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When it comes to driving lessons Skerries nobody does it better than us. We have some of the best approved male and female driving instructors in Skerries for EDTs, Pretest, Manual & Automatic.

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Book your Driving lessons Skerries with National Driving School. Our team of local Skerries Instructors in Dublin are ready to help you pass your driving test first time.

As can be clearly seen from this professional website our online reputation is evident in everything we do.

Our 1,200 5 star Google reviews, our Social media Facebook verified passes every month, our vast Instagram and TikTok followers and that is what you need to look for before selecting a driving school.

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Remember a poorly rated schools that’s going to cost you more money in the long run.

Evidence of a brilliant driving school doing their best for you or your siblings.

Undoubtedly we are the premier choice for people like you selecting Driving lessons in Skerries.

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EDT Driving Lessons Skerries

Essential Driver Training is the mandatory course that the RSA have introduced since 4th April 2011.

The 12 part lesson programme helps learners to improve their driving skills and boost their confidence ahead of the eventual driving test.

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EDT Driving Lessons in Skerries is an experience not to be missed especially if you are fortunate enough to have one of our fantastic Instructors whose experience and patience ensures rapid progress through the syllabus.

Pretest Driving Lessons Skerries

Without a doubt passing your Driving Test first time is one of the best achievements you’ll have starting out in your career.

Our detailed steps to passing this driving test is one of the reasons we are the most sought after Driving School in Ireland with the highest verified pass rates.

Our test centre pages are packed with free content for you to view and study and then seek our help to polish you off and get you across the finish line.

Our Mock Test is the most popular lesson we have as it replicates the exact test environment of the RSA and it shows us how you work under pressure.

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Car Hire for Driving Test for our Skerries candidates

We have a fleet of modern cars for you to avail of our driving test car hire to use and pass your Driving Test.

Every year thousands of Driving Tests are not conducted due to a faulty own car or incorrect documentation.

Don’t risk it. That’s our job to provide you with a car that won’t give you problems on the day.

If you have any doubts or if you feel your vehicle is likely to give you issues then just use one of our cars. Simple.

Automatic Driving Lessons Skerries

If you prefer an Automatic transmission car for your EDT lessons or Driving Test then we can advise on this as follows.

Not having to deal with the clutch pedal and mechanism is a big plus for Automatic transmission.

Concentrating on other areas is simplified due to not having to worry about stalling or a jumpy car.

Once you learn In our Automatic car you can then use the same car for your Driving Test and pass with ease.

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Mock Test Driving Lessons Skerries

Our Mock tests are one of the most popular products and are done about 7 days out from the actual exam.

We mark the marking sheet as in accordance with the RSA official marking guidelines on the test routes where you will carry out all manoeuvres and drive as per test.

Afterwards we will talk you through the good points and the areas where you got marked on.

You then have time to fix the areas you are weakest on and nail the real exam.

Passing the Driving Test with Ease

As our school has an extremely high reputation and pass rate it’s easy to see why we are so popular and visible around the road of Skerries.

We are passionate to see toy progress in life and passing the Driving Test for most is the first step.

We have crafted a perfect test process that enables you to pass with ease when the time comes.How do we do this?

  1. Showing you how the tester sees it from their eyes
  2. How the tester brakes down the test junction by junction
  3. The template the tester uses on approaching junctions and roundabouts
  4. Videos showing you correct and best practice including all manoeuvre videos

Pretest areas covered

After 32 years we know exactly what the tester wants to see and our relationship with the RSA is extremely positive as they know the standards we set for others to follow.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Driving Lessons Skerries FAQ

When selecting a driving school in Skerries, you should check for proven passes as well as success rates. Analyse reviews, different social media posts, as well as ask friends. Here are some FAQs:
What is the Cost of These Driving Lessons Skerries?
Normally, driving lessons in Skerries cost between €40 and €50 per hour. The majority of driving schools offer great bulk deals. While buying driving lessons packages, you can save more.
Do I need to Live in Skerries to sit My Test There?
No, however, it helps if you are from Skerries as well as are familiar with roads, directions, junctions, and nearby housing estates. If you are not then it’s recommended to take many pretest lessons within the area on the recognised test routes.
How Many Lessons Do You Require to Pass the Driving Test in Skerries?
As people think about the money they require to learn to drive as well as successfully passing the driving test in Skerries and it is okay. Our answer is – It depends. Every student is different. Our average passing time is 30 hours comprising 12 Lessons of EDT Driving. We concentrate on getting you to pass as quickly as possible and also do it safely.
How Can I Pass the Driving Test in Skerries on the First Attempt?
Don’t worry! We will make it happen! Contact us, and our dedicated driving instructor will ensure you pass the driving test on the first attempt in the safest way possible!

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We have elevated ourselves to become a household name and the leading provider of driving lessons in Dublin

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Car Hire for Driving Test

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