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    The Best Small Automatic Car You Must Buy

    Automatic cars are all the rage these days because of the convenience and ease of driving that comes along with it. While driving your own car is something everyone wants to do, there are some limitations in driving a car in a city scenario. Drivers now want an automatic car which is powerful, fuel efficient and yet has a lot of power. People who don’t know how to drive yet sign up with driving schools like National Driving School which is in Dublin to learn all they need to know about driving a car. National Driving School gives its students a choice in what type of vehicle they want to learn how to drive – manual, automatic or even semi-automatic. Their driving school has professional ADI approved driving instructors who have been trained to handle all types of students with varying knowledge of the skill of driving.

    Automatic cars have become increasingly popular these days. Not only there is one less foot pedal to worry about, but the people driving an automatic car do not have to worry about switching gears from time to time again and again while driving. People who drive automatic cars can now fully concentrate on the road and not worry about changing gears at all. And if you ask any manual car driver, they will most definitely say that the most tricky part about driving a car is the part where the driver is required to change gears over and over again when there is a significant change in the speed of the vehicle.

    Why do people prefer automatic cars?

    Driving is a great privilege as it lets you get around from one place to another without having to rely on any other person or any form of public transport. With this being said, due to the gradual improvement in technology and the world of automation, people have now figured out how to simplify the process of driving even further. Given below is a list of advantages of driving an automatic car.

    • The driver no longer has to change gears while he/she is driving
    • The driver does not have to worry about the clutch pedal anymore, just the brake and the accelerator
    • The driver can pay more undivided attention to the road
    • Stopping and starting due to traffic is now easier than ever!
    • Drivers who drive an automatic car have been known to have lower stress levels while driving

    Now that we know of all the advantages of a great automatic vehicle, let us tell you some more about the best small automatic car in our opinion –

    Skoda Fabia DSG

    The Skoda Fabia DSG model in a sensibly sized hatchback which works on the automatic transmission, providing its driver with a smooth and stress-free ride. The reason why this car is so popular is that it meets all the requirements of the busy drivers who are always on the go and have to drive on busy city streets. Apart from giving the driver peace of mind and great driving experiences, on the whole, the car may seem small and compact, but the interiors are spacious and roomy, giving each passenger a lot of leg space and the promise of a comfortable ride.

    Features of the Skoda Fabia DSG

    Specifications –

    • It has a 1197cc engine with 4 inline turbocharged cylinders
    • The engine has a power of 108bhp and works at 4600 to 5600 rotations per minute
    • The engine can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 9.4 seconds
    • The topmost speed of this engine is 124 miles per hour
    • The car has 16-inch wide alloy wheels which are strong and sturdy
    • It had 7 different speeds which automatic transmission
    • It has a kerb weight of 1103 kilograms, making the car hefty and stable while in action
    • It has a ‘sports’ mode which makes the car a fun and entertaining ride
    • It has a great infotainment system (which includes a 6.5-inch wide touchscreen bang in the middle of the dashboard which lets you see the rear part of the car easily)
    • It had LED headlights
    • It also has rear parking sensors which allow you to back up/reverse carefully, avoiding any kind of mishaps
    • It has SmartLink technology – which means that syncing your phone to the systems of your car is now simpler than ever!
    • It has a 330 liter capacity of boot space
    • It has a high grip leather steering wheel
    • The car also comes along with a three-year-long warranty

    The reason why people would go for the Skoda Fabia DSG vehicle is very simple – this car has the likes of a powerful vehicle coupled with the sensibility of city comforts and overall easy-going driving. Skoda Fabia DSG wines the title of the best small automatic transmission car hands down!

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