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We get pupils calling us every day looking for a mock test.We can no problem do the mock test but to what benefit?If you have been driving for a number of years and arrive just for a mock gest then more than likely you will fail that because you would have no idea what the tester is looking for practically and technically.

The difference between pretest lessons and mock test lessons.

A mock test is an exact simulation of what will happen on the actual test itself.
The theory questions beforehand, under the bonnet checks, secondary control demonstration and indeed the drive itself.
We speak the commands exactly as you will be asked to and we bring you on the same routes so you can familiarise with the manoeuvre points.The silence and no talking is what makes people most nervous but remember you asked the tester into your car they did not invite themselves.If you want the full licence you have got to show the tester that your driving is in line with how they believe it should be to be able to drive alone and pass the Dublin driving test.

Timing of your lessons is key.

Our pretest lessons are designed so that 1 to 2 weeks prior to sitting the actual test that we assess your skill level and advise you on what we see.We will tell you what’s needed and the rest is up to you.
Everybody who we meet for the first time are doing a lot of things wrong and don’t know how to drive as per test standards.It’s our job to ensure that you know exactly what it is the tester wants to see.

Experience and test route knowledge

We have been around the driving test routes for 30 years now so we know exactly where they will take you for your manoeuvre points .We will give you a demonstration drive as to what’s required on the day in terms of what gear to stop in,what speed to approach roundabouts in ,what gear for ramps,how many times and when you must look fully over your shoulder and what proper observation is required at junctions and many ,many more areas which we will go through when you present for your first assessment lesson.

Don’t make the mistake and think cheap.
It’s expensive to reapply and even more if you are caught under the new Clancy law.
Prepare in time and with our reputation and pass rate its money very well spent.

As a pupil driver, you are already aware of the fact that it is impossible for you to obtain the Learner’s Permit until you must have taken and passed the Driving test. Well, you might be wondering if they are any information out there that may come in handy for you just before you take the test. In that case, you might find the following information useful indeed.

Do your diligent study: There is probably no better way to gain confidence for the test other than taking your time to study adequately. Even before you making arrangements to schedule your rest, you should have obtained the official revision for detailed study. The Official Driver Theory Test Revision Material is readily available in print and electronic formats.

Have your ID: You don’t want to get disqualified on the test day for want of the appropriate ID. The only ID that is accepted to write a Driver Theory Test is the Public Services Card (PSC). Thus, it is only wise that you get this sorted before you even book an appointment to do the test.

Schedule Your appointment: You have revised the study materials and gotten your ID sorted, and you feel confident enough to take the test, the next rung up the ladder is to book your appointment. During the application process, it is important that you make a clear indication of the category of vehicle you intend making use of.

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