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    Can You Drive A Manual Car With An Automatic License?

    When you step into the world of driving and automobiles, one of the first things that you’ll notice is that there are two types of vehicles – manual and automatic. now, because of the convenience of driving an automatic car is so much more rewarding, more and more people are buying these cars and not the manual ones. But why exactly are people choosing automatic cars over manual ones? The answer is simple – one of the trickiest parts of driving a car is switching gears. Driving a car becomes way simpler when the element of switching gears is removed altogether.

    At National Driving School, the driving instructors are ADI approved and they give you the option of choosing what type of car you want to learn to drive. While most people are going for learning how to drive an automatic car, most driving schools like National Driving School and ADI approved driving instructors suggest that students must start learning how to drive with a manual car because once they learn how to drive a manual car, they can very simply switch to driving an automatic car as well. Manual cars are slightly trickier than automatic cars, but the effort is worth it, in the opinion of leading driving schools like the infamous school in Dublin called National Driving School.

    Difference between a manual car and an automatic car –

    As we have discussed this point earlier as well, the biggest difference between an automatic and a manual car is the fact that in a manual car, the gears have to be shifted manually by the person who is driving, whereas in an automatic transmission car, the shifting of gears happens automatically. This lets the driver focus on the wheel more than the gear stick, which means more responsible drivers on the street! Another big difference is that while in a manual car there is three pedal where your feet are (clutch, brake, and accelerator), in an automatic car there are only two – the brake and the accelerator. The clutch pedal is non-existent in the automatic cars. Instead of having different gears on the gearstick, the automatic vehicle has different modes on the gearstick. These modes include Park, Reverse, Neutral and Drive. These modes are pretty simple to understand and you just need to change from one mode to another depending on whether you are driving, parking, reversing or halting the car.

    While in a manual car, a lot of practice is required to master handling the wheel as well as changing the gears, in an automatic car the driver does not have to worry about the gears at all, which makes it way easier car to drive and master.

    Can I drive a manual car if I have an automatic car license?

    If you mean to not break the law, then no, you cannot drive a manual car if you only have an automatic car license. The reason why this rule is in place makes a lot of sense. To get an automatic car license, you need to pass the driving test while using an automatic vehicle. No one will be testing your manual car driving skills when you are applying for an automatic license. But if you want to now switch to driving a manual car, you can upgrade your automatic license. But before you upgrade from an automatic car license to a manual car license, you need to undergo a complete training in how to drive a manual car. Only when the driving instructors are convinced that you can drive a manual car will you be eligible for upgrading to a manual driving license.

    If you possess a driving license which is only valid for automatic cars, you can easily upgrade it for a manual one by passing a practical manual car driving test. It is suggested that before you go ahead and give the test, the student should prepare for this test by driving a manual car or by attending proper manual car driving lessons with a reputed driving school like National Driving School in Dublin. If you choose to professionally learn how to drive a manual car, you can do so using your existing provisional license itself. You would not have to apply for a new provisional license at all! When you are booking yourself for the driving test, you would not be required to give the theory part of the test, just the practical part. This saves time and makes the process of upgrading your license a whole lot easier! In case you are unable to pass the manual practical driving test, you can still continue driving your automatic car. And if you do pass it, congratulations! You can now drive a manual car!

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