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Why is it important to hire a car for driving test Finglas? Which is the best place to hire a car? What standards have to be maintained for a car for driving test?

If you also have such questions in your mind then don’t worry, by the end of the article, you will have answers to all these questions. If you don’t want to get into any kind of trouble then you should prefer taking a vehicle from a driving centre in Finglas instead of taking your own car for the test. For the driving test, the pupil who is going to give the test in Finglas has to take his own car and the car has to be maintained as per the standards given by the RSA.

The standards required for a car on the day of driving test are

Fully insured vehicle
Updated NCT
Updated Tax Disc
Updated Tax Disc
Maintained engine
Functional seatbelts
All the parts of car must be functional

Due to lack of any of the above criteria, your car might get rejected and your driving test will be cancelled then. If you are willing to hire the car in Finglas for your driving test then make the right choice by choosing National Driving School as your driving partner because we have all our cars maintained with the standards of RSA.

Benefits of hiring car from NDS Finglas

By hiring a car from National Driving School in Finglas, you are entitled to several benefits that come with an NDS car.

Insured car with required documents
Full NCT wherever required
Dual control car – Manual and Automatic
Highly maintained
Spick and span car in and out
Easy to drive
Car Hire For Finglas Driving Test Centre

Who can hire a car from our training centre in Finglas?

Anyone who is going to give the driving test in Finglas can hire a car from our training centre. All you need to have is a learner’s permit to hire the car in case you do not have a car for the test or your car is not insured and not up to the standards of the RSA.

Even if you were not able to arrange a car for yourself till the last minute or you forgot about hiring the car from a driving school due to lack of your documentation then do not panic at all as our training centre in Finglas is ready to help you at all times.

Our procedures to hire a car are very simplified to keep you at ease and speedy process to facilitate your convenience.

Car Hire For Finglas Driving Test Centre

Best car hire package in Finglas

If you are facing any trouble with your car regarding insurance or maintenance then our driving learning centre in Finglas is always available to help you out. You just need to get your learner’s permit and hire your car instantly for your driving test.

Our pupils take their driving lessons from our cars and get comfortable with it. They find it easy to drive with our neatly maintained cars and become adept in their skills. So, it would be preferable that they hire our car for the driving test in Finglas too because it will increase your chances of passing the driving test.

Also, our highest passing rate in Finglas is what makes us best and this success has come with years of experience. We keep inculcating our observations in our driving lessons programme and other tests to come up with the best driving lessons in Finglas as we are passionate to make our pupils pass the driving test in their first attempt. We ensure your success in the driving test after you choose NDS to be your driving learning partner and provide you with the best-maintained cars for your driving test.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can a pupil hire a car for a driving test in Finglas?


Yes, you can hire a car for your driving test in Finglas but it has to be maintained as per the guidelines of RSA otherwise your driving test will get rejected along with your car. But if you are hiring your car from National Driving School then you don’t need to worry about the maintenance of the car as all the cars in our training centre in Finglas are maintained up to the standards of RSA.


Who all can hire a car for their driving test in Finglas?


If you have a valid learner’s permit and have your driving test coming soon, then you can hire your car from the National Driving School in Finglas.


Do you have your car hiring centres in all the RSA driving test centre cities?


Yes, our National Driving School has its car hiring centres in all over Dublin where the RSA test centres are situated.


Can I get pretests before the driving test in Finglas?


You can definitely get the pretests anytime from our test centre in Finglas and enhance your skills to practise before your driving test.


Can I hire a car last minute for my driving test in Finglas?


You can hire a car anytime as we have simplified our procedures in our Finglas for your convenience.


Will I get an automatic car in Finglas for the driving test?


We have cars for your driving test in Finglas that you can hire for both types – Automatic and Manual. You can hire according to your convenience.


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