Theory Questions

The theory test is a standard in the Dublin Driving process that was introduced in 2001. Thus, candidates must complete and pass a test of their general road safety knowledge and motoring before making an application for a learner permit in any vehicle category.

The theory questions are computer-based but are designed to be completely comprehended by those who have little or no experience of using computers. In essence, the theory questions set out to test fundamental knowledge of driving proficiency such as:

For the sake of direction, a few samples of the theory questions are provided below. These questions are random, and they do not reflect the exact way the actual questions will be conducted. For good measures, answers are also provided.

Where would you stop at a stop sign which has no white line?
Answer: At the STOP sign.

What position would you assume for a right turn at the end of a one-way street?
Answer: The extreme right-hand lane.

What color and shape is a warning sign?
Answer: Yellow and Black; Diamond shape.

What does a broken white line mean?
Answer: It means you can overtake if it safe to do so.

It must be reiterated that these questions are nowhere exhaustive and pupils are advised to take a full recourse to the Rule of the Road to get a complete and accurate picture of what to expect when taking the theory tests.

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