About The Driving Test Centre Drogheda

The driving test centre in Drogheda is committed to delivering the best driving test experience for new drivers. The centre desires to reduce the number of traffic accidents and traffic-related offenses by significant levels and does so by conducting efficient tests for intending drivers.

How much does it cost to go through driving test in Drogheda test centre?

The price depends on a variety of factors, such as the number of lessons, scheduling, and some other factors. The prices are affordable, and there is an assurance of quality.

Why is Drogheda the Best Driving Test Centre?

Drogheda is a great place to take a driving test. The test centre is a recent establishment, has great facilities, and is in excellent condition.

The high number of students who elect to take their tests in Drogheda, in a way is evidence of the great test conditions the area has.

Taking a driving test in Drogheda is a fascinating experience.

How to Book your Driving Test:

  • You must have had a learner permit for at least six months.
  • You must have your 12 EDT driving lessons signed off by your driving instructor in your learners’ logbook.
  • You must be fully insured to drive the test car
  • The driving test vehicle must be capable of passing an NCT test.

Can I Choose a Particular Day?

No.You will be given a test date in equal rotation Monday – Friday.

What must I do to prepare for the driving test?

  • Do:
  • Study the  booklet containing  the rules of the road
  • Study the brochure titled ‘Preparing for your test.’
  • Employ the services of an approved driving instructor (ADI) Ladybirds are waiting🐞
  • Practice by driving on all different roads, during different weathers and in alternating driving conditions as many as possible.
  • Improve your driving experience and confidence before you apply for the test
  • Study the ‘Learning to Drive’ suite of manuals for car, bike, bus and truck, which you can get at book shops across the nation.
  • Don’t:
  • without any reasons obstruct traffic or frustrate other road users
  • Practice on driving test routes for the most part; congestion on these routes causes inconvenience to residents and test applicants alike

What time is your appointment daily?

The lessons are full 1-hour lessons, seven days a week, with an RSA approved driving instructor.

What are the essential things to do to pass the test?

To pass the driving test, you have to:

  • You have to maintain proper control over the vehicle at all times
  • You have to show anticipation, awareness and great reflexes
  • Take proper precautions when moving off, stopping, overtaking, changing direction and meeting other traffic
  • Make safe and reasonable progress when driving and when meeting and crossing the path of other vehicles

What if I cannot make it to the test centre due to bad weather or road conditions?

If you miss a day, you will have to make up for it subsequent days.

Things to do on your driving test.

On your test, you will be asked to perform several tasks.

  • First of all answer questions on the rules of the road.
  • Name some road signs in addition.
  • Either do an under bonnet technical check or an internal technical check on the vehicle you provide for the test.
  • Probably answer questions on the secondary controls of the vehicle you provide for test.
  • Drive the vehicle on a pre-designated course.
  • Perform a Hill Start.
  • Perform a Turnabout.
  • Also Perform Reverse Around a Corner.
  • Demonstrate two sets of hand signals.
  • In conclusion, park on returning to the Test Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

⮚     What is my driver number?

Your driver number is a requirement to apply for a driving test. Your driver number is unique to you for all your licence records and can be obtained from the National Driver Licence Service (NDLS).

⮚     Do you have a problem applying online?

  • Your driver number is a nine-digit number.  It appears at number 4, on your learner’s permit. Your driver number is unique to you for all your licence records.
  • Kindly ensure that you enter your name and date of birth as they appear on your learner permit.
  • You can apply  for your driving test even if your learner permit is outdated
  • If you are a first-time learner permit holder, you can apply for a driving test before getting to the six month period that is stipulated; however, you will have to wait till that time before taking the test.

⮚     Instances where you cannot apply online:

  • When you already possess a valid driving test application
  • When your learner permit has expired by over five years. in this case,  you will have to take a new driver theory test before you can apply for a new learner permit again

⮚     I want to cancel/reschedule my test appointment

If you cannot take your test on the day given to you, you can cancel that test and reschedule another one. However, if you cancel the test, at that moment, we cannot offer you the option to choose a particular alternative date or time.

⮚     Driving test waiting times

How long do I have to wait?

Our target of a waiting period is about ten weeks.

⮚     Have you completed Essential Driver Training? (EDT)

Those with a first-time car learner permit have to take structured lessons. They cannot schedule for a driving test until this lesson.

⮚     I could not select a driving test appointment


If a test date and time is not available at the time you made a payment, a test appointment will be scheduled, and you will be notified as regards the waiting times in your selected centre at that period.

⮚     When will I receive a test date?

You will be notified of your test date five weeks in advance of the test appointment date. When applying, state dates on which you will not be available, and you will not be scheduled for those days. If you want a test date during a particular time frame beyond the general waiting time, kindly state on your application that you will not be available till that time frame.

⮚     Short notice test

You can select a short notice test by indicating your preference to be placed on the short notice list when registering. Note however that you might be slightly delayed as the increasing number of application for short notice tests delays the pace a bit. When you apply for a short notice test, you will be notified as soon as a time is available.

⮚     Driving test vehicle

You must take a vehicle to the test centre on the day of your driving test because vehicles are not provided for driving tests. The person driving the test car must be insured to drive the vehicle. A current valid original insurance disc, valid motor tax disc, and NCT disc must be displayed on the vehicle, if required.

⮚     I drive an automatic vehicle

 You can have your driving test in an automatic vehicle.  However, passing the driving test in a car with automatic transmission will make you have a driving licence that allows you to drive vehicles with automatic transmission only. If you take your driving test in a manual vehicle and pass, you will have the license to drive cars with both automatic and manual transmission.

⮚     How do I update details on my driving test application?

If you want to modify your personal details, kindly email drivingtest@rsa.ie

⮚     Reduced Essential Driver Training (EDT) and Exemption from the Six Month Rule

Drivers who possess a licence from a foreign jurisdiction might be able to fewer lessons and cut short the time between passing a driver theory test and taking the driving test.

⮚     Do you have a driving licence query?

If you find it difficult to apply online, you can download an application form. After completing the application form, post it to the Driver Testing Section.

Test centre address is: North Rd, Moneymore, Drogheda, Co. Louth

“After failing many times I got in touch and scheduled. Without this instructor I would not have passed. I’m extremely thankful and grateful for all the effort and time in order for me to pass my driving test today. He’s excellent at what he does and knows everything inside out honestly. If your looking to pass be sure to get in touch you won’t be disappointed. THANK YOU ?

“I met Kevin on the first lesson and was driving a car much too powerful. Kevin advised I change to a smaller car to do the test.. Best decision ever. I passed easy.. His calming way and powerful encouragement left me very focused on the day… Everybody should use Kevin. He’s the best there is… I’ve had a few….”

Erica Stylgate

“Big thanks to kevin for all his help and geting me out off bad habits to get a pass today delighted thanks very much would highly recommend him to anyone thanks again”

“Kevin keeps it simple and is straight up. No bs here.. Tells you how it needs to be done and takes no crap in getting the job done. Brilliant instructor and his style suited me.. Passed first time”

Anna Halip

“I am a 5 star Michelin chef and I know about high standards. I did my EDT lessons and passed first time with this Maestro Kevin.. His technique is superb and his attention to detail is why I passed first time cause that’s what I can relate to.. In my world if Kevin was cooking he would be one of the best in the world. Well done to him.”

Joffrey Charles

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