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Driving Lessons Cork

Pretests driving lessons Tallaght

Welcome! It’s time that you learned to drive so you can get around Cork easily.

Here in National Driving School, we will give you all the preparation training to pass your exams with ease!
  • Experienced Instructor
  • Effective plans
  • Effective teaching methods
  • Accessibility in each phase

Pass all the tests or repeat them until you feel ready, our goal is for you to become a skilled and safe driver for you and for Cork.

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    Pre Test Driving Lessons Cork

    We will prepare you and advise you on everything you need, how to maneuver, what to answer and what the testers expect of you, so you can pass the driving test.

    We also give you tutoring in the marking sheet, so that you can mentalize yourself and avoid any error, no matter how small, by analyzing the sheet we can avoid common errors that make students fail.

    Our test is a safe simulation where we will correct you and help you get that desired driver’s license.

    Pretests driving lessons Tallaght

    Mock Test Driving Lessons Cork

    In this simulation we add some pressure to the test, mainly to prepare you to drive and cope in stressful situations.

    The main difference between the mock test and the pre-test is the level of demand and pressure, at the end of the test based on the marking sheet we will point out your mistakes and how to fix them.

    This test is valuable and important, if you pass a test under constant pressure, if your exam develops normally, you will control it more fluidly.

    EDT Driving Lessons Cork

    Our EDT (essential Driver Training) lessons are very useful for the most novices because we would teach you all the basics of the car, its parts, and its handling to build in you the necessary confidence for the test.

    All our lessons are kindly developed so that you can get used to the safe and rich experience of driving a car.

    Pretests driving lessons Tallaght

    Why Choose National Driving School Cork

    We want to help your safety and that of the city by making sure that our students are prepared in the best way to drive a car, making this means of transport not only useful but also safe.

    Our teaching philosophy is based on the individuality of our students, we know that everyone learns at different rates and ways and that is why we adapt to each one, offering the best experience in each case.

    We are always up to date on the latest trends and teaching methods, in addition to making sure that you have an enjoyable experience by providing plans that are perfect for you.

    We have more than 30 years of experience and our approval rating is 97%, which corroborates our methods and the effectiveness of our teachers.

    Driving Lessons Cork FAQ

    Choosing a Driving School in Cork

    To make sure that you make a correct decision, you should check if the school approved all the necessary tests, you can also see recommendations, reviews and scores in internet.

    Here at National Driving School, we have all the necessary requirements to be your ideal school.


    How much do Driving Lessons cost in Cork?


    Driving lessons in Cork cost between 35€ and 50€ per hour, this depends on the school, but at National Driving School we have different plans and budgets available that can be adapted to you.


    Do I need to be from Cork to do my test there?


    It is not necessary, but it is recommended because a knowledge of the streets of the city gives you a greater advantage when carrying out the tests.

    You can see on our page other cities in which we work to check if we have available where you live.


    How many Driving Lessons do you need to pass in Cork?


    This depends on each student, each one learns at a different pace, we help and get each one to pass in the shortest time necessary, but we make sure that all have a practical and safe driving.

    The general estimated time is 30 hours plus the EDT lessons, but again, this depends on each individual.


    How can I pass my test in Cork first time?


    This is a joint work of the instructor and the student, our instructors are trained to help you and prepare you to make it, if you do your part and put some dedication you can achieve it.

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