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    How To Get A License For A Driving School?

    These days, almost all people who are permittable by law to start driving want to learn how to drive and drive their own car at some point. Learning how to drive is a very important rite of passage in most cultures, especially in Ireland. In Ireland, if a teenager is 17 years or older, they are eligible to learn how to drive a car by getting a learner’s license. Most teens (and their parents, if we may say so) like to enroll with reputed driving schools like National Driving School in Dublin. If they don’t go for that option, then the next most popular option – hiring their own personal ADI approved driving instructor. National Driving School has multiple branches all around Dublin, which makes it easier for the residents of Dublin to enroll with them and join a branch which is closest and most convenient for them.

    Why do people love driving schools so much?

    Learning from friends and family is the old fashioned way of learning how to drive a car. Now, more and more people are relying on respected driving schools like National Driving School in Dublin. And honestly, if you ask anyone who has experience of attending a driving school, then you would understand why there is a booming number of driving schools and driving instructors popping up these days. One of the biggest reasons why people like driving schools and driving instructors so much, is because of the streamlined and intricate details of driving, some of the information which might get left out when you are learning from some friends or family numbers.

    Advantages of joining a driving school –

    • You get equal and appropriate amounts of theoretical and practical knowledge.
    • You get an updated version of the newest traffic and road rules and regulations.
    • You get personal one-on-one attention from professional ADI approved driving instructors.
    • The student stays safe in the car when they have a professional driving instructor with them in the vehicle.
    • Driving schools like National Driving School offer great EDT (Essential Driver Training) courses which cover the entirety of driving lessons in a compact, easy to digest package.
    • Driving schools provide the perfect environment for aspiring drivers to give it their best shot while learning to be responsible and safe drivers.
    • People who already know how to drive but want to ace their driving test to get their driver’s license can also attend the school to polish up some of their skills.
    • If a student does not own a car to learn how to drive, the school can give them a vehicle to practice on.
    • At a reputed driving school, students can learn to drive all types of vehicle, be it automatic, manual or semi-automatic.

    How can people get a professional license for their driving school?

    If an individual or a group of individuals want to start a driving school, you totally can. All you need to do is make sure that you know what you are getting into. If you as an independent person want to get into the lucrative business of driving schools, then you must most definitely possess an ADI certification. To start a driving school, all you need to do is possess a car which you can teach students on, and have an ADI certification along with some study material which you can refer to from time to time.

    To start your own driving school, you must have the following –

    • A valid driving license
    • An RSA approved ADI certification
    • An insured car (or cars)
    • Study material so that your students can also learn the theory
    • Team members who can help you expand your business

    If you want to start off as a one-man show, then starting your own driving school is pretty simple and straightforward. You may want to put in some efforts in terms of how you will market your driving school and how you can attract students, but as long as you have the ADI certification which legally allows you to teach others how to drive a car and have all the facilities which a student may need while learning how to drive, you are good to go. But if you want to expand your business and set up a proper institution, then you will have to hire other RSA approved driving instructors who have a valid ADI certificate. Once you have an established and well-trained team of driving instructors and have a fleet of cars which students can use to practice their driving skills, then you are all set to make your mark in the driving school industry! Once you get the whole functioning of your new driving school established, then you can also introduce driving courses which let people prepare for their driving test or driving instructor courses which let people study how to be a driving instructor as well.

    Once you have the basic structure of your business ready, then you can also register your driving school. You can go to the CRO (Companies Registration Office), pay 40 euros, fill in a detailed application form and register your company legally. Voila! You are now an official owner of a legally licensed driving school!

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