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Driving Test Car Hire Dublin

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    What is a Driving Test Car Hire Package?

    Pupils who learn to drive in a Driving School car get very used to it as most of the time it’s the main source of training that they receive. The reason being the smaller school car can be manoeuvred and driven easily. The pupils find it easier to Pass their driving test for the first time. Driving schools can provide their school cars for Pretest Driving Lessons in Dublin and for the driving test also so you don’t have to worry about your own private car not being up to certain standards with no tax or NCT or even insurance. Most driving schools in Dublin are modern, clean, highly maintained and show the tester that you have taken your training seriously and are ready to pass the driving test.

    Driving Test Car Hire Dublin

    What are the benefits of a Car Hire for the Dublin Driving Test

    Fully insured
    Full NCT where required
    Dual control
    In perfect condition with timely maintenance
    Easy manoeuvre
    First impressions for the tester

    Who can hire a ‘Driving test car hire package’?

    If you hold a valid learner permit and have taken some Pretest lessons then you can get your car hired for the Dublin driving test if you feel your own car may not be suitable or if you think it might cause any trouble to you later.

    Reasons that cars are refused on your Dublin Driving Test

    Expired Insurance disc
    Outdated Tax disc
    NCT out of date
    Pending Engine management
    Non-functional Brake bulb
    Inadequate tread depth on the tyres
    Broken mirrors
    Seat belts not fastened properly

    If you have faced any troubles earlier during your driving test or your driving test has ever been restricted due to any shortcomings in the car then you need to ensure that this problem does not create hindrance any more.

    Reasons for Refused on Driving Test

    What to look for when selecting the right instructor and car hire for your Driving test

    All the websites look very inviting with very impressive claims to be the best in Ireland and cheapest schools in Dublin with 100% pass rates, but you know that is just to lure you into their trap because of course these statements are inaccurate.


    When sourcing a Driving School for your driving test car hire in Dublin then

    Look for an instructor with an undeniable first-class reputation. Go through many online Google reviews they have and see the instructor’s Facebook activity. Is there positive feedback all over the web? Look for recent pictures and reviews not only on Google but on Facebook as well.
    Don’t fall for the trap of cheap rates in life because if it’s cheap then there’s a possible reason that you need to know. Instructors who don’t have much work tend to drop prices to get you to buy the package but you must ask why they have lesser rates.
    A Local instructor will know the Dublin driving test routes at the back of their hand. No guessing where the routes are heading or following another school to try and find out the way.
    Website, image and branding should be slick, modern and from the quality of the website, it should tell you what the lessons will be like. There are some old driving school websites that you may have come across in your searches where you don’t want to go.
    Find out for how long the instructor is working as a training instructor and if they are new in the field.
    Summarizing all, if you are going to spend money on a Driving School and buying their driving test car hire package then you need to make sure you are investing your money at a safe place.