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Driving Lessons Portlaoise

Best driving lessons Portlaoise

Call it a brag but National Driving School offers the best driving lessons Portlaoise. Well, this is what our pupils say anyway. Isn’t it exciting to pass the driving test on the first attempt itself? Well, that is what we at National Driving School make possible for you as we are the experts for the pretest driving lessons in Portlaoise. In our more than 30 years of experience, we have been successful in making thousands of pupils better drivers. Scroll down to find out more about our best driving lessons Portlaoise.

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    Get the best driving lessons Portlaoise here at National Driving School!

    Do not worry, you are in good hands, we at the National Driving School have some of the best RSA approved driving instructors in Portlaoise to provide you with the best Driving lessons Portlaoise has to offer that would help you pass the driving test in one go even if it is your first attempt.

    We have an outstanding success rate which itself is the attestation to why we are the most trusted driving school in Portlaoise.

    We have what it takes to make you pass the test

    One of the key traits of a good driving school is they make their pupils good drivers and we happen to be doing that since day one. It has surely bagged us two things: first, the outstanding performance of each of our pupils in their driving test and the second, the excellent success rate that you would not find anywhere else.

    We are delighted to be a part of an ever-growing family of our pupils who find their way to us through reviews, referrals and even our pupils’ word of mouth.

    All of these are the result of our dedication to helping you excel in driving skills. We provide you with excellently trained RSA instructors and manoeuvres that become conducive to pass your driving test effortlessly.

    Pretest is the secret to passing the driving test

    To enhance your learning experience by working on your skills from whatever you know, we conduct the assessment of your driving skills.

    Our Pretest driving lessons then would increase your chances of passing the driving test.

    Your EDT lessons made easy

    Do not stress over the Essential Driver Training Syllabus(12 EDT lessons) as we have got you covered.

    The sole purpose of this syllabus is to cover the fundamental lessons that every driver must learn during their training. We not only help you with the logbook activity but also focus on nurturing your individual skills.

    We understand that everyone has a different learning pace, initial knowledge, strengths and weaknesses. This is why our lessons are not generalised and we also provide female instructors.

    Our only aim is to make our pupils great drivers and get them their driving licence for which we provide whatever it takes.

    Manual or automatic? We prepare you for it

    This is just a matter of choice, some of you may be fascinated to learn the automatic car driving while the others would prefer the manual car or even both.

    Well, whatever transmission you opt for we are here to provide you with training that is laden with resources that you would require to become a true professional driver.

    We offer flexibility at its best

    We have eliminated one of the most common hurdles that restrict you from learning to drive – “the distance from diving school”.

    Share with us your desire to become a driver, we will be on our way to pick you up from wherever you are at the time for convenience.

    We love to see the “I nailed the test” face of our pupils

    Just the way you desire to become a successful driver one day, we desire that each pupil excels in their driving skills, this is what has made us the leading driving school today.

    We have built our excellent reputation by leading each pupil to the successful drivers they are today. No matter which number of attempts it is including first, we make sure that you pass in one go.

    Driving lessons Portlaoise

    With the following steps we help you pass the test:

    We equip you with the necessary and required resources and tools.
    We have a collection of detailed videos to help you with some of the complex sections of the route like a complex junction.
    We provide you with the experience of the real-time tester by drilling you with real-time questions in the route.
    We also make you the tester so you can have a fresh perspective for working on your skills.
    We fully prepare before you appear in the driving test.

    Just dial 085 118 1111, for more information you can also visit www.nationaldrivingschool.ie

    Driving Lessons Portlaoise FAQ


    How to choose a reliable driving school in Portlaoise?


    Check the proven success rate of the driving schools for starters. Dig in further by the reviews, online reputation, referrals, and social media to find out the driving school that is worthy of your investment.


    What is the usual cost of driving to school?


    The ideal cost of driving lessons in Portlaoise is around €35 to €50 per hour as per the driving school you decide to shortlist. We at National Driving School offer you the best rates along with exciting offers.


    What if I am not from Portlaoise and I want to give a test there?


    You can still give the test on Portlaoise if you are aware of its routes, directions, surrounding housing estates, junctions and so on. If that is not the case then we advise you to choose the area that you are well aware of to get more odds in your favour of passing the test.


    How many driving lessons should I take to pass the test?


    Given the individual strengths and weaknesses, it is hard to provide the exact figure of the driving lessons. If you are looking for the average investment figure that you would require for taking the driving lessons then pupils at driving school would acquire all the necessary skills and knowledge within around 30 hours which even included your 12 mandatory EDT lessons.


    What if I want to pass the driving test on the first attempt?


    We are here to make it possible for you. We at National Driving School have everything that would include the RSA approved instructors to ensure that you acquire great driving skills to pass the driving test in the first attempt with confidence.

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