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    How Can One Open A Driving School?

    If you are itching to venture into the world of driving schools, then you have come just to the right place. More and more people every single day look forward to learning how to drive, and their most favorable way to learn how to drive a car is by either joining a reputed driving school like National Driving School or hire an Road Safety Authority (RSA) approved driving instructor. In the Dublin area, National Driving School is immensely popular as it has multiple branches all over the city. National Driving School has branches in Citywest, Churchtown, Clondalkin, Rathcoole and many more. This way, students interested can pick a branch which is closest and most convenient to them. All the driving instructors at National Driving School are Approved Driving Instructors and have been trained to deal with all types of students – students who have some knowledge about ars and driving as well as students who have no clue about the driving world. Being an ADI approved driver is not only a necessity to earn money as a driving instructor, but it also makes the driver instructor seem more professional and reliable, something driving students look for actively in driving instructors.

    I want to open a driving school – How should I go about it?

    Firstly, you must be sure about the decision you are about to make. Becoming a driving instructor sure is a rewarding job in all aspects – in terms of payment (Ireland has some of the highest rates of payment for driving instructors, going up to 45 euros per hour) and also in terms of job satisfaction. If you enjoy driving, then becoming a driving instructor is a fun and professional job you must consider. But if you want to expand and reach even greater heights, then you can even consider setting up your own driving school. For this, all you would have to do are the following steps –

    • Get an ADI certification yourself

    To start a driving school of your own, you must be an Approved Driving Instructor by the standards of the RSA (Road Safety Authority). You must also have already had more than 2 years of experience in teaching students professionally how to drive a car. You must also not possess any driving related felonies. All convictions should be cleared by law. You can only start a driving school if you as a founder have all the skills and certifications to practice as a professional driving instructor.

    • Get the cars you would be using for teaching students how to drive insured

    It doesn’t matter if you are starting your driving school on a big or small scale, you must make sure all the vehicles you are using for teaching purposes have been insured so that in case your vehicle undergoes some irreparable damage, it won’t burn a hole in your company wallet, or even worse, your personal wallet. Insuring your cars is the smart move every driving school owner must perform. Regular car servicing should be marked in your calendars as well so that the cars students use for practicing how to drive are in top quality condition.

    • Hire more ADI approved driving instructors

    Now, you must work on creating a team of well-trained ADI approved driving instructors who have enough experience working with all types of students. Since these driving instructors are the people the students will directly engage with, you as an employee need to make sure that these driving instructors are not only skilled drivers but are also good with communication and their ability to instruct effectively. The team of driving instructors you hire ultimately reflect the quality of education you provide at your driving school.

    • Register your driving school

    Once you have decided what you want to call your driving school, then you can go to the CRO (Companies Registration Office) and register your company/driving school officially. It takes about 40 euros to register your company name, or even cheaper if you do it online (about 20 euros). You now officially have a driving school of your own!

    • Advertise your driving school

    Once everything has been set up, the biggest challenge is spreading the word and attracting people towards your driving school. This is majorly done through advertising. These days, social media plays a huge role in advertising businesses. Be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or even Google+, all social media platforms can be used for advertising. You can also use traditional advertising media like newspapers, pamphlets, brochures or even television advertisements. Whatever lets your brand build traction and ultimately convert into business is good advertising.

    • Make sure you have all the facilities you require for a driving school

    To function as a reputed and recognized driving school, you must have a fixed curriculum which has equal amounts of theoretical knowledge as well as real-time driving practice. This curriculum should also be in line with the curriculum assigned by the governement as well. Your driving school should also have enough cars for all your students to practice on. All these cars should be in great working condition as well. A collection of study material which students can refer to from time to time is also helpful. Like any institution where students are coming to learn anything, there must be certain facilities available so that they are comfortable. Facilities like a clean and hygienic washroom, few classrooms where students can learn the theoretical aspects of driving and a safe and secure driving area.

    • Welcome students who want to join your driving school

    Now that you are ready for business, students will start rolling in wanting to join your school and learn how to drive a car in the most responsible and safe manner possible.

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