in teenagers. The sole reason for this is the ease of the driving technicalities along with the fascination to drive the car.

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But this fascination cannot surpass the importance of getting the license in the first place. To bypass the requirement of skillset even if they get the license for driving the automatic care are they permitted to drive a manual one? Let us find out.

How are automatic cars different from manual ones?

It is a no-brainer that in a manual car the driver has to use a clutch pedal to use stick shift when changing the speed but the automatic car changes that gear automatically. Do Automatic cars do not have a clutch pedal? Damn, yes, they do not have one at all.

When driving a manual car, the drive has to actively engage with the clutch pedal and the shift knob between six gears when accelerating or decelerating. One the other had driver just slides the shift knob of the automatic on D and the car takes care of the rest.

The manual transmission consists of a reverse option other than gears whereas Automatic cars have P, R, and N i.e., Park, Reverse, and Neutral. No wonder why new bees who wish to drive a car but haven’t had the good practice of manual car yet prefer automatic cars?

Whether automatic or manual having a license is a must

This qualifies authority to ensure that the people who are using the public road are eligible for driving the vehicle. They ensure this by authorizing a license to an individual who has proved their skillset for driving the car through a predefined driving test.

For a manual car driving license, one must have to pass the test that involves active involvement of gearbox along with following all the other rules and regulation. An automatic car license involves the fluency of using the automatic transmission, the rest for this test is the same as the latter of manual license.

Many a time, out of excitement the teenagers ignore this fact and get on the road driving a car without realizing the danger they are putting on the lives. To avoid any mishaps, make sure to get a license first.

Can you drive a manual car with an automatic license?

It answers is a big no. When a driver is qualified for the automatic license that means he has the manoeuvre of driving a car with automatic transmission. These set of skills are derived from the driving lessons took by the driver before applying for the test.

The set of skills when driving a manual car is way different. You would require to apply for a manual license test and take up the manual car driving lesson. The driver needs to put an ample amount of driver input as compared to automatic cars. So, when driving a manual car practice is the only key.

Is it true visa-versa?

Yes! The automatic transmission is easy to tackle compared to a manual one. So, if you had the driving lessons and practised enough to pass the license test you can surely handle an automatic transmission.

Apart from the transmission, the decision capabilities, road regulation familiarity, traffic signs, traffic markings, distance keeping regulations, regulations with different weather conditions, and the rest, everything is the same for driving the car for both automatic and manual.

The only difference would be, manual gives you full control of the car which is automatic does not. When owning a manual car, you are more aware of the car functionalities and elements than an automatic car. Though automatic cars seem appealing due to the smoother and easier driving experience.

Whichever is your favourite, do not bail on having the licence and a lot of practice before you go out there and explore the world.

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