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    Where to buy driving theory test book

    So, after undergoing the necessary number of lessons, you feel confident enough to take the driving test. This article is going to intimate you about the basics of the driving theory test. More importantly, you will get information about places and outlets where you can buy the driving theory test book just in case it has been a long time since your last driving lesson, and there is need to get a few things revised.
    It is important to note that you must pass the driver theory test before you can be eligible to apply for your first learner permit. In the case where your learner permit has been expired for more than five years or more, there is a need for you take and pass the driving test again to obtain another learner permit.

    The driving theory test basically checks your ability and knowledge of the following:

    • Familiarity with the rules of the road
    • Ability to anticipate, circumvent and manage risks
    • Eco driving dexterity
    • Hazard awareness and control
    • Good and affable driving disposition.

    A good book about driving theory test will bring you up to skill with any and each of these checks. The driver theory test can be taken at any of the test centers located across the country. Even though the text is computer-based, it is designed to be user-friendly and easily understood by people who little experience or knowledge of computer usage. The test is offered in both English, and Irish languages and candidates with special needs are attended to. A theory test certificate is issued after you must have passed the test and the certificate is a pre- requisite for applying for your first learner permit.

    What Categories of the test are there?

    There are different categories of the driving test and they correspond typically with the size and type of vehicle in question. The categories of the test include:

    • A – motorcycles and moped (Driving license categories AM, A1, A2, A),
    • B – cars. Tractors and work vehicles (Driving License categories B, BE, W)
    • C – vans and trucks over 3,500kg (driving license categories C, C1, CE, C1E)
    • D – buses (Driving license categories D, D1, DE, D1E)
    • CD – trucks and buses (Driving license categories C, C1, CE C1E, D, D1, DE, D1E)
    • TMT – truck module: for this driving license category, you must have passed D test.
    • BMT – bus module: for this category, you must have passed the C test.

    If you already have a driving license for a particular category and you want to get a driving license for a different category for which a different theory test is required, you will have to pass the theory test for that category before you can apply for a learner permit.

    Taking the Driver Theory Test.

    The driving theory test is computerized as mentioned earlier and can be taken using either a touch-screen monitor or with a keyboard and mouse. The first part of the examination consists of a short tutorial which contains instructions on how to navigate through the exam. It also lets you practice by answering two questions. The exam is designed to be relatable to everyone irrespective of the level of computer literacy. The driving licensing Categories A, B, C, and D tests are available in the Irish language, and if you wish you complete the test in Irish Language, you should indicate that before booking the test.

    The format of the test is Multiple choice questions and answers are marked with a square box beside the questions. You are required to pick just one answer you consider to be correct. It is inevitable that you might make a mistake with the answers now and then. When this happens, you can cancel your answer and pick another. You can also skip a question and go back to it at the end of the test. The test is scored automatically, and the results are made available for you immediately. On your success, you will be given a pass certificate for your theory test at the test center.

    Whether you pass or fail this test, you will be provided with a score sheet listing the specific categories recommended for further study, based on the performance.

    Excellent driving theory test book can be gotten from different offline and physical stores across the country. It is also available at each driving test centers and the RSA website. You can also make an order for the book here.

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