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    How Long Before You Can Retake a Driving Test

    Just like pretty much every other endeavor in life, there is a slight chance that you may not get your driving test right at once. When this happens, you don’t need to worry or beat yourself up, and it is very natural to ponder how long before you can retake a driving test. Take a deep breath and find out more information from this article.

    Driver testing in Dublin is the responsibility of the Road Safety Authority, and it is carried out directly to a standard that complies with the EU Directive on Driving Licenses. There are test centers across the country and where possible, the test will be arranged by the center nominated on the application form. The driving test is a compulsory requirement for motorists who have been issued with a 2-year learner permit. The driving test cannot be taken for at least six months after getting the first learner permit in the case where you are not changing the provisional license to a learner permit. A person who holds a current full driving license from another jurisdiction for a period more than six months is exempted from this requirement. Though, they will require a letter of entitlement from the licensing authority of such country which they will forward with their current driving license to the customer service manager in the driver testing section of the Road Safety Authority. In 2013, changes were introduced to the driver license categories and some of the representative’s vehicles used for driving tests.

    Common Reasons why you may have to Retake the Driving Tests:

    There are some reasons why you may have to repeat the driving test. One pervasive way to flunk it is to ignore the instructor. Other ways include:

    • Excessive speed for the testing road or a show of ineptitude to traffic conditions.
    • Incorrect or inadequate use of mirrors and signals.
    • Inability and failure to anticipate the actions of other drivers.
    • Incorrect road position on the straight way, on bends, when turning left or right, at roundabouts and when overtaking.
    • Inadequate observation and alertness when moving off at junctions, at roundabouts and when traversing between lanes
    • Slow and edgy progress at junctions, roundabouts, on the straight and when overtaking.
    • Inability to comply with traffic controls and signs. E.g. traffic lights, markings, and road signs.
    • Failure to recognize and yield the right of way to other.
    • Lack of competence in the reverse and U-turn maneuvers.

    Retaking the Driving Test.

    If you have failed the test, the tester will issue to you a report detailing the specific aspects of your driving that caused you to fail. In addition to this, the tester will provide you with some feedback at the end of the test. Usually, the feedback will be brief and will focus squarely on the key areas worthy of attention regarding your driving test. You will also receive a certificate indicating that you failed the test. This certificate should be kept very safe because it will be needed to renew your learner permit. Application forms are readily available at test centers if you wish to reapply for another test. As a matter of RSA policy, you will not usually be scheduled with the same tester as the previous time.

    Appealing A Failed Test.

    If you feel you may have been unfairly adjudged and failed and want to contend the decision, you can make an appeal to the District Court under the auspices of Article 33 of the Road Traffic Act, 1961. The Court will examine the proprietary of the test conducted to ascertain whether or not it was administered correctly. If the court finds that the tester did not conduct the test by the relevant procedures, it will direct that a further test is offered to you free of charge.

    How Long Before you can retake a driving test?

    If you have recently flunked a driving test as a result of any of the reasons above and you do not have a valid ground to challenge this decision, you will have to wait for 3 (three) weeks before you can reschedule another driving test. If you don’t wish to select a test date or if a test date is not available, the RSA can schedule for you a test appointment and send you the details at a later stage.

    As mentioned at the opening of this article, flunking a driving test is very routine and does not in any way condemn you to total disability. All you may need is the assistance of talented and patient professionals who are eager to see you get behind the wheels in skill and ability.

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