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Do you need to take driving lessons in Wicklow or even need your 12 EDT lessons?

Are you eager to get hold of your driving licence? Then National Driving School are here to aid you with Driving Lessons in Wicklow.

Our team of experienced professionals will guide you from a learner permit to a full licence holder. We are sure that you will pass your driving test and hit the road as we have an excellent success rate as a Driving School in Wicklow.

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    Why choose us?

    Not every driving school in wicklow is made equal. Learn to drive the way our RSA approved instructors teach you, and you will pass the test quickly and pay less while doing it. No other schools in Wicklow take the same approach as us. We believe that excellent driving instruction is all about passion and listening to our students while motivating them in excelling.

    We are best at striking such balance. All our driving instructors in Wicklow are committed and dedicated to delivering their best driving lessons that fill the gap between practice and theory. Thus they turn all students into thoughtful and safe drivers.

    What is the EDT driving lessons?

    The Road Safety Authority introduced the EDT. It is part of an initiative for improving the alarming statistics of all young drivers who get injured or killed on the roads.

    The syllabus of EDT needs a learner to complete 12 structured driving lessons. Then a registered ADI has to stamp and upload it to the RSA website. Such 12 lessons were created to fill in the essential gaps in the driving skills of the young drivers, due to which road accidents took place in huge numbers every year.

    Get an idea about Pretest driving lessons

    There is a vast difference between getting trained for passing your driving test and learning as a beginner. Before you sit for your driving test, you must have the essential skills and understanding of driving without causing any danger to your or others’ lives.

    Through our pretest driving lessons, you will learn how to pass the driving test as you will get an idea of the situations and conditions you will be put under.

    You will face many fears and unknowns if you book your driving test. But, so often, they get the best of the perfect driver. So you need to get rid of the fears and anxiety and perform your best. This is when the pretest driving lessons will benefit you.

    Our pretest training package is developed to help you overcome your nerves and have a great understanding of what will happen on your test day.

    In the end, you will completely understand the test’s four stages and be precisely aware of what the tester wants from you, how he will speak with you, and when he will mark your sheet.

    Automatic Driving Lessons in Wicklow

    Some students interested to learn with automatic car, others favor manual car.

    NDS driving school in Wicklow will accommodate your preference if you’re wishing to study both transmissions to become a true driving professional.

    We are offer manual and automatic driving lessons in Wicklow contact our driving instructor, call us on 085 118 1111 availability.

    National Driving School has the best rate of candidates passing their driving tests first time

    The rate of success of our students is high. They get prepared adequately by us for passing the driving test for the first time. The results also exceed our expectations.

    We have been enjoying a rising and successful client base because of the referrals we received from our several students who passed the test and were satisfied.

    You will enjoy our driving lessons in Wicklow an environment where you would not feel any stress or pressure.

    We make use of the highest standards for ensuring our students become professional drivers when there training lessons are completed.

    Without any doubt we are delivering the best driving training lessons in Wicklow as other schools are also trying to match our standards.

    Driving Test in Wicklow

    What will you get when you choose us?

    Best RSA approved instructors:

    We work with only those instructors who are RSA approved and fulfil our high training standards.
    We make every one of them go through a thorough interview and complete the training process.

    Complete curriculum:

    Our driving lessons do not just begin and end in the car.
    We work through our module support course based on the driving and EDT tests.

    Flexible driving training lessons in Wicklow:

    Distance would not be a restriction regarding how fast you can begin the driving lessons.
    At National Driving School, our team of experts visit our students and assist them in realising their dream to pass the driving test.
    Regardless of where you are, be it your college, home or workplace, contact us and we will get you started with the driving training lessons.

    Work hard to make our student pass their driving lessons:

    We feel proud when our students pass their driving tests successfully.
    Thus we have in this business for a long time.
    We aim at assisting our students clear their driving test for the first time.
    We are able to constantly maintain our positive reputation that we have been able to establish in these years.
    We work dedicatedly to stay the first option and the finest driving school by making all our students successful drivers.

    How are we the best driving school in Wicklow?

    We have been able to achieve this by setting up 5 steps that guide us:

    Basic tools are provided by us to our students.
    Our students get acclimatized with the test routes and complicated junctions with the help of our properly detailed and comprehensive videos.
    As our students will face the tester on their driving test day, we will quiz them similar to the test to see how well prepared they are.
    We let our students play the tester’s role in order to get adapted to what they must expect on their driving test day.
    We make sure that our students are fully prepared for anything that their tester may take them through during their driving tests.

    Why do our students rely on us?

    Professional instructors:

    We have well-trained driving instructors in Wicklow who will quickly recognize what level a student is at along with his bad habits. They will also identify the remedial measures that must be taken to ensure that a student makes the best possible progress from every lesson.

    Everything in one place:

    Apart from the higher level of driving instructions you will be receiving from our driving lessons, you can also obtain our online tutorials, support materials and training guides that are periodically delivered to your inbox directly.

    Great progress:

    Our students progress faster consistently with our study support material. Everything, including tips, better ways of handling the manoeuvres, materials for supporting you through each EDT driving lesson, will be provided by us.

    If you have made up your mind to get your driving license, you can find National Driving School and opt for our various services and packages to enhance your overall skills in driving. Call us or book online to have all knowledge regarding our driving lessons in Wicklow.

    Driving Lessons Wicklow FAQ


    Picking a demonstrated Driving School in Wicklow


    Recall when picking a driving school in Wicklow that you look at their demonstrated passes and achievement rate. Really take a look at surveys, web-based media and ask your companions. You going to put away huge load of cash launching your driving. Ensure you picked carefully.


    What amount does Driving Lessons Wicklow cost?


    Driving illustrations in Wicklow for the most part cost somewhere in the range of €35 and €50 each hour. All relying upon the driving school you pick. Most driving schools like us at National Driving School offer phenomenal mass arrangements. When buying your driving examples in bundles you will save a great deal.


    Do you need to be from Wicklow to do your driving test there?


    Not in the least yet it helps if you are from Wicklow and know about bearings, streets, encompassing lodging bequests and intersections. Assuming that you are not we suggest taking a lot of pre-test illustrations nearby on realized test courses.


    What number of Driving Lessons do you have to pass in Wicklow?


    We get this inquiry a considerable amount. Since individuals are really thinking about the measure of cash they will have to really get driving and effectively finish there driving assessment in Wicklow and that is alright. We generally have a similar answer though. It depends.

    Every single student is totally unique to the following. Our passing normal is 30 hours including your 12 EDT Driving Lessons. We centreon getting your passed as quick as could be expected yet in addition wellbeing is our main concern.


    How might I breeze through my assessment in Wicklow first time?


    National Driving School in Wicklow has the standing of conveying over the business guidelines which implies that finishing your driving assessment turns into a reality speedier and more viably than some other driving schools around here.

    We show you how the RSA analyser needs you to drive precisely. We separate it into simple tasks and show you what’s called intersection need so the analyser unmistakably sees you have total intersection control.

    We address you the same way as the analyser so no curve balls on the day. Without this information, students are fooling around and to reapply over and over.

    Assuming that you are searching for a driving school close to you in Wicklow or encompassing regions you can rely on us to be accessible. We have a group of driving educators all set on your bring in your space.

    Get in touch with us at National Driving School and our committed Wicklow driving instructor will ensure you finish your driving assessment the first time. 

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