Under the Bonnet

When undergoing your standard driving theory test, you cannot possibly avoid the “under the bonnet” set of questions that are specifically designed to test your knowledge of the more technical aspect. These tests set out to achieve two things. One, they are to determine if you can carry out routine checks on your vehicle to ensure they are in good driving condition. Two, to find out if you can get handy with a few basic mechanical aspects of the vehicle and ensure that you are not completely clueless on the motorway when your vehicle jerks off to a sudden stop.

In essence, you will be asked to identify certain items under the bonnet and to gauge levels in some reservoirs. For example, you may be asked: ‘How would check the level of the engine or brake oil?’ Or, ‘how do you check the level of the coolant to ensure your engine doesn’t run the risk of getting overheated?’. Ability to be able to answer these questions accurately will prove to the driver that you know your onions, and you are indeed ready to get out there.

So, if you are a pupil intending to take the driving test, you should be more than familiar with those parts of the vehicle that makes it tick. This is to ensure that your safety of yourself and other road users as well.

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