Driving Lessons: what is the minimum required?

If you are considering taking driving lessons or you just started as a beginner, you might be curious as to the what the driving lesson is all about and the minimum number of lessons that are required before you are eligible to take the driving test and subsequently obtain your learner’s permit. From this article, … Read more

What happens if control arm breaks while driving

What happens if control arm breaks while driving

It is no rumour that machines can be extremely unpredictable while being used. For machines such as a car, the need to be pre-informed about car components is fundamentally important. One of the components to focus on is the Control Arm. There are several cases in which the control arm breaks unexpectedly, thereby bringing about … Read more

The legal alcohol limit in Dublin

In Dublin, the legal alcohol limit varies depending on the license category. In this article, we will explain the different legal limits there are and the punishments which are provided if someone is caught violating the limit(s). Legal limits for individuals with a Category B license Any person with a Category B* license is subject … Read more

Can You Test Drive a Car without Buying It?

It is absolutely possible to test drive a car before purchasing it, and the National Driving School always recommends doing so before committing to one car! This is because it is imperative that you are able to make an informed decision, especially if you are attempting to purchase a used car. Simply go into the … Read more

How Long Before You Can Retake a Driving Test?

There are many driving licenses seeking citizens of Ireland who won’t get it in their first go. It’s normal and the government has made rules and regulations through which you can easily retake your test to leagally own a driving license. Those who didn’t pass in their first attempt have in mind that How long … Read more

Can You Drive a Moped on a Car License in Ireland?

One exciting policy in Ireland is that there are very specific licenses that determine which category of vehicle motorway users can drive. The category ranges from motorcycles, mopeds, car and work vehicles, buses and trucks, and trailers. In this article, we will explain the various licenses for mopeds and motorcycles that you can apply for. … Read more

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