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    Road Signs

    Road signs are generally standard means of regulating behaviors on the motorways in Dublin. For the most part, these roads signs usually appear generic and similar to those found in other places across Europe and beyond, but it is important to state that in road signs in Dublin may have a few unique differences and exceptions. For example, in Ireland, the “Give Way” sign (a red downward pointing triangle on a white background), will read as “Yield.” In some Irish speaking areas, the same read as “Geill sli,” printed in Irish Gaeilge.

    Road signs in Dublin include regulatory traffic signs (usually red and white), the motorway and mandatory traffic signs indicating traffic (usually white on blue background). There are also the warning signs in yellow and black shaped in diamond that shows an upcoming road hazard such as dangerous corners ahead. There are also the manual control signs at roadworks and the warning signs for roadworks which are usually orange in color. These roads signs, especially the information signs, are particularly handy for a tourist who needs guidance and help highlighting places of interest and directional signs that flags the nearest town or region.

    Above all, it must be emphatically stated that these Road signs are of high importance on the Dublin Motorways and failure to comply accordingly may attract stiff penalties.

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