How To Save Fuel While Driving an Automatic Car?

Driving an automatic vehicle is extremely easy and convenient, but one of the things people tend to forget often is that an automatic vehicle does consume a lot of gas or fuel.

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While the process of not shifting gears when you are driving can be extremely comfortable and easy to get used to, there are other concerns about driving an automatic vehicle. 

Not only are automatic significantly more expensive than regular manual transmission cars, but they also consume more fuel than manual transmission cars. But with this being said, it no way takes away the positives from automatic transmission cars. Every automatic car must know of these certain tips and tricks to conserve fuel and increase the gas efficiency of their automatic cars.

When you join a reputed driving school like National Driving School in Dublin, you will be asked to choose what type of vehicle you want to learn how to drive. While this choice mostly relies on what type of vehicle you have back home or what type of vehicle you want to buy, National Driving School offers the opportunity to learn both types of transmission so that the aspiring driver is well prepared to tackle any type of driving situation.

The driving instructors at National Driving School are well trained in both manual as well as automatic cars and are also ADI approved, which gives the students peace of mind and satisfaction that they are in fact learning from the best.

How can I save fuel when I am driving my automatic transmission car?

Along with the comforts of owning and driving an automatic car, you must most importantly be equipped with the information which will help you conserve fuel when you are driving your car.

Given below are some pointers you must keep in mind if you want to conserve fuel while driving your automatic transmission car –

  • Maintain a constant momentum

This is almost common sense, but has a huge scientific reason for this too. According to one of the Newton’s laws of motion, a body in motion will stay in motion unless an external force acts upon it. The more constant the momentum is, the more distance will be covered by the car without expending extra fuel, hence save more fuel in return!

  • Do not constantly press on the brake

You must avoid doing this at all costs, no matter how lightly you press on the brake. When you constantly press on the brake, the car experiences a constant drag which causes a lot of unnecessary friction and ultimately, a lot of fuel loss. Also if you keep doing this, then you will also kill the quality of your brakes for suture use.

  • Make sure the tyres of the car are properly inflated

The tyres of your car are the only part which actually come in contact with the road. If the tyres of your car are not properly inflated. Not having your tyres properly inflated also causes your car to drag and consume more fuel than it needs to. If you want your automatic transmission car to be fuel efficient, you must ensure that all the tyres of your vehicle have been inflated the right way.

  • Try to buy gas/fuel when it is cool

This is a smart one. As you may know from studying about this in school, liquids tend to expand when they has hot. For this reason, make sure you are always filling gas in your vehicle when it is cooler, preferably during the morning or the evening.

  • Cruise as much as you can

It is in the nature of automatic vehicles to cruise. So it is a good idea to use this peculiar trait in your favour. When you cruise, you are not braking the car unnecessarily and not accelerating either, but just following the natural flow of the vehicle. You maintain momentum and in turn, save fuel!

  • Be aware of driving surfaces

Your car is most likely to slip on wet and frictionless surfaces. And every single time your vehicle loses control, you end up losing mileage on your fuel, which means that you spend more fuel than required. You must be very careful about where you choose to drive your car because not only will you waste fuel, but you can also get seriously injured while driving your car in such tricky terrains.

  • Maintain your vehicle

The more careful you are about maintaining the quality of your car, the better will be the fuel efficiency. If you get your car checked regularly and nip any issues in the bud and get them fixed, it is known to improve the fuel efficiency of the car by almost 10 per cent.

All these little tips, when kept in mind and under consideration, can make a huge difference to how much fuel you consume and how much fuel you save. And remember, every little bit adds up, and helps immensely in the long run.

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