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    Churchtown driving test centre

    ( Landscape Rd, Churchtown, D 14 )

    You are here because you are researching who is best to help you pass your Churchtown driving test and find out about the Churchtown driving test routes or maybe hiring a driving school car hire for your test.

    But , do you know what you should be looking for when selecting an instructor?

    What you should be looking for is PROOF.

    What sort of an online presence does the instructor have?
    How long is the Instructor teaching? Are they newly qualified and inexperienced?
    What is the reason an instructor is cheaper than others but always available and not so busy?
    Is there undeniable proof of their many online 5 star google reviews? Is there an equally matching social media profile on Facebook and Instagram ? Ie ( National driving school reviews) go ahead type in the words and the answer will soon become apparent.
    Is the instructor local or guessing routes?
    Is it a diesel or petrol car they teach in?
    Have they got a full understanding of what the driving tester is looking for and what the tester likes and dislikes?
    What is the Instructors Pass Rate rate and ask for proof of this.
    Churchtown driving test centre

    Common Denominator

    We know that the common denominator of all of the above is National driving school. Right here on this page and indeed website you can clearly see proof of the quality and excellence we provide and are undisputed leaders in pretest driving lessons in Churchtown. It’s expensive to fail and reapply.Don’t risk it.Do it right first time and you will end up saving in the long run.
    Cheap offers and cheap bundles don’t work.Did you ever buy cheap quality?

    The pass rate for this test centre is 44% as an average.

    That is NOT our Pass Rate which is up in the high 90s

    Why are pupils failing so much in Churchtown?

    The Churchtown driving test centre is based in the middle of a largely residential suburb in south Dublin and is densely populated with tight streets and some difficult complex junctions with on street parking.Its based around the bustling areas of Rathgar,Dundrum,and Rathfarnham.

    If you are not prepared around the Churchtown driving test centre then you will struggle as a lot of the test can be on steep gradients which mean car control has to be at an extremely high level.Common failing areas on the Churchtown driving test routes are as follows,

    Insufficient clearance to cyclists and stationary vehicles.
    Not making sufficient progress moving off, on the straight, turning left and right.
    Not positioning the car correctly while driving on the straight,on bends,turning left and right,
    Insufficient observation moving off, at roundabouts, at junctions,
    Poor car control in general.
    Lack of observation on the reverse around the corner and turnabout.
    Not reacting properly to hazards.
    Breaking stop lines and traffic lights.

    How to pass first time at the churchtown driving test centre?

    Ask yourself these questions,

    Do I know what junction prioritisation is on the test? ( the tester and we do)
    Do I know how many times I need to look over my right shoulder moving off on the test? (The tester and we do)
    Not positioning the car correctly while driving on the straight,on bends,turning left and right,
    Do I know how much observation is sufficient on the manoeuvres of reverse and turnabout ?( the tester and we do)
    Do I know the correct gear and speed to go over ramps? ( the tester and we do)
    Do I know what speed to keep to on the straight? ( the tester and we do)
    What way can I use the clutch do you know what the tester dislikes about the clutch? (The tester and we do)
    Do i know what is observation changing lanes and do I do it right?

    If you don’t have the answers to these questions then you need to partner with us here and let us teach you how the tester thinks. Simple.Know what the tester wants and give it in a decisive and confident manner.We have been teaching this formula for 25 years and as you can see clearly that this is the main reason all of our pupils pass first time at the Churchtown driving test centre.This combined with our driving test car hire Churchtown packages.



    Driving Test Car Hire Churchtown.

    What is a driving school car hire in Churchtown and how can it help you to pass First time.

    Hiring a driving school car for your Churchtown driving test is a clever move.
    First impression is crucial. The tester sees you have put in an effort to improve your driving and with a new and modern car that’s easily manoeuvred and operated your chances of getting marked for vehicle control is slim.It therefore doesn’t matter what condition your own car is because our cars are

    Fully insured for driving test day,
    Fully taxed,
    Impeccable operating condition,
    Spotless inside and out,
    Manual and Automatic driving school cars for the churchtown driving test.
    Full dual controls.
    Mock test covering the RSA practical driving test in churchtown.

    Who can avail of a driving school car hire for the Churchtown test centre?

    Anybody with a valid and in date current learner permit and who doesn’t own a car.Trainiee driving instructors for stage 2 or 3 and any person who feels there own car is below the standard to be acceptable for the Pretest driving lessons in Churchtown.
    As the #1 provider of pretest driving lessons Churchtown and with the highest verified passrates in Churchtown on our driving test car hire packages we are the driving test partners you need.

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