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    Tallaght Driving Test Centre

    ( 52 Broomhill rd),Broomhill Industrial Estate,Tallaght.

    So your test date has arrived in your inbox or by post and now you need to pass it first time. Looking for an instructor is a minefield because of the fact that it’s very difficult who to choose and who is best qualified to get you that pass because of the many operators in dublin.Are you going for the cheap option? Are you going for the gimmicks on offer on other websites? Or are you looking to pass first time with a school that can actually prove their success and pass rates from their online reviews and video proof that they are the most qualified to get you over the line and Pass first time.Well you will find exactly just that on this page and website.Take a look around and see comprehensive proof that you are in the best hands with us here at National driving school.

    Remember The Passrate for the Tallaght Test Centre is 47 % but that’s the Test Centre average but it is NOT OUR PASSRATE which is in the high 90s.Its important to understand that preparation is key and selecting the correct instructor/school has never been more important now since the new Clancy law was introduced in December 2018.

    Tallaght driving test centre

    Before deciding, ask yourself these crucial and critical questions

    How long has the particular Driving Instructor been teaching
    Are they newly qualified ( inexperienced ) or have they at least 5 years experience behind them
    What is their online profile consisting of ? Do they have verified proof of many Google reviews around the Tallaght Driving Test Centre ? Do they have Facebook and Instagram online platform for you to see their pass rates and pupil feedback ?
    Is the Instructor local to the area or just chancing their arm around the routes
    Does the Instructors car fit you ? Are you tall , small or need extra space? No point in arriving for a lesson and the car is insufficient.
    If a school has plenty of availability, then why is that ? Why are they not busy? Is there a reason they can fit you in at short notice ? Are they cheaper than the rest with no online reviews ? You see where we are going here?

    National Driving School have had 3 generations of driving test success and it shows in everything we do and the Instructors are hand picked after their RSA advanced training enabling us to offer Quality, Integrity , Experience and unmatched Passrates.
    With the decision now made and you have decided to use the #1 operator of pretest driving lessons tallaght has to offer let’s us offer you something back.

    Our Guarantee and promise to you.

    We can guarantee that your National driving school instructor will be Local, knowledgeable around the tallaght driving test centre routes.
    They will be courteous at all times,
    Polite ,
    Committed to providing an outstanding pretest driving lesson in tallaght.

    Why pupils fail at the Tallaght Driving Test Centre.

    If you failed previous tests it’s more than likely due to poor preparation or poor instructing.
    Either way that’s where we time and time again pick up the pieces and take you by the hand and shadow you all the way through until you pass.We have found that the most common reasons pupils fail their tests are,

    Incorrect car documentation not in order like expired insurance or out of date tax.
    Learner permit out of date.
    Insufficient progress moving off, turning right and turning left.
    Failing to give sufficient clearance to stationery vehicles.
    Not reacting properly to hazards.
    Failing to stop at traffic controls or stop lines.
    Driving too slow.
    Poor position on the straight,turning left and right.
    Poor observation on the reverse around the corner and turnabout.
    Total lack of understanding on how the Examiner wants them to drive.

    Tallaght driving test centre is one of the easiest test centres in Dublin.If you know what you are doing that is.There are a number of complex luas junctions to familiarise with.There are some one way systems and zebra crossings that we make sure you are well aware of all the failing hotspots while on our pretest driving lessons tallaght.


    Driving test car hire tallaght for Manual or Automatic cars.

    National driving school have been providing driving school car hire for the last 25 years in and around the tallaght driving test centre.20-30 candidates per day do not go out on the test due to the reasons mention above.Let see why it’s a good idea to get pretest driving lessons tallaght and avail of our driving school car hire in tallaght.

    Benefits of driving test car hire tallaght

    ( DIRFT ) Do it right first time cause First impressions last . The tester likes you’ve taken it seriously and got professional lessons with NDS.

    Dual controlled cars
    Insurance for the test day
    Manual or automatic driving test car hire tallaght
    Highest maintained cars
    Hiring one of our driving school cars for your RSA practical driving test in Dublin is a wise choice by you.
    Our 4 hour pretest and car hire is our most bought package and the main reason our pupils pass their tallaght driving test.

    We look forward to seeing your picture here real soon.Make the informed and proven driving test partner choice.National driving school the leaders in Tallaght.

    Tallaght driving test centre

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