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    The Best Automatic Cars Out There

    What are automatic cars?

    Automatic cars are becoming increasingly popular these days. But before we state why people are going for automatic cars, let’s just take a minute and explain what exactly are automatic cars. An automatic car is a type of car which has an especially automated gearbox. With this type of gearbox, you don’t have to bother about shifting gears when you are driving, it happens automatically! This phenomenon is called automated transmission, or even self-automated transmission. The most common type of automated transmission is hydraulic transmission. What is hydraulic transmission? It is a mechanism which uses fluid coupling instead of using a friction clutch. This makes the process a lot smoother and easier to manage. The automated transmission gearbox usually has 4 main modes – P, R, N and D. These stand for Parking, Reverse, Neutral and Drive. There are basically four main modes of driving a car, and you just need to make sure that you shift from one mode to another when the style of driving changes. Another feature of automatic cars is that there are only two foot pedals you will have to care about – the brake and the accelerator. The clutch does not exist in an automatic car, which makes driving simpler and a breeze!

    When you are joining a driving class, the first question would be what kind of a vehicle do you want to learn how to drive. If you choose to learn how to drive an automatic vehicle, then you will get a license which will permit you to drive only automatic cars. All good driving schools like National Driving School give you an option of learning a manual vehicle as well as an automated one. In our opinion, it is best if you learn how to drive both types of vehicles so that you can handle any type of driving emergency or situation. The driving instructors at National Driving School in Dublin are well versed with driving both manual and automatic cars. This is why enrolling for driving lessons is the best option for students who want to learn how to drive a car in the most linear and formal way possible. If not handled well, driving can be extremely fatal. This is why more and more people are putting in their trust in driving schools like National Driving School, Dublin.

    What are the advantages of driving an automatic car?

    • You no longer have to worry about the clutch pedal
    • You no longer have to shift gears while you are driving
    • You can give all your concentration to the road
    • Driving becomes pleasurable and simpler than ever!

    Which are the best automatic cars in the market?

    Because of the rising popularity of the automatic cars industry, more and more brands are coming up with their own versions of automatic cars. If you are looking forward to buying an automatic car and are torn in terms of which one you should get, then this article will definitely help you. The cars listed below are some of the best in the industry today.

    • Volkswagen Polo

    This cute hatchback may look compact but sure does pack a lot of power. This car also makes the most sense in the cities as it does not occupy too much space, does not consume too much gas and is a pleasure to drive.

    It’s best features include –

    1. It has 1197 CC displacement
    2. Automatic transmission
    3. It has airbags for safety, even for the passengers
    4. 45 liters fuel tank capacity
    5. It has a mileage of 17.21 kilometers per liter
    6. It has 7 different gears (which change automatically)
    7. It has 4 cylinders
    8. It has central locking
    9. It has a safety child lock
    10. It also comes with a headlamp beam adjuster
    • Ford Fiesta

    Automatic cars are most popular in cities as driving in a big city with traffic and crowd requires a lot of gear changing. An automatic car can very easily take care of this need while being extremely fuel efficient. Ford has been a crowd favorite in the UK since the beginning, so it isn’t a big surprise that one of the Ford vehicles is the best automatic vehicle to have in a city like Dublin.

    It’s best features include –

    1. It has the power of 120HP
    2. Automatic transmission
    3. It has 5 different speeds which change gears automatically
    4. It has 4 1.6l cylinders
    5. It has a 6.5-inch wide touchscreen infotainment system
    6. It has click lock for safety
    7. It  has airbags to protect you and your family
    8. It has central locking
    9. It can also be driven as a manual vehicle
    10. It is people’s choice of vehicle for an SUV
    • Seat Ibiza

    Another hatchback on this list! People these days love convenience and class, all rolled up in one compact package. The Seat Ibiza is the most appropriate example of the car which ticks all these boxes. All these three vehicles are the best options when it comes to buying a practical, affordable and amazing automatic car.

    It’s best features include –

    1. It has airbags for safety
    2. It has 5 different speed settings
    3. Automatic, so you don’t have to switch gears
    4. It also has an anti-theft alarm
    5. It has a brake as well as hill assist
    6. It has parking sensors in the front end as well as the back end
    7. It has central locking and adjustable steering wheel
    8. It has a Tire Pressure Monitoring Display
    9. It has xenon headlamps
    10. It has a temperature display

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