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    Will All Cars Be Automatic In The Future?

    If you drive a car or are keen on learning how to drive one, then you would be knowing that there are 3 main types of cars out there – manual, automatic and semi-automatic. All three of these types of cars have their advantages and disadvantages but after weighing all the pros and cons and studying the buying behaviors of drivers, we have realized that automatic cars are the crowd favorites, hands down! Whenever an aspiring driver enrolls with a driving school for driving lessons, one of the first questions they are asked is whether they want to learn how to drive an automatic car or a manual car. Most reputed driving schools like National Driving School in Dublin are able to teach their students to drive both types of vehicles. National Driving School has a well-trained team of ADI approved driving instructors who have an appropriate amount of experience in driving manual as well as automatic cars. Automatic cars are becoming increasingly popular these days with the advancements of technology and auto But many car owners, especially those car owners who have never driven an automatic car before, would have one lingering question which they might ask all the time…what is so special about automatic cars and why does everyone think that it is the future of the automobile industry? If you are one of those people who keeps asking these questions, then keep reading on!

    Why are automatic cars so popular?

    If you ever drive an automatic car, you will immediately understand why people love automatic cars and what the hype is all about. The cars with automatic transmission gearboxes basically handle all the stress of changing gears for you. When you drive an automatic vehicle, since you don’t have to change gears all the time, you can finally pay a hundred percent attention to the road. Some people say that the most challenging part about driving a car is handling the steering wheel as well as taking care of changing the gears as well. One more plus point of automatic cars is that these vehicles only have two pedals – the brake and the accelerator. The clutch is redundant in the automatic car, which means that it reduces the stress and confusion while driving a car by a significant amount. Automatic cars are just easier to drive in heavy city traffic, which explains why more and more people are going for these vehicles and why they are growing so popular amongst people who want to buy cars.

    Why are automatic cars the future of the automobile industry?

    Since automatic cars are still a new development, the majority of vehicles running on the streets are still working on manual transmission. But studying the current trends of people buying new cars, it is evidently clear that more and more people are opting for the automatic transmission option. In fact, if the car buying trends remain the way that they are going right now, it is quite possible that in the next 20 years, manual cars will be completely irrelevant and only semi-automatic and automatic cars will be ruling the streets.

    Let’s take Japan for example. It is by far the most technologically savvy country that exists today. About 90% of their car production is focused entirely on automatic vehicles. Europe is still a bit slow in its transition from manual to automatic cars, but we are sure that in a few years, this will be changing drastically as well. It is also predicted that the dual clutch system will be gaining a lot of popularity in the next 5-10 years as well. So it is safe to say that in about 30 years, manual cars would be the equivalent of an extinct bird or animal.

    We can’t really predict whether the production of manual cars will be stopped completely in the next few decades. But what we can confirm is that in the coming years, the purchasing of manual cars will slowly reduce, making automatic and semi-automatic cars the kings of the roads. Automobile companies are also working on a variety of hybrid electric cars which the masses seem to love, so the decline in buying manual cars obviously makes a lot of sense.

    We are a generation of comfort and convenience, and most people are willing to pay whatever price they are asked if they are promised their leisure and peace of mind. Automatic vehicles do just that. They offer a simpler and more stress-free way of driving at a particular price. And by the looks of it, people seem to be loving these automatic transmission cars!

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