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Driving Test Centre Tallaght

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    The following information will give you everything and we mean everything you need to pass the driving test not just in tallaght but any test centre in Ireland If you follow this article and it’s content you won’t go wrong . Enjoy all of this free content and please share to help others.

    All you need to know about the Driving test centre in Tallaght and how to pass your test from the test routes to tricky junctions and how the tester wants you to drive to pass.

    Driving Test Centre Tallaght

    The 4 parts to the driving test

    1. Theory questions & Road signs.

    2. Under the bonnet checks.

    3. Secondary controls.

    4. The drive itself.

    You must also understand in full the information and marking system contained within the testers marking sheet which is on their tablet . Understanding the sections and the difference between grade 1,2 and 3 marks is crucial to you understanding how the tester views your driving whilst out on test. See the marking sheet below


    See video below for the quick explanation of this marking sheet

    The testers marking sheet has 18 sections. Knowing all of them and what they mean is a huge step towards passing your test .They are the following

    1. Rules/Checks

    2. Position

    3. Observation

    4. Reaction

    5. Mirrors


    6. Clearance

    7. Signals

    8. Motorcycle

    9. Courtesy

    10. Alighting

    11. Progress

    12. Vehicle Control

    13. Speed

    14. Traffic Control

    15. Right of way


    16. Reverse

    17. Turnabout

    18. Parking.

    Now you have an understanding of the marking sheet we will move onto the 4 parts of the test.

    1. Theory test questions and Road signs

    Mock Theory Test Ireland

    Road Signs Ireland

    2. Under the bonnet show me tell

    3. Car Secondary controls explanation in the car park

    4. The Drive itself.
    Below is all the information you need on the type of Driving and driving lessons you need as well as all the manoeuvres you will be asked to perform.

    What Type of lessons you need

    Reverse around the corner

    The turnabout

    Hill start

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    When will I get my driving test date in Tallaght?

    It’s been a tough few years and Driving Test scheduling has proven to be problematic with waiting times in some areas up to 1 year . However there is improvement in this area and now once you have been designated a slot you can pick your own test date and times .Each pupil gets the driving test date around 4 weeks before the driving test in the driving test centre chosen by the pupil. You can apply for the driving test only after the issuance of learner’s permit, so make sure that before applying for the test, you fulfill all the criteria.

    If due to any reason your test date gets delayed then there is nothing to worry about as you will get your test date through the email when it’s your turn. The delay might be due to any weather disruption, any process delay or any other reason but your driving test date will be issued to you without any trouble.

    A Comprehensive Guide for your Tallaght Test routes

    In our pretest course, the tester will test your driving skills on the basis of the parameters set out by the RSA so that you get a complete insight into your weaknesses and strengths and what you are doing right or wrong.

    We want you to avoid any kind of problems so we provide you with the list of the important details that include the common mistakes that every other pupil makes that contributes in the total number of faults and the necessary things that you have to keep in your mind before preparing for the test and during the test also so that you don’t make any negative impression on the tester Before the test.

    We tell our pupils about the necessary details that you have to take care of before going for the driving test. National Driving School ensures your success with our proven learning programmes that have been tried and tested by your and this is our motivation to keep providing you with the best driving lessons with unmatched results.

    Make the right choice by choosing our driving school as your driving partner and then it is our responsibility to provide you with the best lessons and the best instructors and sponsors for your lessons and practice.. We keep improving all the important updates in our learning programme so that our pupils don’t miss out on any latest update.

    Tallaght Driving Centre with trained Instructors

    What if you get the best driving lessons in Tallaght and practice on the real test routes used by testers to assess your driving skills? We know that it would help you hugely and will definitely boost your confidence for the driving test.

    Therefore, we have planned these tests especially for you to make you practice on the real driving test course which will make your preparations far better than other pupils who don’t bother.

    After learning and practising the driving skills, it is important that you get an analysis of your skills so that you know if your skills are up to the standards of the RSA and fulfil all the parameters on which you are being tested. With this analysis, you will be able to focus on particular areas and practise them more before the driving test.

    We provide a comprehensive and detailed guide to instruct our pupils regarding the process if they are confused in any manner. We help our pupils to practise for the driving test in time and even practice them on important routes to polish their driving skills in time and get that pass.

    See our reviews here and judge for yourself if we are the right school for you.

    National Driving School Dublin – EDT Lessons & Pretest Lessons

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    Some tricky junctions we will bring you to where pupils fail the test.

    Driving Test Centre Tallaght
    Driving Test Centre Tallaght
    Tallaght hospital roundabout.

    Tallaght hospital roundabout

    Cookstown luas junction very tricky

    Cookstown luas junction very tricky

    Our Instructors are ready to take you on the routes and get you passed the test. Thanks for your time and we hope you liked our content. If you did please share it.

    Driving test routes

    Why people learn with NDS

    Over 70 RSA Approved Professional Instructors

    Over 70 RSA Approved Professional Instructors

    Highest Pass-Rate in Ireland at over 97%

    Highest Pass-Rate in Ireland at over 97%

    Insurance Discounts exclusive to NDS

    Insurance Discounts exclusive to NDS

    Exclusive EDT Online resources to help you

    Exclusive EDT Online resources to help you