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The Role Parents play in Student  Driver Development.

As we all know by now the role of a sponsor/Parent  has now become even more important as the new Clancy amendment law kicks in and we have seen driving test applications quadruple in the last few months leading to panic Test applications and young drivers presenting for their driving test under pressure and not prepared fully.

We talked about the lack of understanding of Pupils and Parents alike and we will say it again

12 EDT LESSONS DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL PASS THE TEST.The sooner everybody understands and educates on this issue then  the easier it will be to Pass the driving test.

Let’s talk about the definition of the  “12 EDT LESSONS ” and what it’s designed to do.

As per the RSA guidelines the EDT syllabus is “ a course for learner BEGINNER drivers with valid learner permits for category B vehicles. EDT will help you learn some of the most vital driving skills as well as improve your knowledge of the rules of the road” It also states that “ There are 12, 1 hour lessons in the course.Each lesson has a set expected outcome and describe what should be achieved at the end of every lesson” Essentially it’s a BEGINNER COURSE.

Now let’s talk about the definition of  “A DRIVING TEST ”

“The driving test is designed to find out if you know the rules of the road and have the knowledge and skill level to drive  competently in accordance with them rules”.It also suggests that you “ practice as much as possible on all types of roads and in all types of traffic situations including driving at night. BUILD UP YOUR DRIVING EXPERIENCE AND CONFIDENCE BEFORE APPLYING FOR THE TEST

The test itself will be about 40 minutes long and you will be assessed in the following areas,

Moving off,driving in traffic,roundabouts, stopping,turnabout, reverse around the corner, hill start,positioning,observation,mirrors,progress,speed,

The test is an advanced test to establish the level of the driver to see if they are fit to be alone in the car.

Question for Parents and Students!

Having read the definition of EDT lessons and the definition of driving test, do you think that it’s possible to pass the driving test in 12 hours, or 20 hours?

NO  NO NO NEVER..That’s the answer.Fail to prepare,prepare to fail.

What’s the answer then?

For starters parents or sponsors need to realise they need to accompany as a sponsor for at least 20 more hours than the 12 EDT lessons we provide.If you can’t commit to that then leave that to us the professionals. Also don’t be complaining when they fail the test because they are not up to the standard they should be due to LACK OF ROADCRAFT.The RAC suggest 20 hours and an additional 45 hours on average to pass the test.

Our students are competent enough with an average of 35 hours of driving under their belt.Read the facts folks there is an average amount of driving hours needed to pass the test and it certainly is not 12.

We recommend you train 3 hours in between lessons with your sponsor.If you don’t have a sponsor then we act as your sponsor.

We will work on building up your car control skill level until it is at test standard.

Then and only then will you be able yo pass the test.The proof is all over our social media pages take a look for yourself.

Get practising folks and get the driving hours under your belt.

Is a pilot allowed fly a plane without having the correct flying hours put in? NO NO NO NEVER.

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