Driving Lessons Clarehall


We have competent female and male Approved Driving Instructors, who have knowledge of the roads and test centres in Dublin, allowing them to plan the lessons to your perfection.


We assign you instructors who take you through the Essential Driving Tests (EDT) making you road ready and also driving test ready.


We study your strengths and weaknesses, so as to tailor our driving course to meet the factors of your driving lessons. We equip you with skills and work on your weaknesses, thus making you pass the driving test with the first application.


We work at ensuring that the driving test car is well serviced and available for you to take the test, thus we have a driving test car hire to provide you with a suitable vehicle that you do not have to share with any other learner.

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Reduced EDT Program | All You Need To Know

February 14, 2019

What is EDT? EDT stands for Essential Driver Training. This is a training program which is necessary for all aspiring drivers to attend. This training course comprises of some basic yet super important driving skills and tips which is what makes a great and responsible driver. This is one driver training program is mandatory for […]

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How do I know I’m in perfect driving position at the steering wheel

January 14, 2019

Back trouble is very common today and is now affecting 40% of drivers.According to the (BCA) British Chiropractic Association 40% of people say that sitting down aggravates back and or neck pain.That’s not good news if you are a driver of any type of vehicle.We see people everyday over stretching their legs at the pedals,overstretching […]

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Driving Confidence

January 14, 2019

Attaining confidence in driving… Given the relentless efforts and sacrifice you have made, there is no doubt that your acquisition of driver’s license is a moment of joy and excitement in your life. Nonetheless, this achievement can turn-out to be unworthy particularly when you discover that you often shake and fear behind the wheel. Undoubtedly, […]

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The Irreducible Standard for Driving in Ireland

January 14, 2019

Knowing the standard age and other basics… In an attempt to maintain accident-free driving, only those that are mentally upright and intellectually equipped with driving skills should be allowed to drive on the road. In view of this claim, there is a need to know what age you can drive a car in Ireland. More […]

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