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Each year, a good number of road accidents and deaths are reported. Before the increased driving school lesson intervened, the statistics of road accidents and deaths had been glaring. In 2011 alone, Ireland recorded a total death of 185 deaths in that year. This included causalities from drivers, road users, pedestrians, bikers, and cyclists. This seems to be the lowest since then. In the last five years, the figure had been increasing. In 2006, the statistics stood at 365. You can view more of this on garda website where they have been showing the figures for the past 10 years. In the UK, the figure recorded for the number of road accidents had been plummeting. There have been less than 2000 deaths since the year 2011. This happens to be the lowest figure since they started keeping records.

In as much as we all want a situation where there would be no more deaths resulting from road accidents, we can at least be happy with the fact that the number has not been as high as it used to be in UK and Ireland. What could be the reason for this you may ask? Here are some factors that are responsible for the decline:

Improved standards in driving schools – driving schools and agencies are always given stringent rules and standards to abide with when putting their students through driving lessons. The practical tests are not left behind. In fact, the best driving lessons Tallaght, and driving lessons Dublin, and driving lessons Churchtown, and are those that understand that there is no compromise when it comes to imbibing in the students the importance of getting it right each and every time. This is why it students are being put through stringent practical tests since that is what they will be experiencing at the driving test centre. New standards are continuously introduced to keep the system functioning properly and providing individuals that can be certified roadworthy.

Increased security gadgets in vehicles – this is one important aspect since vehicles account for the highest cause of deaths on roads. With the improvement on airbags, seats and other gadgets in vehicles, a situation where the individual dies in an accident is greatly reduced. Also, Car Safety Inspections (VRT or MOTs) are becoming more rigid than before.

Speed cameras – this may not be very significant in reducing the incidents of accidents on the road, but the consciousness that there is a speed camera somewhere has helped in curbing the menace of speed driving. It is hugely enforced in England and is known to contribute to the local councils extra budget as well as the police force.

Limit on alcohol – a driver can get his or her license revoked when found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol. For those that escapes having their license revoked, they could be fined or sentenced to prison. This has put some check on drivers who would have driven after taking an alcoholic drink. Some of them choose a designated driver instead. No conversation on the phone while driving or using of the headset has helped in curbing road accidents.

The facts gotten shows that driving lesson tutors play important role in ensuring that the number of road accident keeps decreasing. This is why it is very important for any driving lessons Tallaght, and driving lessons Churchtown, driving lessons Dublin, to be such that is certified and with a known positive track record. Their roles cannot be overemphasised because they are the ones to produce well grounded future drivers that will ensure that our roads are safe for everyone using it.

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