Most effective tips for passing your driving test in Ireland

Passing the driving test is an absolute necessity when you want to explore the roads with a valid license and enjoy complete freedom. It is often said that passing the driving test in Ireland for the first time is not an easy task and requires a lot of preparation.

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We would like to mention that that if you are well prepared and confident, there is no reason for not clearing the test at the first chance.

The driving tests in Ireland are managed by the Road Safety Authority and is based on the EU Directive on Driving Licences. To appear for the test, one must also hold a valid learner permit for a least period of six months. Let us first take a look at the application process and the fees required for appearing in the driving test. We are expert driving lessons provider in Dublin.

Driving test application and fees in Ireland

The application and payment for the test can be submitted online. One can also apply through post by downloading the application form and attaching a cheque, postal order or money order of the necessary amount. These should be made payable to the Road Safety Authority. For filling up the application form you need to know your valid driver number along with the PPS number.

The fees are non-transferable but in case you do not want to proceed with the test, you can apply for a refund within 14 days of the payment. The fees for the various categories are listed below.

  • For license categories A, A2, A1, B, BE, AM and W, the fee is €85.
  • For all other categories, the fees is €120.
  • For a CPC Driving Test (Bus and Truck Category), the fee is €152.

Five reasons people fail the driving test in Ireland

Before going into the driving test tips in Ireland, let us take a look at the reasons that make many people fail to succeed in the test.

  • Lack of observation is one reason which makes driver takes wrong decisions especially at traffic signals and at junctions during the test.
  • Not showing any anticipation in judging the traffic situations and the other drivers including cyclists and pedestrians is another reason.
  • Other common reasons include the failure to make the right use of mirrors while taking off, changing lanes and stopping.
  • Driving very slowly can work against a driver as it indicates lack of confidence and indecision. It also hinders the car’s progress and can affect the other drivers on the road.
  • In the same way, excessive speeding is also not appropriate during a test. Speed limits should not be the target and caution should be exercised as the situations demand.
  • Incorrect use of vehicle controls like the clutch, brake, gears and the steering are a major reason for people failing the driving test.
  • Failure to follow the various traffic lights, lane markings, traffic regulation signs and not displaying good control of the car will work against you.
  • Not using the primary and secondary controls smoothly and taking eyes off the road without displaying reflex action while operating is another point that can work against you during a test.
  • Last but not the least, try to relax and breathe without getting tensed while your skills are being tested. It is best to focus on the road instead of giving much attention to what the tester is thinking about you.

A few effective driving test tips in Ireland

Now that you know about the things to avoid during a test, let us focus on some important points that will help you to get positive results during a test.

  • Do not try to do anything special during the test and try to drive the way you do naturally. It is best to remain confident about your skills as well as honest.
  • Avoid exaggerating any action to gain attention from the tester. Your actions while driving should be timely and natural.
  • Do not listen to the failure stories of your friends or peers as there will always be people who have failed the tests. Such stories will only affect your confidence levels.
  • Book the test date to make sure that it does not coincide with any other important event. It is best to focus all your attention on the test and not make it stressful in any way.
  • During your last driving lessons request your instructor to concentrate on the manoeuvres that you find most challenging.
  • Practice the motions you find difficult in your mind. Research shows that ability to perform tasks involving mental and physical coordination can be perfected by the right use of imagination.
  • Practice driving in a variety of roads and under various traffic conditions, including driving during the night.
  • If your examiner is silent or reserved, do not get affected by it and think that your performance is not being liked. Do not get nervous or try to please him or her by going out of your way. Trust your abilities, concentrate on the driving and give your best performance.
  • Observe your surroundings so that you do not miss and signals or markings and always try to anticipate the action of others on the road.
  • Know the rules of the road thoroughly by studying them as well as the rules of the test.
  • In case you make a mistake, do not dwell on it and move ahead with the rest of the test. In the end, it may not be as serious as you think.
  • Remember to get a good night’s sleep before the test so that you remain fresh and alert during the period of the test.

Final words

So these are some of the driving test tips in Ireland that will help you while appearing for the first time. Apart from these here are a few more points that may help you out.

  • After you have submitted the application, you can check out the waiting times for the various tests in the website.
  • In case you do not find a suitable time for the test you can request your application to be placed in the short notice list.
  • If you need to appear for the test urgently, mark that you are available for short notice cancellation in your application.
  • If you have applied and still not feeling confident you can take help from the Approved Driving Instructors.
  • Even after passing the test, it is necessary that you keep yourself updated with the road safety rules and any updates about the existing laws.

Hopefully these points will help you to prepare for your test in the best possible way by making the perfect use of your driving skills. All the best.

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